From My CP: She Didn’t Cry When Ol’ Yeller Died


Its a fine winter’s night here on the prairie.  There’s a breath of wind, 20 mph, that’s considered calm in these parts.  There are fat, wet snowflakes drifting down prettily inside my protective barrier of trees and bushes.  Three or four inches is all, I won’t have to start the Allis-Chalmers and scoop out the yard till tomorrow after work.  The perimeter has been checked by the dogs who are now about the business of serious sleeping, the light napping they do during my workday is exhausting, even after 8 hours of sleeping in my bed before I leave for work.  Poor things, they have a hard life, most college students couldn’t do it.

As you can see from my musical accompaniment folks have known for years that certain things are not socially acceptable.  You remember, way back when, before the government started changing the society that once governed it.  I remember those days and I guess I haven’t “progressed” as far as I should have.  Now I’m the one the Left would have you believe is socially unacceptable, or not to be tolerated to put it simply.  I’m considered too far gone for their politically correct, government enforced tolerance.  That’s cool, they’re rather late to the intolerance party.  I’ve been disliked, singled out and/or feared for my entire life.  The tattoos didn’t help but it was my job as a non-commissioned officer to be an asshole and I was damn good at my job.  I carried an American Flag folded in my helmet for years, then when I finally got to test my trained abilities for real the government wouldn’t let us raise flags over the bodies of those we had defeated.  My military career was always on the cutting edge of political correctness.  It was merely challenging for me but the heyday of my career was ten years ago.  God Bless those who still try to keep the US Army a well trained fighting force in the face of the Democrats social engineering.

There’s a radio station out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota that blasts conservative talk radio into the communist hell of Minnesota.  Greg Belfrage  does a local talk radio show that makes me think I know what it felt like in East Berlin listening to Radio Free America.  This morning he was asking about support for a constitutional amendment against flag burning.  Are we also going to demand that people cry when Ol’ Yeller dies?  Lets bring the club of government coercion down upon the skulls of the dog haters.  Isn’t that why we won the election?  So that we could control the crude club of government coercion?  Obviously our opponents are wrong, silence them with legislation, just like the dog-haters want to do to global warmening deniers, gun owners and anyone else who disagrees with them.

I’ll use my freedom of speech to send an unmistakable message to any flag-burners within range, you do the same and we’ve got it covered.  Rights come with responsibilities, if you burn my flag it’s my responsibility to beat your ass.  That’s also a form of speech, a very primitive but unmistakable form.  Burn a flag, as is your constitutionally guaranteed right, and I will beat your ass, as is my constitutionally guaranteed right.  I’m old, bald, grey and bent but we’ll see who comes out the winner.




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December 1, 2016 7:10 am

A continuation of a theme, Nessa. Things have changed and actions have consequences, and like the hanging of Jake Spoon, there isn’t always a lawyer and judge around to spare you the pain of that bloody nose. Some laws are eternal.

By the way, when near the Black Hills I always listen to that radio station at Pine Ridge. More communist than Moscow’s in the old days.