A Trump-Cruz Slate, Why Donald Trump Should Go First

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Excuse me if I’m repeating myself, but I hold to my position that it isn’t just important to win the 2016 election, but the next eight elections, as well. That’s right, 32 years minimum, and Ted Cruz is exactly the sort of man who has the vision to plan that far ahead. And Donald Trump is exactly the sort of man who can plow the row the first term in order to allow that generational change to happen.

The gift of foresight is why I place Ted Cruz atop my list of conservatives in the presidential derby, but Trump’s cunning, resilience and executive ability is why I believe only he can plow the row and lay the foundations for that longer reign of conservatism, for it must sit well with the ordinary people of the United States. After all, they, not the political class, will have to bear the cross reform will have in store for us. And Trump has special gifts in keeping the people in the loop. Moreover, the People possess a kind of cultural conservatism modern beard-stroking conservatives seem to have lost touch with, but which defined American freedom from the very beginning. Conservatism is not the church in Rome but the churches of the parish. And it is in the parish that Trump shines.

Sadly, too many conservatives cannot see the rough road that lies ahead, not to mention the fleece-class of the GOP Establishment. Even Ronald Reagan came up short on the “vision-thing” when he passed the torch to the congenial GHW Bush, as a reward for his loyalty, thus snuffing it all out. This can’t be allowed to happen again. Once you go out and lock arms with the people, never, never let go of that embrace. Only the people can sustain a revolution.

I think Ted Cruz understands this. America cannot survive a one-and-done presidency. Restoring America requires four or five consecutive two-term presidents, all on the same page, all imbued with the same understanding of the Constitution and the proper role of the federal government and the Presidency found in its blueprint…all with a living memory of the cynical and indifferent bureaucratic carnage that had preceded it. Each successor must be armed with the vision and plans to undo eighty years of the page-by-page dismembering of that Constitutional blueprint by the Left. In the coming years, they should all be run into the sea, or demoted to bussing tables at university cafeterias.

But first we have be able to sink the pilings of this new foundation deep into the earth. And we need someone who knows how to use a pile-driver.

The good news is we have an historical model to work from, the first 36 years of our Republic, once called the Classic Age, the first five presidents, 1789-1825. What joined them all was 1) their shared memory and participation in the Great War for Independence, 2) the Constitution itself, and finally, 3) even as they immediately fell into two competing political parties. a shared understanding that certain things about the Constitution and its central purpose, decentralized self-governance by the People, were not politically negotiable. The new Democratic Party changed all that in 1828.

We all know about George Washington’s role at the front end, but less about James Monroe at the back end. He was only 21 when he was wounded at the Battle of Trenton, and 29 as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. Yet be became president at 58. I mention Monroe here because he proves the “liberty DNA” can survive a full generation, after 40 plus years. But he also leaves us wondering how that DNA can be effectively passed onto a second generation, for it was stopped dead in its tracks when he left office in 1825. It was like someone slammed the door shut. That’s something Ted Cruz and his successors will have to consider.

So, in this formulation how do I come up with Donald Trump as the leader of the pack? Simple.

If we are to replicate the process of the Classic Era, we need to start off with a man who is well known and respected by all the people (hint: the Founders did not have national followings), and recognized for his personal accomplishments, his victories, if you will, and his leadership. In 1787 that man was George Washington, the non-intellectual in the Founder’s assemblage. Today that man is Donald Trump.

You heard me right. In 2016 we need to elect a two-fer, and because George Washington went first, so should Donald Trump go first, for the same reason, plowing the row for those who will follow.

Yes, I know comparing Donald Trump with George Washington is a big, big, big stretch. His many puddinhead scoffers at NRO, Fox, RedState and Right Scoop, to name a few – the Commentariat I call them, are already in paroxysms of anger about his success. But as a Mexican patriot once said, “They have no eyes.”

In ways easier for adult conservatives with their hands on the pulse of America’s cultural conservatism outside the Beltway to understand, Trump and Washington are very similar.

This is because George Washington also was not an intellectual. But he was a household name. Everyone knew who General Washington was. Men from every colony served under him. And he was a practical man, with the experience in the ways of the practical world. He saw America not in terms of the natural rights of man, but in expansion, clearing land, building communities and being able to govern them directly. He saw America unfolding as an enterprise, not an ideal.

