Reverse Discrimination? Or Something Else?


What happens when you guys out there are sexually oriented …towards women? You can get in a heap of trouble, especially if you serve in the US military. In case you have missed it, there have been a slew, and by that we mean dozens, if not hundreds, of military officers cashiered during the reign of Obama the Last. And many have been, if not forced to resign, at a minimum demoted, disgraced and humiliated for ….carousing. As in the case of Major General David Haight.

WASHINGTON — Army Maj. Gen. David Haight, Army Ranger, decorated combat veteran and family man, held a key post in Europe this spring and a future with three, maybe four stars.

He also led a double life: an 11-year affair and a “swinger lifestyle” of swapping sexual partners that put him at risk of blackmail and espionage, according to interviews and documents. Jennifer Armstrong, 49, a government employee, said she and Haight had been involved in the torrid love affair that began more than 10 years ago in Baghdad and ended this spring.

His secret discovered, Haight was investigated by the Army inspector general, who issued a report in April, and fired him in May from his job running operations and plans at U.S. European Command, the Pentagon’s front-line bulwark against Russia. The Army hauled him back to Washington, reprimanded him based on an internal investigation and put him a placeholder job awaiting retirement. A board will determine the rank that he last served honorably. A demotion to colonel or lower would cost him tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Now, we hold no brief for David Haight….because we don’t practice law. More on that later. And we certainly aren’t proponents of the glories of infidelity. But on the question of …extra-marital affairs and the like, we do have some questions. First, we thought that “Don’t ask, don’t tell” had been repealed? If that is indeed the case, then the second question is, why is the Army …..asking?

You see we have been given to understand that the US Military has been brought into the 21st century, where, just like in the civilian world, matters of “sexual orientation” are supposedly, somehow, constitutionally protected. So it is with a chuckle we note that, besides carrying on with someone he was not married to, the General is accused of frequenting…..strip clubs. Horrors!
So why is he in the dog house with the Army? The article points out that he is high-ranking, has held somewhat sensitive positions and could be subject to….blackmail. But here is the salient point, the sine qua non, the reason for the blackballing season, as far as we can deduce – he apparently is a heterosexual. He is a married man, married to a woman. So his sexual orientation towards gravitating to ….women other than his wife, but nonetheless women, is a no-no. Apparently he is kind of …oriented….towards that.

Well you know what the burning question is then, don’t you? If the General had been a homosexual, and he ….played the field, so to speak and say he frequented “gay” clubs, would the Army, in this New Age liberalized atmosphere we had thought was all the rage from the Pentagon to the shores of Tripoli, would the Army have been so harsh on him? In fact, would they even have bothered?

See, we have been given to understand, for the last eight years or so, that the whole military establishment, from the Pentagon on down to the foxhole dwelling gruntery, needs to just be more open and tolerant and even accepting of the lifestyles they are not accustomed to.

Parenthetically, we must interject here that a very high profile General, one David Petraeus – you all remember him, right?- is said to have had an extramarital affair. Now this was found out after he retired and went to the CIA . In fact he even admitted to it. So if you wanted to blackmail somebody, if you were worried about the service, or the government or one of it’s agencies, getting a black eye, wouldn’t Petraeus be the posterchild for scorn and shunning? But his momentary fall from grace, momentary as it was, was for an actual illegal act he committed: unauthorized disclosure of secret documents.

Now hear this:

Press accounts in January 2016 indicated that Department of Defense staff were reviewing Department of Justice documents from the Petraeus prosecution and considering whether to recommend to the Secretary of Defense that Petraeus be demoted on the Army’s retired list. Laws and regulations indicate that members of the military are retired at the last rank in which they are deemed to have served successfully; Petraeus’ admission of an extramarital affair and guilty plea with regard to removing and retaining classified information while serving in the grade of General could be grounds for reduction in rank to Lieutenant General. The matter was reviewed by then-Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh before he left office in October 2015; he recommended no further action.[203] On January 29, press accounts indicated that Stephen C. Hedger, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs, had written to the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee. In his letter, Hedger informed the committee that Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter had concurred with the Army’s recommendation, and would not impose any further punishment on Petraeus.[204]

Now that last is from Wikipedia, but we’re pretty sure it’s accurate. Sooooo…….no reduction in rank, no loss of retirement benefits? The Army….moves on???? David Haight must be thinking about now “Well, yeah, I screwed around and went to watch some strippers, but I never gave up any secrets!”

