Repeal and Replace? A Little Help, Please


On ‘repeal and replace’ as regards Obamacare: That’s been the slogan, for years. I’m a simple guy, so I get simplistic in my musings, and I simply ask, “Why the ‘replace’???” We didn’t have anything “in place” before Obamacare. So isn’t saying “We have to have something to replace Obamacare with” a tip of the hat to the Soclialists, an acknowledgement that they have been right all along?
Yes, I know a lot of it is political, and political correctness. ‘Why, we can’t leave people stranded, can’t cut them off with nothing’.

Again, what did they have before Obamacare, and if they “had to have something”, why were there zero Republican votes? Why didn’t the R’s say “Well, it’s not perfect, a little burdensome, but they have to have something”. They agreed with the D’s that insurance companies had to cover ‘pre-existing’conditions, which is a lie because it’s not insurance, it’s merely somebody paying for something that exists, so why didn’t they accede to the wishes of the majority?

So now, they say they’re going to get rid of the mandates and have Health Savings accounts. We had health savings accounts before. They were legal. And we didn’t have mandates before. So what is it we are “replacing”? Are we replacing the ‘Death Panels? Why don’t we just get rid of them? Are we replacing the taxes on “medical devices”?
Why don’t we just get rid of the taxes on “medical devices” (Q-tips, dental floss and enemas)?

They say we’re going to allow health insurance policies across state lines. “Allow”???? That’s not “replacing” anything. Does Obamacare “dis”- allow Aetna from selling insurance in more than one state? I don’t think so. If they are going to “allow” the sovereign states to “allow” different insurance companies to operate within their borders, well isn’t that just real big of those freedom-loving R’s? Why can’t a sovereign state do that on it’s own? They “allow” TurboTax to compete with H&R Block don’t they?

If it was just the RINO’s mouthing these platitudes, I could understand it. But it seems to be conventional wisdom. On the other hand, if it is all just a ruse and the R’s will actually just be doing the repeal part and the “replace’ part will actually be suggestions disguised as law, they are still instilling in the public a sense that healthcare (insurance, care, whatever) is actually to be found somewhere in the Constitution.

Again, there is Medicare, Medicaid and the private market. There is emergency care. There are free clinics littering the landscape. I cannot conceive of a case where a citizen in this country does not have access to necessary medical treatment. Perhaps not to guarantee living to the ripe old age of 95, but even people with the Gold Plans are not guaranteed that.

We have had these discussions before, I know. And yes, getting rid of the abominable mandates and death panels is a good thing. It’s just that I don’t hear any voices saying the long term goal is to get the federal government OUT of health care (Abolish HHS) and OUT of education (Abolish DOEd). We have only had those departments since the 70″s and we were a pretty big country with a pretty big interstate and international economy before that, so have we evolved SO much in the last 40 years that it’s impossible for Americans to cope without those entities? Is it impossible for the individual states to function without them? Will there be mass casualties and revolution/anarchy without them?

So, to cut to the chase, what if the Social Democrats regroup and win in 2024, 28 and the mass of Americans are still conditioned to believe that the government has to provide?

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January 28, 2017 3:58 pm

Bob, I have to believe Trump has a plan in waiting, and I have no idea what it would entail. I do know it’s unfathomable to me as a simple woman, how the “Unaffordable Care Act” can be dismantled because it has found its tentacles into every sector and aspect of our lives. Just like cancer. How do we get every one of the malignant cells out? I know one person in our group here who has a concierge doctor and I’ve been told Obamacare rules apply there as well. And imagine every doctor, hospital, health care provider and others… Read more »

February 8, 2017 8:27 pm

Why, suddenly, are American citizens too stupid to find their own medical insurance? Why must we endure another govt led fiasco? With 240 years of practice the govt still can’t manage the post office, for christ’s sake.