It’s Time for Elitists to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses


Yes, that is almost a real title by a real American, Michael Traub, of Foreign Policy Magazine, a wholly owned property of Graham Holdings, formerly called The Washington Post Company, just so you’ll know which runway they use when they try to put their little Beechcraft into the sky.

Real title, It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses. Mr Traub, with the help of the late William F Buckley, Jr, is why I have gone out of my way to distinguish between an “elite” and an “elitist” for many years now. Mr Traub, much like his parent company, sees himself as an elite.

He is not.  Camille Paglia is an elite, Gloria Steinham is not. Neither are the Clintons or the Obamas.

But Traub’s essay, relatively short but also richly smug, is a revelation in that the true belief of the statist-elitistclass has finally been revealed in all it’s glory. It’s finally out there. If Traub’s name were Lackof (as in “rhymes with”) his name would be a common fixture on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program, for finally we can dispense with this false flag left-right, or liberal-conservative dichotomy and redirect our attention to the genuine war between globalist elitists, who control much of the world’s wealth, including their corporate and political factotums, and the other 70% of the western world (England and Brexit, France and the Le Pens and a looming “Frexit”) who simply want to be able to carry out the Founders’ original blueprint of pursuing life, liberty and happiness “without the permission of the state”.

People don’t mind being led, in fact, search leadership out, as we are witnessing now. But they still despise being told to follow, and of all the ignorant people in the world,  including Homer Simpson, they still know best about their own house and share a natural antipathy for those who say they know better.

Mr Traub is clearly of the mind they don’t known jack…so must be suppressed. A generation of guerilla class warfare has just been formally declared as a frontal assault war. Mr Traub’s appeal is not to us but rather to kindred spirits inside American conservativism. He thinks there are some buttons there he can push..

Elitists have finally come out of their closet and in doing so, “have crossed the line”. (The symbolism of Jake Spoon’s hanging is appropriate at this juncture, I think.) So for the elitists it’s now a crap shoot, no going back, with an outcome as yet undetermined. From his tone, Mr Traub seems to underestimate the aftermath of a Trump victory-denied, just as he underestimates British wrath if Brexit is stolen away from them. A kind of rolling thunder is abroad in the world, and it would not be wise to assume a meek herd simply to be shooed back into their stable.


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Lady Penguin
November 6, 2016 12:42 pm

Yes, they’ve come out of the closet, they’ve been outed – by none other than Donald Trump. Guess they know they’re all in and now have to play all their cards… but we know that too. Play all our cards, and send them back into the deep sewer they came from.

November 6, 2016 7:54 pm

It’s obviously past time to “give them a fair trail then hang ’em.” Stretch a few necks and the elites will figure out that they’re not so elite. You know who is elite? The average ordinary citizen, we don’t need to be led by aristocrats, we don’t need to fund the exorbitant lifestyles of the Clintons and their ilk with our tax dollars. We need to tar and feather a few of them so the rest will get out of our way and shut the f*ck up. The piece of shit who wrote the article wouldn’t have balls enough to… Read more »

E Pluribus Unum
November 7, 2016 12:08 am

Jake Spoon is indeed an appropriate metaphor of how they’ve crossed the line, not even sure when it happened.

November 11, 2016 10:39 am

I am dismayed at the arrogance of Traub’s article. He totally rejects any value in a citizen’s right to control the direction of his or her own life. The freedom to make your own decisions, even if you make mistakes, is far more valuable than any benefit to be gained by allowing our intellectual and moral “betters” to control our lives. I guess since the Founding Fathers who created our Constitution were white males, adulterers and slave holders, we should dispense with the system of government they created and surrender our governance to the elite.