Washington knew instinctively what his job was to be; to endear and unite the people to the new Republic, not the political class, to give the new nation gravitas, and plow the row for those who would follow. He did that job masterfully…well enough that just 25 years later, 1812, America was able to withstand invasion; militarily, institutionally and culturally. We had become one people, tested, in just 25 years.

People who say Trump is not a conservative are using a pocket ruler when they need a yardstick. His conservatism is the American dream, and American exceptionalism, American enterprise, things at which he excels in understanding and every American hopes to achieve. This is why “the common people hear him gladly.” If you ask a bishop to explain that verse from Mark 12:37, he will explain it differently than a parish priest, and therein lies the difference between Donald Trump’s conservatism and Beltway ‘conservatives’.

Washington became president by acclamation. There was no organized opposition waiting for him. No such honeymoon awaits Trump who faces at least two camps. The only alliance he can forge to pull that off is with the one group neither the Left nor the GOP establishment (and lamentably a sizable number of “intellectual” conservatives) considers relevant, and this is the American citizenry.

So far he has smashed to smithereens the Left’s principal warrior, the Media, and if he stays with it, perhaps can even slap the fear right out of the mouth of their greatest weapon, social media…without ever saying anything particularly conservative…unless you consider defending the borders conservative.

The Founders of 1787 did not have the type of organized bomb-throwing opposition this next generation of conservatives can expect to meet. In the manner by which Donald Trump has neutralized the power of the chattering classes, already causing a vast transfer (restoration) of power to right-thinking politicians, there should be no question as to who is most able to enlist the full support of the American people and to plow the rows for Cruz & Company for years to come.

Of course, Trump never wrote a book on the Rules of Civility, but I have asked Richard Brookhiser to send him a copy. His demagoguery-schtick (Rush Limbaugh calls it “negotiation”) is a pip, but his listeners eat it up, in part because he always seems to piss the right people off. Besides, he is proved largely right every time.

Donald Trump is slowly stripping the Left, the media, and generally the Commentariat, of their vanity and self-respect, and who hasn’t waited years to see that? Though almost never mentioning Obama by name, Obama has become a shade of his former self simply because all the things that Trump says seems to stick to him. Every Trump triumph results in an Obama failure.

In every respect except two, Ted Cruz is the better man than Donald Trump, instinct and experience. If they can share the same vision for America next year, we have something.

15 responses to A Trump-Cruz Slate, Why Donald Trump Should Go First

  1. JadedByPolitics December 10th, 2015 at 7:04 am

    I’m still voting for Cruz on March 1st but not disinterested in your take.

    • vassarbushmills December 10th, 2015 at 8:16 am

      Just wanted to be the first to say it, Jaded.,I’d like to convince them to link up. Look for something like that in the Spring.

  2. Lady Penguin December 10th, 2015 at 9:55 am

    “His conservatism is the American dream, and American exceptionalism.” Yes, exactly why Trump is resonating with the people, not the chattering classes, the political class, or the fascists/socialists/communists cloaked in their “progressivism.”

  3. Lady Penguin December 10th, 2015 at 10:08 am

    PS Almost akin to the “rough-hewn” cowboy and the school-teacher come to town.

  4. eburke December 10th, 2015 at 10:25 am

    I always find your insights to be of great value and when they differ from mind, they cause great introspection.

    I cannot bring myself to put Trump on the top of the ticket, nor consider him a “yardstick” conservative until he resolves 3 critical issues that lie at the root of our Constitutional Republic, and which form the bedrock of our Republic: the God-given rights to worship as we choose, to speak as we are moved, and to own private property safe from the clutches of government and the elites.

    Trump’s comments on the SCOTUS gay marriage case and his ardent support of the Kelo decision give me great pause on the 1st and last items; his comments this week regarding the possible need to close up portions of the internet were a chilling attack on free speech at worst, and ham-handed and inartfully stated at best.

    There have been untold failures by the GOP over the last decades but none greater than the failure to consistently nominate to the SCOTUS justices who will faithfully adhere to the Constitution. As long as there are other options available, I cannot bring myself to place in that position a man whose demonstrated knowledge of the Constitution has shown itself to be woefully lacking at best, and uncaring at worst.

    Because of my great respect for your intellect, thoughtfulness and love of our Constitution, I am deeply interested in the intellectual journey you took to overcome what to me appears to be a lack of fealty or respect for the Constitution from a candidate who wishes to have a job which requires him to nominate jurists to interpret that Constitution.

