It’s with great sadness to let our fellow patriots from across America know about the loss of one of our most respected grassroot conservatives, Pilgrim. He was part of a refugee group from another conservative website, RedState. Several years ago, we decided to create this website and work on promoting conservatism at a different level. Pilgrim was one of our Founding Fathers here at Unified Patriots.

He retired after 36 years of working for the state of Indiana, and moved to Texas a couple of years ago. He felt that Texas was a good place to be during these years of our nation’s current struggles. Pilgrim loved the retirement phase of his life – happily taking some beautiful road trips around the country, and admiring how beautiful America is.

I met Pilgrim at a RedState Gathering in 2010. He was a very kind and nice person, and it was a pleasure to meet and realize that there were fellow patriots out there who cared a great deal about what was happening in America.

His column on our frontpage, Pilgrim’s Corner, kept all of us updated on what was happening in Washington – votes and alliances, endorsements, and the all important ratings of our Congress critters – conservative (or not). His expertise and interest, and reporting of those numbers will be sorely missed.

A few months ago, another wonderful patriot who participated in our grassroots conservative efforts also passed away, Mark Riggio. The passing of two people, who though geographically far apart – as most of us are – but so close in spirit and heart makes the grief and sadness just as real. Family forms on these pages, across the broad internet, and it reminds us all of how much love and respect we can share with each other. It also reinforces that for all our differences of opinion – regarding candidates, especially – our goal should be the same: making sure our love and support for our country remains strong.

That’s what I believe Pilgrim would have wanted.

May you Rest in Peace, dear brother Pilgrim. May God Bless you and we thank Him for the time you shared with us.

Lady Penguin
Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)