All right then. Back to the lawyer thing. Do you have to be PC to be a lawyer these days? Where are the limelight-seekers or just the plain old equal justice/equal protection pleaders who could say “May it please the court, David Haight is being persecuted because he likes women. He would not be persecuted if he liked men. This is unjust.”

But more interestingly, what are the standards the armed services are using these days to go after these career soldiers, sailors, airmen of high rank? Is it that they violate the institution of marriage? Because if the General had been single and ….dated a lot, they wouldn’t have gone after him would they? And given the fact that the Services have bent over backwards to accommodate homosexual living arrangements, to the point of allowing the “partners” of service members to receive benefits they previously weren’t entitled to, the Services haven’t been all that traditional as regards traditional marriage .

Is it that black eye/blackmail thing? Well couldn’t a gay guy be blackmailed? Wait, no because “don’t ask, don’t tell, wink, wink”. No wait, that’s not it because there IS no ‘don’t tell’ anymore. You can screw whoever or whatever you want and nobody is supposed to care. Except,and the reason for our quandry here – if you’re hetero and hitched. Who is it is deciding these things?

As we implied before, there used to be such things as Uniform Codes and Codes of Conduct and traditions and protocols. But we had thought everything was cool in this New Day and Age. What gives? Is this reverse discrimination? Is it unequal protection? Is it up to whoever happens to be the CIC or the SecDef or the Chief of Staff?

Or is it something else? As we noted before, there have been just a whole lot of officers, and notably ‘Senior’ officers, falling out of favor with the Obama Administration Regime the last several years. Are all of these dudes really such scumbags? How did they make it as far as they did in their careers without being outed as two-timers, or three-timers, or pervs or whatever they are, or their moral turpitude preventing them from achieving what they have achieved? Are they ALL just so unfit?

Or could it be that a large percentage of them are, for the purposes of this Administration, and it’s ideology, perhaps, besides liking the girls a little too much, perhaps a little bit too….militaristic maybe? Have they been overheard griping in the Officer’s Mess about the social engineering and the new ‘rules of engagement’ and such?

We don’t know. We have no way of knowing. But the worrying part is that no one who knows, or who could find out, seems to be on the case. All we get out here in America is the narrative of how rotten these admirals and generals and captains and colonels are. How, all of a sudden, was all this discovered and why have all these military leaders debilitated so quickly, that being in the last 8-10 years, and ferreted out only under Obama?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.
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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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December 19, 2016 9:23 am

I think you see the big picture here, Bob. In law, much of this can be undone next year, esp if the DoD finds itself in a dearth of qualified officers. Let’s see if Mad Dog gets mad. Some of these men can be restored to rank, others even brought back to active duty. Don’t look for any fanfare, tho.

December 19, 2016 9:37 am

Oh, one more thing. Adultery is still carried on the books, as “Conduct Unbecoming” but as far back as WWII, probably longer, the real offense was “getting caught”, i.e., usually by a spiteful affair gone bad. If the military had snoops, or sex police, I never knew about it. In Vietnam era, there were a few for senior officers and NCO’s. And they were dealt with as delicately as possible. I was involved in two, one was one of the funniest stories I could, but did end the career of a big-time medical man, on his way to general.

December 20, 2016 11:38 pm

In 1993 at Ft Benning GA one of my NCO’s got home from the field a day early. He walked into his house and caught his wife with a Captain. I also have a couple ex-wives, it’s not merely barracks humor when I say that “if I’d have killed them I’d be out on parole by now.” I’m an old school NCO and nothing trumps “good order and discipline.” Fuck Petraeus and any other Officer or NCO who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. He should have been shot and should just keep his cock-holster shut knowing that he… Read more »