The Best Way to Choose a President


There is only one sensible way to pick a leader. You have to compare intentions to results, and decide which candidate does what they say, which candidate exceeds expectations, and which candidate consistently disappoints. There are a lot of ways to make this list of Pros and Cons, but I’m going to explain a little method I call the BEST method.

First let’s explain: How the BEST Method works; and then How to use it. To start, let’s create a table of intentions and results that looks like this.

Bad results Bad intentions
Bad results Good intentions
Good results Bad intentions
Good results Good intentions

Obviously Good results are better than Bad results. But what may be surprising is that some Bad results are worse than others. Specifically, Bad results with Good intentions are worse than Bad results with Bad intentions. This is the difference between a robber that robs you to your face and a fortune teller who tells you that you will be greatly blessed if you bury fifteen thousand dollars in the cemetery. Being lied to matters. It adds insult to injury and damages your trust in everyone around you. It makes a bad situation even worse. Likewise, when Bad intentions or intentions you don’t understand produce Good results that is either a miracle or your lesson that the candidate knows things you don’t and may in fact be smarter than you! When Good intentions produce Good results that is just things working like they’re supposed to work. So let’s rank the table like this from the very best to the very worst.

Good results Bad intentions BEST
Good results Good intentions GOOD
Bad results Bad intentions BAD
Bad results Good intentions WORST

We will count bad intentions and unknown intentions the same, because with leaders it’s human nature to suspect their intentions anyway.

That’s how the BEST Method looks. Now let’s go over how to use it.

Make a list of all the accomplishments and failures of the candidates. Count up how many Good and Bad results they have, and how many Best and Worst results they have.

For instance, a diplomat might have results like this:

  1. A peace plan that leads to peace is a Good result.
  2. A peace plan that leads to a war that engulfs the region is a Worst result.
  3. A threat of war that leads to war is a Bad result.
  4. A threat of war that leads to peace is a Best result.

Government Budgets exceeded are Worst results. Billions of dollars lost are Worst results. Diplomats killed and embassies destroyed are Worst results. Add them all up.

A businessman might have results like this:

  1. A project that completes and opens on time on budget is a Good result.
  2. A project that doesn’t complete and has to declare bankruptcy is a Worst result.
  3. A project that completes and opens ahead of schedule and under budget is a Best result.
  4. A project that makes no sense and everybody hates opens and is surprisingly awesome is a Best result.
  5. A project that makes no sense and goes bankrupt is a Bad result.

If character is an issue for you, also go over the candidates’ family lives. Do they have a healthy family life? Are their adult children successful and their young children well behaved in public? Are there publicly known problems with their marriage? Do they have substance abuse problems or other impulsive character issues? Are they addictive? Are they drunks? If they have had issues that are ten years or more in the past, cut them some slack, because most people do grow wiser and mellow over time.

Also, does the candidate have serious health issues that might prevent them from being able to finish their term? The presidency is a notoriously difficult life. Presidents visibly age more than twice as fast as people in less stressful jobs such as air traffic controller and ambulance driver (that was a joke, but it’s true). It’s a tough job. It’s no favor to a candidate in poor health to give them the office so they can die in short order.

Add them all up.

Tally and compare the Good and Bad results, and the Best and Worst results. Order the results from Best to Worst. Put one candidate in the left column and the other in the right. If one candidate has a big lead in Good results and the other has more Bad results, that’s important. Even more important are the Best and Worst results. If a candidate shows a lot of Best results, and the other shows none, you know your winner. Choose the Best candidate. Seriously, if a candidate exists who has more Best results than anything else, choose that candidate. If there are two such excellent candidates, pick based on the lesser categories. If you have no candidate who is Best, choose one who is Good. Then choose a Bad candidate. Then choose a Worst candidate.

That’s how to choose a candidate… the Best candidate… the BEST Way to Choose a Leader.

Now… If you have not yet voted, go forth and vote for the BEST candidate.

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November 9, 2016 9:36 am

Seems you were spot on, Beagle

November 10, 2016 10:11 pm

I used to score Privates like that, sort of. It was based on Willing and Able…

Willing and Able= best
Willing and Unable = I can work with that
Unwilling and Able = Piece of shit, try a little then cull him from the herd
Unwilling and Unable = Kill it now before it can contaminate the rest of society.