From My CP: Trump’s Inauguration Speech “Workingman’s Blues”


It’s been a fine, fine couple of weeks to be a Paratrooper.  Temperatures here have been in the high twenty’s to mid thirties!  That kind of thing doesn’t happen every January.  The dogs have been enjoying a little extra exercise, burning a little of the winter nappin’ fat.  Seriously negative temperatures hurt their feet and we’ve been below zero since before Christmas.  We needed the break and I suspect I’m as ready for tomorrow’s predicted 6 to 8 inches as I can be.  “Become one with the suck.”

I listened to the Inauguration speech on Friday while I was working, not a lot of work happened, there was too much I wanted to hear.  I heard Donald Trump’s love of his country.  I heard his love of his fellow American.  I heard his respect for the American Workingman.

I’ll ask Merle Haggard to define “The American Workingman” while I ramble on for a minute or two…  That’s how it works in the CP…  From 1978 a little classic country music.

It’s been three days since the inauguration and I have heard little but complaints about Trump’s speech.  I was honestly moved by it.  The entire premise moved me, “Today the control of the government goes back to the American people!”  That theme resounded throughout the entire speech.  I hope the politicians behind the podium squirmed in their chairs as Trump called out their failings and their traitorous behavior.  150 years ago those politicians would have have been tarred and feathered but today their paid minions get to abuse the common American person enroute to the “Deplorable Ball” or just going about his or her life anywhere in America.

My vision of “The American Dream” began to appear to me when I was young.  By the time I was 10 or 12 if there was a western movie on one of our three channels I could stay up till it was over, only on Friday or Saturday night, of course.  My parents weren’t heathens fer’ Christ’s sake.  Monster movies were soon included in the list of approved subject matter and my weekends were well defined and thoroughly enjoyable.  My weekends were my escape from, as David Allen Coe put it, “workin like a nigger for my room and board” which was how I saw farming then.  The underlying lesson that farming beat into me was “if you work hard enough, long enough you can earn everything you want.”  It works, I’ve gotten everything I wanted a couple times and let it slip away.  I’m workin my way back to gettin them again.  Maybe they’ll last longer this time.  Maybe not, doesn’t really mater, I won’t settle for less.  The government doesn’t need to do it for me, I’ll do it my-god-damn-self, thank you.  That’s what freemen do.  I’ve never been able to get past it, it does actually work but you really have to work for it.

I guess that’s how Black Lives Matter and the Pussy brigade and all the other leftists miss it.  Government won’t give it to them, how else is there to get anything?  What a pitiful excuse for a life they must live.



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Lady Penguin
January 28, 2017 5:20 pm

I wish we had the value system, the culture, that once allowed us to bring back tar and feathering or being run out of town on a rail. That’s the difference between today and 150 years ago.

Fits Vassar’s remarks about the push by the Left and the ultimate lack of a “common morality” in society.