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The following is a cut-and-paste of my comments at National Review Online on an article by the esteemed scholar, pundit and purveyor of wisdom, Victor Davis Hanson.  Briefly, his article was a rebuke of the press for it’s continual failure to vet the players on the national political scene charged with awesome responsibilities in the context of influences of our daily lives as well as the ‘long arc of history’. And of course the obligatory character assessment of Donald J. Trump for broaching the subject in the first place.  It may be found here.

Two of the msot astute observers on the American scene, Drs. Sowell and Hanson, have disappointed this political season. Too willing to pay their dues to these publications, they file the obligatory objections to Trump’s behavior and, wittingly or not, give cover for the lesser intellects who have spent the last ten months not only calling Trump names, but his supporters. 
Yes, Dr. Hanson, the media doesn’t do it’s job. We all know that. The larger issue is that those who are supposed to support the Constitution and law and order and who actually have the power to do something about it, continually let us down. You rightfully acknowledge that there is fault on the part of the judge, but give Trump no credit for bringing the matter out in the light of day. Oh, he should just be above that because it’s unseemly for a presidential candidate and, obviously, as a party to the proceedings. Well, besides the press, just who is it in government that should NOT be above the fray, good Doctor? Are senators, the ones who supposedly vet the federal courts and would have the power to remove for disqualifying associations? And even if the associations are not disqualifying, are Senators, Representatives, indeed OTHER JUDGES supposed to button their lips and remain sooo above it all?
Yes, Sotomayor would put her Latinaness into the equation. Yes, Kagan refused to recuse herself with an obvious and glaring conflict of interest in a case with severe and impactful and morally troubling consequences for the Common People. So the Main Stream Media won’t do it’s job. Been that way for decades. The point is, if they DID do their job….so what? We have had this alternative media for ten or fifteen years. Rush has been around for nearing thirty. Where are the gatekeepers, the oathkeepers , the supposed Constitutional Conservatives with the power and the authority to actually jerk some people back into line? 
You, and others, give Trump his props out of one side of your mouths but can’t, or don’t want to, assimilate the fact that if he had not gone out on the stump and done what he did, nothing in this country would have changed. He could have sent out his tweets from Trump Tower the same as NRO has published it’s rants about the foibles of government. He’s got a bully pulpit now and he’s using it to point out things that are NOT RIGHT in this country and you know the funny thing about 98.9% of his ranting and raving out there on the stump? Guess.

After the initial fretting and stewing and chastising Trump for being so crude and vulgar and politically incorrect, after a ….decent interval.. people come out and say “Ya, know, we’ve got a problem with this (or that or the other) issue.” As you did today, Dr. Hanson. The federal judiciary is just one more institution in America that the left  has been able to corrupt, to use for bleeding heart causes that in the end help no one, not even the ones ostensibly propped up as victims.
Thank you for that.

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June 7, 2016 6:41 am

Masterful, Bob. And that needs to be delved into more thoroughly by our intellectual betters instead of trying to turn a claim of “political bias” by a federal judge into a “racial” incident just to appease the media. When a federal judge proudly proclaims his ethnic or sexual identity he is saying he is more political than he is legal, and Trump is the lone warrior out there fighting this sort of in-your face conduct. I don’t think Hugo Black hid his KKK membership certificate when he rose to the Supreme Court in 1937, either. America’s sin then is that… Read more »

Lady Penguin
June 7, 2016 2:09 pm

Outstanding, Bob. The Victor David Hansons’ of the this country really have nothing on the regular, common sense Americans – people like you.

“And of course the obligatory character assessment of Donald J. Trump for broaching the subject in the first place.”

It’s more that they do the obligatory character “assassination” of Donald Trump for broaching the subject in the first place.