Seriously, Do the Russians Really Prefer Donald Trump as Our Next President?

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Everyone remembers Obama’s accidental open-mic comment to Russian President Medvedev in March, 2012, that permanently established his place as Vladimir Putin’s Number One patsy.

Hold this image.

So, today, we’re being treated with several hints, from the FBI, Home Land Security and major news media, that Russia may attempt to interfere with the outcome of the American presidential election, and for all we know, the New York City Board of Elections.

So, to thwart this threat, Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson has declared jurisdiction over America’s elections down to the state level. DHS is doing this because it says “foreign” hackers seem to be targeting some (or several, we don’t know how many) state voting infrastructures which may try to affect the outcome of the election. (Irrelevant question: Where was DHS when “origin-unknown” hackers attempted to hack voting machines in virtually every battleground state in 2012?)

Irony of ironies, DHS seems to be declaring that since our government has been so derelict in protecting the cyberspace (even without the help of Hillary Clinton’s private server) of several agencies whose files have been hacked, including NSA itself and the Democrat National Committee, they now claim the authority and expertise to widen their reach to “protect” the states’ infrastructures as well.

(We’re told Russia’s official Silicon Valley, Skolkova, acquired much of their technology used in this hacking  through donations it made to, you guessed it, the Clinton Foundation while Lady Disdain was still Secretary of State. Let that sink in.)

So this seems to be little more than a gesture by DHS, inasmuch as it will likely be unable to  aggressively put wing-tips-on the ground around state election headquarters before the election, at least with any new preventive technologies or advice anyone would take seruiously.

This claim of authority seems pretty shallow on its face, for they seem to be claiming a “spiritual” jurisdiction over the election process, much like the Medieval Church in Rome did its religious authority over Central Asia because of a fellow named Prester John, and who lived somewhere in an 8 million sq mile empty expanse, and where they were physically unable to actually put even one pair of sandals on the ground.

The ability of DHS to actually insinuate itself into state systems seems to be just as feckless.

So why would DHS launch such as apparent empty exercise?

Back to the top, you can only find sense in what DHS is doing if you ask the title question:

Why would Vladimir Putin want to support the election of Donald Trump when he has done so well with the “flexible” Barack Obama, and quite frankly, the whole Clinton family, witness both the Solkolvo inroads made into our entire security apparatus, and the famous uranium deal in Canada, which Sec State Clinton helped broker, selling US rights to Kazakhstan.

While a compliant US sat mute and idle, with a treaty obligation to Ukraine, as Russia occupied the Crimea and a land bridge in Ukraine proper by military force, despite stern rebukes by Obama that would certainly have cause me to lose sleep, as it no doubt did Bashar al-Assad, Puttin’s new BFF, and a larger war looms, what kind of idiot would Vlad be to break up that winning team for a man who could be just as trigger-fingered as Ronald Reagan, who “art of deal-ed” one of his predecessor’s, Mikhail Gorbachev, at Reykjavík?

I’ll not offer an answer to these questions here. Just some logic you have to answer to yourself and ask of others who insist that Putin and Trump are working hand in glove.

FACT: There is not a single agency in government today that has not been politicized…always in favor of big government and the current place-holders of the big government regime, the Democrats

FACT: There is not a single thing any agency of the federal government, including the FBI, can say that even close to 50% of the American people will trust to be true anymore.

FACT: There is nothing the federal government can do that the people will believe are in the interests of the people of the United States.

So why would any American buy into the notion that the Department of Homeland Security has the intention or competence to insinuate itself in  the national elections on behalf of a fair election?

That understood, look for other reasons. There are more than one. Make a list and watch them unfold.

2 responses to Seriously, Do the Russians Really Prefer Donald Trump as Our Next President?

  1. bobmontgomery August 31st, 2016 at 11:39 am

    #1 on the list – Rule #1: Always perpetuate the meme.
    What meme? Same meme Janet Napolitano perpetuated when she said “WATCH OUT FOR VETERANS WITH RIGHT-WING BUMPER STICKERS (LIKE THE GADSDEN FLAG) ON THEIR CARS!”

  2. JadedByPolitics August 31st, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    Comey and Jeh Johnson are more dangerous to America and her freedoms than any Russian will ever be.

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