The Common Man and the Difference Between Trump & Cruz


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A good friend of mine, ColdWarrior, has been trying to get people involved in their local GOP groups, and frequently writes about the Precinct Committeeman project. Here is a version of his plans:

CW sent me a note this morning showing the connection to Vassar Bushmills’ writings about the Constitution being written for the Common Man – not for the elitists, and not for the noble or ruling class. Here is what CW says which I think sums it up beautifully:

Trump reaches down to his fellow Americans and offers a helping hand, saying, “I made it. When the American Dream still worked. I built buildings and businesses. The American Dream, though, became broken. Now I want to make it work again for you. So grab my outstretched hand.”

Cruz says, “I memorized the Constitution, got into Hahvahd, and the Bushes married Heidi and me. Plus, she got a nice gig at Goldman Sachs out of the deal, too. So grab my outstretched hand.”

Which guy’s hand do most working Americans want to grab?

Right now, at least as to those Americans who have been moved to go see a candidate speak or show up for a primary election or caucus, it’s been the Donald’s hand they’ve been wanting to grab.

It’s the builder’s hand vs. the politician’s hand.

The outsider’s hand vs. the insider’s hand.

I think that’s why Trump has more “voter” votes than Cruz.

As opposed to the “delegate” votes in some states’ Party apparatuses.

I’ve have many thoughts about what’s going on in our presidential primary process, and perhaps will write more later. But I do think ColdWarrior’s words help define some of the perceptions.

Numerous Common Man articles by Vassar Bushmills have been written. Here are just a few:

Donald Trump and the Law of Generations

Meet the Real Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the People

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Melody Warbington
April 14, 2016 7:39 pm

Wow. The interpretation that Cruz says, “I memorized the Constitution, got into Hahvahd, and the Bushes married Heidi and me. Plus, she got a nice gig at Goldman Sachs out of the deal, too. So grab my outstretched hand” isn’t at all my take. I get love of country and the Constitution, love of family and faithfulness, respect for others, not to mention Ted and Heidi both worked for the dream. I’m pretty sure Trump inherited a few bucks which is fine, but let’s not pretend he’s been where I am. I honestly don’t see how anyone can claim Cruz… Read more »

Queen Hotchibobo
April 14, 2016 8:06 pm

This kind of reminds me of the song, Common Man. Who was it sang that? John Conlee I think. I’m just a common man, drive a common van, My dog ain’t got a pedigree. If I have my say, it’s gonna stay that way, ‘Cause high-browed people lose their sanity, And a common man is what I’ll be. I’ll take a Chevrolet just any day, So give your daddy back his Mercedes Benz. There’s some common people that I hang out with, They’re my good time buddies, they’re my friends. I mean, the song doesn’t remind me of Trump at… Read more »

April 19, 2016 8:04 am

Lincoln said, “God must have loved the common man, He made so many of them.” Brother Dave Gardner, the beatnik comedian from the 50s asked, “Did you ever call someone ‘common’ to their face?”
It’s a two edged word…at least in the South. I use the term to define not those people, but those who look down upon them. Far too many of those call themselves conservative for my tastes. My mother was a very self-righteous Christian, probably ran more people away from God than toward Him. It’s an ugly thing to behold. Also very sad.