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Publius Decius Mus Responds to His Critics

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It’s only important to note that he did not once fall into vulgarisms, maintaining throughout the 20-40 year advantage in both manners and maturity he had when he began.

Good show, eh Wot!

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Yes. Most important is the acknowledgement that while the momentousness is so vast and perhaps incapable of being fully articulated, The People instinctively have gravitated toward an intuition that says we can’t go on this way.


LOL, “but the plane crashed.” Am I the only one who figured out that Leonidas and his Spartans all died?


“I would be overjoyed to read a convincing account of why things are not that bad, why—despite appearances—the republic is healthy, constitutional norms are respected, the working class and hinterland communities are in good shape, social pathologies are low or at least declining, our elites prioritize the common good, our intellectuals and the media are honest and fair. Or if that’s too big a lift, how about one that acknowledges all the problems and outlines some reasonable prospect for renewal? But only if it’s believable. No skipped steps and no magical thinking. Dr. Conservatism needs to do better than his… Read more »

Cold Warrior

He mentions the fundamental problem but is unable to expand on it, apparently, because he may only be “acting” with his fingertips on a keyboard. He said, “Can we at least finally admit, squarely, that conservatism has failed? On the very terms that it set for itself? I don’t mean that in an accusatory or celebratory way—I’m, quite sad about it, honest!—only as a matter of plain fact. “One of those who most objected to the Flight 93 analogy also accused me of “sophistry.” I remind him that, according to Aristotle, “the Sophists identified or almost identified politics with rhetoric.… Read more »