The following is an excerpt from Donald Trump’s victory speech in New Hampshire.

But we are going to make America great again. But we’re going to do it the old fashioned way. We’re going to beat China, Japan. We’re going to beat Mexico at trade. We’re going to beat all of these countries that are taking so much of our money away from us on a daily basis. It’s not going to happen anymore. We have the greatest businesspeople right now in the world. They call me all the time. They want to be involved. We have political hacks negotiating our deals for billions and billions and billions of dollars. Not going to happen anymore. We’re going to use the finest businesspeople in the world. We are going to something so good and so fast and so strong. And the world is going to respect us again. Believe me.

This excerpt explains why people are voting for Trump instead of an establishment politician. The establishment simply can’t say that political hacks negotiate bad deals. They have supported the deals. They have not really done a thing to stop Obama from his efforts to transform our nation. We the People don’t want to become like Europe. We want America to be great again. This is the huge disconnect between the Establishment and the rest of us.

The Establishment are trying to portray Trump as a nasty crude oaf who will be a disaster for US foreign diplomacy. The feature image is from an article from Real Deal, In Dubai, money trumps politics.

A day after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., a real estate developer in officially Muslim Dubai said that will not get in the way of a planned Trump-brand golf course and hotel.

The portrayal of Trump by the Establishment is not how Trump is actually operating in his business dealings around the world.

We actually do have the greatest businesspeople. The latest report on economic freedom can be instructive in identifying countries negotiating deals with businesspeople as opposed to negotiating deals with political hacks. The following table shows that the US is at the crossroad between becoming great again or becoming like Europe.

Country GDP Growth Rate (%) Unemployment (%) Public Debt (% of GDP) Tariff Rate (%) Gov’t Spending
Malaysia 6.0 2.0 57.0 4.3 74.3
United Arab Emirates 3.6 3.6 12.1 3.6 76.1
South Korea 3.3 3.5 35.7 7.7 69.7
United States 2.4 6.2 104.8 1.5 54.7
Spain 1.4 24.7 97.7 1.0 41.1
Portugal 0.9 14.2 130.2 1.0 24.8
France 0.4 9.9 95.1 1.0 2.5
Italy -0.4 12.5 132.1 1.0 22.1
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