The elected who Donald Trump has supported with cash contributions is quite diverse. Conservative Review has the entire list of 38. The list below does not include those from New York and New Jersey. Some are what we can call the A Team, and others are the Washington Cartel F Troop. Some might be considered ingrates after gladly taking his money to lash out so viciously at him. Donald seems to work campaign contributions like a hedge fund manager works the stock market.

Elected Member and CR Liberty Score
Dave Brat 100% A
Louie Gohmert 96% A
Raul Labrador 95% A
Jim Jordan 94% A
Mick Mulvaney 93% A
Tom McClintock 90% A
Ron DeSantis 89% B
Sen. Tim Scott 88% B
Trey Gowdy 86% B
Sen. Jeff Sessions 80% B
Andy Harris 80% B
Steve King 79% C
Marsha Blackburn 76% C
Sen. Tom Cotton 75% C
Alex Mooney 75% C
Sen. John Cornyn 50% F
Bill Shuster 49% F
Sen. Mitch McConnell 44% F
Sen. Lindsey Graham 37% F
Sen. John McCain 36% F
Sen. Richard Durbin 2% F
Sen. Harry Reid 2% F

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