Drip, Drip, Drip @Salon Pedophile Writer Says Hey Nothing Wrong, Get With The Game


As I prewarned in a prior writeup about the trans bathroom push 21st Century Hellfire Club if we didn’t set a redline in this war pedophilia would be the next progression. I of course was correct, I’ve watched these filthy disgusting excuses for human beings in the Democrat/left Party for 15 years now. I’ve learned more things about them than I ever wanted to know. The goal of making you accept one degeneracy after the other is to soften for the next perversion. They won’t stop until we make them stop. If we don’t punch them back to the underground where they gathered for years until soft sliding their agenda into America (by the way when we say take America back, we mean from the left). It isn’t enough to just chat online you must discuss these atrocities with people in your sphere of influence. If we don’t stop them America is done. He’s Back! Far-Left Salon Asking Sympathy for This Sick Pedophile… Again.

Remember Todd Nickerson? He was the pedophile who wrote a think piece for Salon (shocking, I know) about how we all need to tolerate him being a pedophile. Then when I wrote about it out of disgust – because it’s disgusting and deplorable and you’re a freak – he called me out for being intolerant of him being sexual attracted to children. Again, because he’s sexually attracted to children. Also, and this is pivotal, we uncovered information which showed he GROOMED CHILDREN and IS an ACTIVE PEDOPHILE. Whoa. Went all caps there for a second. Not sorry, it’s warranted when discussing a man who wants to be accepted for being SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO CHILDREN. Oh dip, did it again.

I just wanted to highlight those ten words that Salon arranged in that specific order as if it’s not a big deal and an everyday occurrence.

Nickerson, now 43, says he has never abused a child and never will. He is involved in a website called “Virtuous Pedophiles” that provides an online discussion forum for people that are attracted to children but do not want to act on it.

“My purpose is to go out and educate people, allowing people like myself to come out and be open,” he said. “Society makes it harder by persecuting us because a lot of us become fatalistic.”

“We start to think it doesn’t matter what we do or say they’re going to hate us anyway.”

We’re going to hate you anyway BECAUSE YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH CHILDREN!

When you see young people raping other children in news stories or filming rape it is because the left has groomed them in their classrooms. They are becoming quite comfortable with sexual deviancy Teens Charged With Child Porn After Filming Sexual Assault

Four teenage girls from a middle school in South Carolina were charged with possession of child porn. The arrests came after a 14-year-old girl was cell phone videoed during a sexual assault.

Police in Greenville, South Carolina, arrested four teenage girls on charges related to having child porn video on their cell phones. The girls, from Four Riverside Middle School, also face charges of “disturbing school,” according to WPSA CBS7. The video captures the alleged sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl who was reported to be intoxicated at a party over the weekend.

Another 14-year-old has been charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor, a 2nd Degree Felony in South Carolina, the local CBS affiliate reported.

The incident was streamed live on FaceTime with another student who recorded the alleged assault and sent it to other student, KTRK ABC13 in Houston reported.

You can dismiss it, you can put your head in the sand, it isn’t going away. I’ll say it again, your children are being groomed in school for the ultimate degradation of sex by adults with children.

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy
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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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