Uncomfortable Questions for #NeverTrumpers


Beloved #NeverTrumpers, the reason for the etching of Lincoln and Grant at the top of the page will become clear in time. First, I have a question for you. Actually, I have a lot of questions.

  1. Is Trump any less conservative than Jeb? Or, is Trump likely to be more conservative than Jeb in what really matters, borders, terrorism, guns, and judges? How about in economics and the cutting of regulation?
  2. Is he closer or further than Jeb from conservatives’ contempt for the liar media, the enemedia, the Democrat media, the narrative media?
  3. Would Democrats be comparing any Republican nominee to Hitler, whether Trump or Jeb or Jesus Christ, and threatening to assassinate them?
  4. Would Democrats and Communists be rioting and attacking police and Republican rallies, no matter who is nominated?
  5. Would every Republican nominee be accused of racism/ sexism/ homophobia/ islamophobia/ transphobia every week, day, and hour, no matter who he or she is, even if Bernie Sanders were the Republican nominee?
  6. Would the conservative Republican punditry have come around to support Jeb if he had won?
  7. Upon Jeb’s victory in the primary, would the Establishment GOP implore the rubes to hold their nose and rally round the party standard, promise them all the planks in the platform, and then use said platform as a latrine for the next four years? They did that in 1988, 92, 96, 2000, 04, 08, and 12. Why would we expect them to change?
  8. Which Republican president hasn’t betrayed conservatism? We keep hearing dire warnings of how Trump will betray conservatism, Christianity, the Constitution, and America. Yet his main opponent’s very topmost priority is to functionally eliminate the 2nd Amendment. Hillary Clinton would render the 2nd Amendment as inert in Law as the 10th, and quite a bit less honored than the General Welfare clause that, when it is seized from the Preamble, renders the rest of the Constitution’s constraints on government utterly impotent. We know that almost every other Republican contender will betray us too. That’s what Republicans do! They sign onto Democrat plans every time. If Trump betrays us, that’s no worse than Bush 43’s Patriot Act, TSA and DHS, Medicare expansions, No Child Left Behind, and TARP, Bush 41’s No New Taxes pledge and refusal to finish the 91 war, Reagan’s ’86 mistake in letting Democrats hoodwink him on immigration, and Nixon’s numerous socialist programs.

By none of these measures is Trump worse than Jeb, yet every #NeverTrumper would support Jeb.

On Trump’s side of the ledger, his clear superiority is his demeanor. He is competitive, combative, a fighter, a winner, a bully when he needs to be, and he will not simply give up and lose. He has more charisma and command presence than any other Republican in the field, and matches Barack Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s ability to hypnotize a crowd. Jeb doesn’t have charisma. Rubio has charisma, but far short of what Trump offers. Ted Cruz, though superior on the issues and sharp as a Bowie knife, doesn’t have charisma. Trump can appeal to everyone including traditional Democrats (much like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama appealed to everyone including certain Republicans) and Trump can win. That’s of crucial importance when picking a candidate!

Trump also confounds the enemy media and the Democrat Party. He does not allow himself to be smeared or attacked without retaliating. And he is exactly what the liar media wants, the best story they could hope for that would last for eight years. They want Hillary Clinton for her politics but despise her. They hate Trump’s politics but drool at the thought of covering him.

What is it that Trump does that bothers #NeverTrumpers so much? One suspects that envy is at play. He’s rich. He’s successful. He’s built a lot of beautiful properties. He dated and married more than his share of beautiful and formidable women. Put charitably, he was a disreputable rogue in matters of the heart for much of his life. He has several very attractive and successful adult children. He didn’t spend his life as a professional Republican or a public conservative. He lived life! And now he swoops in on the party and takes it over. I don’t blame those who feel envy. Who is this interloper?! He didn’t pay his dues! This is a natural reaction. It’s also time to get over it. He won the nomination fair and square by getting the votes.

There is an apocryphal story about Abraham Lincoln and General Grant, most likely descended from an earlier story about King George III and General Wolfe, that goes like this.

After the failure of his first experimental explorations around Vicksburg, a committee of abolition war managers waited upon the President and demanded the General’s removal, on the false charge that he was a whiskey drinker, and little better than a common drunkard.

“Ah!” exclaimed Honest Old Abe, “you surprise me, gentlemen. But can you tell me where he gets his whiskey?”

“We cannot, Mr. President. But why do you desire to know?”

“Because, if I can only find out, I will send a barrel of this wonderful whiskey to every general in the army.” [link]

The point of this anecdote is not that Trump is a drunk. He is by all reports a teetotaler. The point is that faults in a leader can be forgiven if he is an effective leader who fights and wins. The record of the campaign so far is that he fights and has won every stage so far. The party of Lincoln could take a lesson from Honest Abe. Trump should be given some slack.


By the way, Ted Cruz could and should learn how to be more charismatic. It’s a skill. Actors learn it every day. If Cruz were as charismatic and entertaining as Trump is now, in 2024 he’d be ready to win the Presidency. He already has the instinct for combat down and would be a dream candidate for conservatives.

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June 9, 2016 12:45 am

You are not playing fair with the #NeverTrumpers, Mr. Scout. The answers to your questions are obvious, and it was quite unfair of you to ask them. There is no refuge, no safe space from questions like that.
Bravo. ( Wait….can we still say that, or is that insensitive?)

June 9, 2016 6:31 am

Beagle, you’ve accidently swerved into identifying just where #NeverTrumpsters alternative universe really is. An asylum.

Lady Penguin
June 9, 2016 8:12 am

Beagle, for the #NeverTrumpers to answer those questions they’d had to self-reflect, and, 1) admit that it’s never been about what we all truly value if America is to remain a free country, or worse than the envy they likely have, it was always about gaining the power for themselves. IMO, at this point, the #NeverTrumpers have gone beyond redemption – because pride will keep them from acknowledging where the real darkness comes from. Outstanding analysis. Fits the remark I read the other day, something to the effect of Donald Trump was never none of these so-called dastardly things, or… Read more »