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The bald eagle has long been the symbol of America and her majesty. In 2013 Obama tried to give wind farms a 30 year pass for killing bald and golden eagles, but a federal judge killed it.

Now Obama and Dan Ashe of the Fish and Wildlife Service have come up with a new plot to legalize the slaughter of up to 4,200 bald eagles a year by each wind farm. To be perfectly clear, if you or I killed one of these birds even by accident, we would have the full weight and force of the Feds coming after us. But in order to placate environmentalists who are against fossil fuels and to advance his so-called “clean energy agenda” it would now be “OK” to kill or maim 4 times as many eagles as before.

Frankly, I’m stunned. Because I didn’t know it was already “legal” for wind farms to kill even one eagle. But Ashe says not to worry, because:

“There’s a lot of good news in here,” Ashe said in an interview, calling the plan “a great tool to work with to further conservation of two iconic species.”

Huh??? Mr. Ashe, sir. How does the slaughter of bald and golden eagles “conserve them”?

The Fish and Wildlife Service estimates there are about 143,000 bald eagles in the United States, and 40,000 golden eagles. Which means a potential of 183,000 murders. According to Save the Eagles International:

By chance (if you believe in coincidences), a timely government study claims wind farms will kill “only” 1.4 million birds yearly by 2030 (1). This new report is just one of many, financed with taxpayers’ money, aimed at convincing the public that additional mortality caused by wind plants is sustainable. – It is not.

The above quote includes all birds, not just eagles. I did run into one article posted by a wind farm who said yes, they were “concerned” about their turbines killing eagles, but basically all other kinds of birds like kestrels and even hawks, are pretty much just garbage and don’t matter. Disgusting.

It is estimated California’s Altamont Wind Farm kills an average of 116 golden eagles a year. 116 too many.

But not to worry folks. Obama and his minions are giving the public 60 days to comment. Until July 2. Of course they don’t tell you how or where to comment. And of course any “comment period” is just hogwash, because we all know he does what he wants any how.


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