From My CP: My Heroes Have Always Been Outlaws


I was already feelin’ a mite frisky, we’ve had a solid week of 50 degree temperatures here in the great white north. We’re going to pay for it, Mother Nature taught Karma how to be a bitch and there’s two months of winter left on the prairie.  The weathermen are predicting 60+ for the weekend dropping back into the 50’s next week and then a snowstorm described as “phenomenal.”  Next week is a ways off so I’ll worry about that bridge when I cross it.

Like I mentioned I was already a mite frisky, then I saw the clips from the President’s Presser.  That bumped frisky up to 10 feet tall and bulletproof.  Being a primitive kind of man I’m a big fan of professional wrestling, its not fake, its scripted, and it’s damned entertaining.  One of my favorite stars is “The Viper” Randy Orton.  In addition to his excellent black and grey tattoo work Randy has an outstanding finisher.  The RKO.  Randy can whip the RKO out at the drop of a hat.  He’ll take an ass-whoopin’ then out of nowhere he’s got you in an RKO, he’ll wait till you blink and WHAM!  He’ll RKO your ass, he’ll let you stare into his eyes and hypnotize you like Kaa, then, you guessed it, RKO.   I’ll let y’all take a gander at the man wielding his weapon…

President Trump hit the communist propagandist from CNN with an RKO yesterday, right in the middle of a question.  The lying piece of sh*t wasn’t even looking.  Then he hit the biggest propagators of “Fake News” with RKO after RKO.  It was a thing of beauty.

It’s a damn shame no one in the media had parents who cared for them.  My father told me, several times beginning at an early age, “No one can take your integrity, you have to give it up.”  The mainstream media gave theirs up decades ago.  Maybe after a few more RKOs or an F5 or two, they’ll realize they are NOT the arbiters of what American and UnAmerican is.

I heard Johnny McLame unbuttoning his c*ck-holster today, it reminded me how nice it was last November to pull the curtain in the voting booth and not choke back vomit like I did in ’08.  But in keeping with the musical format at My CP, I’ve got another impression from The President’s Press Conference and the message The Donald is trying to tell Johnny McLame from the American People…



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February 18, 2017 11:45 am

Priceless, Nessa