Kristallnacht’s cousin ran riot through Berkeley last night


Last night in Berkeley an amusing and provocative homosexual Englishman attempted to give a speech: A speech about Free Speech. Berkeley University tried to stop it at the last minute by imposing an extortionate “insurance fee.” That’s what the modern progressive establishment uses these days instead of poll taxes and loitering laws when they want to prevent the wrong sort of people from speaking. A masked and black costumed so-called “Antifasciste Aktion” fascist terror group with evil on its mind passed freely among a large number of non-violent and closed minded protestors against free speech, broke windows, threw explosives, set fires, broke into cars, attacked motorists, beat people, even continued to stomp on and beat up a man they had knocked out on the street in Berkeley, then left after being allowed to rampage with impunity by the Berkeley police. All this was to shut down that unwanted speech with a minority opinion.

Where were the police as this began? They were sitting peacefully in an auditorium, having been told by their bosses to let the violence happen. Only after the intended target left and the violence continued did the police come out.

Just let the blood flow.

The violence, the victim blaming, the fascist terror, the assist from the police, the official coverup from the #FakeNews media, all are echoes of an earlier riot: Kristallnacht’s cousin ran riot through Berkeley last night.

This was a pogrom against Republicans, conservatives, and anyone who does not slavishly follow every dictate of the fickle and harsh and hateful American left-wing.

For the first hours,
These were the dogs that didn’t bark. These were the things all left unseen.

  1. Berkeley Police reaction to crimes, arrests of criminals, or comforting of victims. Let alone stopping any of these things.
  2. Any Democrat or Media admission of the serious nature of what happened in Berkeley.
  3. Any apologies or even a serious rejection by any Democrats anywhere of the events in Berkeley.

Now finally some on the left are admitting this didn’t look good for them. They still won’t admit they are wrong, and why would they? This is the political party that booed God three times in 2012. This is the political party that claims Christian Jihad is as dangerous to America as is Islamic Jihad. These are the people who call good evil and evil good.

This sad sack blames it all on the victims of last night’s violence.

The alt-right and conservative media will slice and dice this footage to show the moral depravity of progressives. Conservative politicians will use this to ends progressives would never endorse; they will make innocent people suffer while citing these acts of extraordinary naiveté. It is the most obvious trap imaginable, and we fell into it. Again.

They only use this to show the moral depravity of the left because the left is depraved, morally and otherwise. This isn’t an outlier. This is what the left does now. This is what community organizers do. It is what they have done since Saul Alinsky took Frank Nitti’s Capone Gang methods to extract protection money from employers and used them for socialist political causes.

Democrats have been looking for a cassus belli. They have been looking for an act of war by fascists in this political struggle in which we find ourselves. They have been looking for a Kristallnacht to awaken the greater violent struggle. Now they have finally come to see reality. They are the fascists they were waiting for. They are the brownshirts they were looking for. Instead of singing a cloying song they shout “peace” as they commit acts of violence and mime “hands up don’t shoot” as they riot. And they watch silently, arms folded, implacable as the masked and black suited terrorists whom they disclaim but gladly fund slip past their hating, gloating faces to terrorize the hated enemy, and then let them slip back past their lines and steal away, melting into the crowd, mission complete. “So what if a few nazis got punched and windows got broken?” That’s what they tell each other as they bask in evil, convinced it is good.

There is a cover-up. And all the left are guilty.

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February 2, 2017 9:41 pm

Author! This is Obama’s legacy. We all know he never really cared about what the rest of the country thought of him, he was about the “fundamental transformation”, and this is it – the anarchists, the anarchistic press, the anarchistic university, for the perpetuation of the revolution. As MacArthur said of the army – “And the Corps. And the Corps. And the Corps.”, so Obama and his colleagues and his mentors say “And the Revolution. And the Revolution. And the Revolution”

Lady Penguin
February 3, 2017 3:36 am

“They are the fascists they’ve been waiting for.” Exactly. And we’re seeing the same played out in DC, in the supposed halls of good governance and adherence to the Constitution. Democrats have now completed their transformation into the party of the Left. Fascism is their philosophy, and they’re acting it out. Barack Obama, the former president, encouraged the coverup and lies of the media – Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Baltimore et al. He wanted it, and had his DOJ looking to set “fires” where there was no fire. Their mistake? This President Trump isn’t going to stand for letting people… Read more »

February 8, 2017 3:50 pm

I’m sure a lot of this will stop once Sessions is confirmed. Trump is sending 20 more ATF Agents to Chicago for a total of 60.

Sessions said he had a very favorable meeting with some California sheriffs so that’s very encouraging.