Democrat Controlled Cities: the Decay and Rot Moves In

Posted by on March 12, 2017 10:54 am
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Friday, another headline blared (H/T Drudge) of the violent attack on an urban city street (NYC) where passersby did nothing. The victim is in serious condition in the hospital.

This is what happens when you don’t keep savages in jail. I’m sure these two just didn’t become violent offenders overnight.

“Disturbing” to the gallery owner? Yes, just ask Kitty Genovese – wait, we can’t – she was attacked, twice, in a short period of time, stabbed to death, while screaming for help for at least 1/2 hr (1964). Lefties have tried to shade/rewrite the history, but it did, and still does exemplify the indifference of the jungle that shares space in the urban setting – especially in Democrat cities. Bystanders? I’ve been asking where have all the men gone in our society for at least two decades.

I’m a native New Yorker, so know what it’s like. The worst part of all of this, is the further loss of humanity, social consciousness, lack of law & order, right and wrong no longer being taught, and shame being removed from society’s conscience in the decades since. Communist Mayor de Blasio ended “stop and frisk” because it “violated rights” of creeps and felons (my words) – the truth is, it was only done if someone was acting suspiciously – and it worked. Now the city is rotting under Bill de Blasio, and all the clean-up that Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani was able to do for NYC in the 90’s is just about gone.

Once, someone would just rob a person or a storekeeper, now they have no problem simply killing you in the process. We’d even have those “I’ll meet you after school moments” – but it was a fistfight, not someone meeting you with a knife or gun. The degradation of our society and culture has been an ongoing process since liberals took over our school systems, academic institutions, and all that social justice warrior brainwashing took hold. Yes, you’ll always have these types of human animals, but while supposedly living in more civilized and better times, we have more of them, not less.

Bleeding heart liberals don’t have to worry, they have their security and walled houses to live behind. But they’re the ones who demanded we turn loose the unstable mentally ill, and criminals because we were violating “their” rights. In liberal think, the good guys are the bad guys, and the bad guys are the good guys. That’s why we have all of these people roaming the streets who have perpetuated crimes, but were made out to be the victims, and the real victims are ignored.

Notice how the Democrats bring illegal aliens to Congressional hearings, and our side bring the families of the people whom illegal aliens have killed? The go to word is now “undocumented” – not allowed to even say illegal aliens. The mainstream media all have their talking points. You can be fired for using the term illegal alien.

Political Correctness is the arbitrator of which laws will be enforced and which are to be ignored. Don’t forget President Obama’s tacit permission to illegal aliens that they could vote in our 2016 presidential election – and not worry about prosecution… It is clear that whenever something will benefit Democrats and their Leftist agenda, it’s get the okay. Conservatives and Republicans go to jail or have the IRS deny them non-profit status. The malignant media spins with words like Obama “replaces” attorney generals, but Trump “ousts” them. Conservative Dinesh D’Souza was hammered by a Democrat Attorney General, Preet Bharara, who was slow-walking the big cases against Gov. Cuomo and the Clinton Foundation. See how the game is played?

It’s also why it’s okay for illegals to come here and get on government entitlement programs, while our own citizens live on the streets. It’s why thousands of refugees are let in with a free pass, because after all, somehow, Western Civilization – Europe and America – are bad, and don’t deserve to exist.

Warped, twisted thinking will continue to lead us down this path.

Two final points: 1) Yes, violent thugs should be kept off the streets, but not prosecuting politicians (white or black) for breaking laws is just as serious, maybe more so – because their indifference to following the laws of this country pushes the entire society into a state of indifference and cultural degradation.


2) Did you notice the end of the gallery owner’s remarks, he said, “the area is changing”? That’s code for the decay and rot moving in.

5 responses to Democrat Controlled Cities: the Decay and Rot Moves In

  1. PUMABydesign001 March 13th, 2017 at 9:34 am

    Wow! That is some scary footage. Orchard Street is a one-way street, narrow, the houses and businesses are on top of each other. There is no way on earth that you can tell me that no one hear or saw anything.

    I remember the Kitty Genovese murder only too well as I suspect you do as well being from New York.
    Of all the places to live in NYC, the family of Winston Moseley (the killer) moved into the apartment directly above us a few months after the murder. Very nerve wrecking for my mother who did not take his prison escapes well at all.
    The wife was a character and my mother was afraid that during his escapes, he would while going after the wife enter the wrong window. Nerve wrecking for my mother and an eight or nine-year-old.
    Commie de Blasio should walk a mile in the shoes of crime victims and their families. NYC has become a cesspool since he’s taken office and I find that the only people who do not see the cesspool for what it is are the Communists in City Hall, thugs and illegal aliens, most of whom are committing the crimes here.

    • Lady Penguin March 14th, 2017 at 3:34 am

      Didn’t know you were a New Yorker, and it sure would have been scary to live anywhere near where Kitty’s attacker lurked.
      When I was a child (Queens) NYC, even at age 12 I could take the subway to the World’s Fair by myself, though it was changing even then, still, right and wrong, respect for authority, and God had only recently been banned from the schools. It’s the generations since which are taking off the “restraints” of outright lawlessness. Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke) wouldn’t be able to hold a job today.

      Puma what’s been happening in NYC since Commie deBlasio got in is heartbreaking. Eight years of Obama’s “do nothing” stance when it involved black on white crime, or blacks criminals being shot by police – which then become a cause celebre for the racist meme – Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, and even the George Zimmerman case, et al. are all part of this trajectory. Police “stand down” or ignore people who intimidate or actually break the law to avoid the lack of support when they have to act.

      Once a society enforces laws unevenly, and it’s now become a racial demand, it furthers the loss of the societal social conscience.

  2. bobmontgomery March 13th, 2017 at 10:59 am

    Of course deBlasio and the Democrat city council and other minions. But also the question: How did it get so bad so quickly after being somewhat better undery Rudy? What was Bloomberg doing all those years? I suspect the answer is – being a Democrat.

    • Lady Penguin March 14th, 2017 at 3:46 am

      Bingo, Bob. When Democrats are in control, everything goes to “hell in a handbasket.” It’s also why GOP folks go to jail, and the Democrats get a pass. Still waiting on charges for Cuomo, Weiner, Clinton, etc. etc. City Bankruptcies? Democrat run.

      Didn’t always think this, but the Democrat Party of today seems to be the repository for all of the decadent, sick, and rot of our culture – then those folks are easily controlled by the Democrat power structure – minions to do their bidding. Want riots, no problem, just go stir up the ignorant base.

  3. nessa March 14th, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    A very heartfelt dispatch, Lady P. Its sickening to see what is happening to The Shining City On A Hill, even from my far removed 10 acres of fly-over country. I feel for every citizen who is forced to live in fear in the cities. Its truly disgusting.

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