What Hillary Needs to Win on Monday Night

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton greets members of the audience following an address to the National Convention of the American Legion in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S., August 31, 2016. REUTERS/Bryan Woolston

On Monday night, Sept 26, I expect a full frontal assault, ambush if necessary, on Donald Trump by the interrogators on behalf of their fraternity, the American media. Hillary can’t go one-on-one with Trump, no matter how softball her questions are, but she has surrogates who stand to lose as much as she does and who are very adequate, or so they think, to nail Trump. They have nothing to lose by going all out, and drop what is left of their alleged objectivity. (Self-respect was killed years ago, only sometimes the assassin is the last to know.)

I look for this to be a Trump-Media debate, as that is the only chance Hillary has.

Unable to frustrate him with trick questions such as “Foreign Capitals for $500, Donald, What is the proper pronunciation of the capital of Burkina Faso?” (Ouagadougou), I expect them to try to make him angry, possibly rejecting every answer he gives as wrong, and asking him over and over again, if necessary, to provide the right one, or to clarify, in that special way only a Chris Wallace clone can.

Although skilled, if Trump does not train for this, such an ambush could turn ugly, for he has to know they are trying to get under his skin (proving he’s temperamentally unfit) and not challenging his policies, since he’s way ahead on those already. If every time he gets an an ambush question he knowingly turns and looks at Hillary, and winks, he cuts through the attack like a knife through butter.

Other than this, there is no insult (or argument) Hillary can make that Trump cannot double down back against her. She has to appeal to Black Lives Matter, while 90% of America disagrees. BLM rent-a-mobs in Charlotte this week cost Hillary votes in North Carolina, not gained them. In fact, any appeal to African-Americans, and all the things she can do for them tomorrow, after 16 years of yesterdays she and Bill, and then Barack didn’t do, is met with cynicism, all because Donald Trump reached out directly to them. All Trump has to say is “What do you have to lose?” and 20% of African-Americans already agree, which is an historic loss for Democrats. Have you seen the list of prominent blacks from Dr Ben Carson and Herman Cain to Denzel Washington, not to mention all the black pastors who have prayed for an end to the plantation system for 40 years?

And Hillary has been hung by her own $$$-pantaloons, since she can’t go from pro-life to pro choice as Al Gore and hubby Bill did, or from marriage being between a man and a woman to gay marriage as Barack did, because her positions on immigration have been bought and paid for by millions of “access dollars” paid to her foundation for several years… while the American people stand irresolutely against open borders in the south, and the idea of bringing in a quarter million Muslim “refugees” also paid for by undercover money, on the simple argument that if a few of them get out of hand and kill a bunch of Americans, it won’t be behind the protected gates of her protected class. These are acceptable casualties among the regular folk, no worse that traffic statistics.

Even women aren’t all that fired up about Hillary, in part because of her praise of economic strategies from the past eight years that have cost them jobs. It seems jobs do outweigh free birth control.

And she lies. Almost daily.  No embellishment Donald Trump can make can match the lies under oath, some still dripping in blood, that she has uttered. And unlike the good old days, when 70% of the voters weren’t paying attention until the middle of October, 85% of all Americans know these things and they have since September 11, 2012. It was Hillary herself, not Donald Trump, with help from Barack, that has caused the good old reliable stupid American voter base to pay much closer attention, and become much educated a whole lot sooner than October.

Hillary can’t take votes away from Trump. Only he can. So he wins a tie. But if he is prepared, a desperate media can turn this debate into a rout.

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Lady Penguin
September 26, 2016 11:11 am

I like that, “Trump-Media” debate. Tweeted it out as that with Hillary as a placeholder.