    Thanks, as always, for a thoughtful, well-written piece.

    • LadyImpactOhio December 10th, 2015 at 3:46 pm

      Burkie, none of the candidates are perfect. Trump isn’t a conservative, all his backers know he’s not but don’t care. Me too.

      Yesterday I read an interview he did in 1990. He said pretty much the same 25 years ago as he has said now. He admits he has a big ego. He says he’s one of the best financiers and negotiators out there. And he is.

      When asked if he would ever run for president because according to the interviewer, that would be the ultimate power trip for him. He answered thusly:

      “I don’t want to be president. I’m one hundred percent sure. I’d change my mind only if I saw this country continue to go down the tubes.”

      Well, we are WAY down the tubes. I agree with Vassar. A Trump/Cruz ticket would make the lefties commit hari kari.

      Does Trump need to learn a lot? Of course. But right now we need him. I believe he’s the only person who can save this country.

      If you look at my tweets from earlier today you will see me get very angry with a R rep in Florida. David Jolly. He went on camera today demanding that Trump drop out of the race even though he’s at 35%. He claimed he wasn’t ” conservative.” Well, I looked up Rep. Jolly’s rating by the ACU. A flimsy 55 out of 100. That takes a lot….of chutzpah. I sent Mr. Jolly a screen shot of that page.

      What a surprise. No response from him.

    • vassarbushmills December 10th, 2015 at 3:47 pm

      I wrote this partially with you in mind Burkey. I feel like a slab of pork thrown into a skillet to fry, but will try to answer your question. It’s ground we’ve been over before.

      I have no idea what Trump’s opinion is about the gay marriage decision. And don’t care, inasmuch as the president has no power to dictate the outcome of SCOTUS decisions, and while the next president’s supreme court choices are always on a movement conservative’s check-list, it’s not high on the check list of any of the millions who have lined up behind Trump to date. That alone spells out the great divide. That would never be a deal breaker with me any more than Guiliani’s pro-choice stance was.

      As for Kelo, I don’t disagree with the Court inasmuch as there was no special right granted to municipalities, if I recall. The power SCOTUS gave was based on a loophole in CT law and SCOTUS invited states with the same hole to cure it, if they preferred. I’m told most changed their eminent domain laws, making Kelo moot in most states. I assume Trump spoke about the case as developer would, as one with skin in the game. That doesn’t offend me, and it shouldn’t you.

      As to why any conservative could like such a non-conservative as Trump, I can only say look at the people who have rushed to join him, almost none of whom would have any idea what Kelo’s all about, and would fall asleep if you tried to explain most conservative principles to them. I know, I’ve tried. But that is not to say they aren’t possessed of a native conservatism (mentioned here), I know, because I have looked for it. And found it, the last time I saw it was in 1980.

      Your measuring stick of Trump is that small conservative ruler in your pocket, and while I agree with every inch of it, I’ve found if I turn that into a rosary that puts me in a very small church, great for prayer meetings, but horrible for national elections. Trump has tapped something that hasn’t been tapped for many, many years. He could still turn out to be a fraud and a mountebank, but I don’t think so. But Trump would not be playing the trick on us, but God.

      Reread my preamble. I have very limited and specific reasons for wanting Trump there in the first four years..none of which have anything to do with conservatism but with a very basic, primal brand of national security…and that feeling of “making American great again’ just as RR did. The better man, Cruz could go first but will be less able to handle the storm he will confront than Trump, having nothing to do with conservatism. I’m not even sure if there is a written conservative policy on bomb-throwin’. That’s my assessment.
      I think Trump can walk us through a firestorm (sure to come) better than Cruz, while Cruz can lay the blueprint for a conservative dynasty than all the others. He has true vision.

      • eburke December 10th, 2015 at 4:26 pm

        It was not my intent at all to leave you feeling like a slab of pork tossed into the frying pan so please accept my most abject apologies.

        I will make 3 (hopefully) quick expository comments as to my thoughts and then I shall take my leave:

        1) Guiliani may have been pro-choice, but I, too, never held that against him because I felt like he understood and felt fealty toward the Constitution.

        2) The part of Trump’s support for Kelo which will trouble me until he addresses it isn’t the technicalities of the case, it was his comment to the effect that if the government finds it necessary to force a private property owner to sell his property, even if it’s against his will, to an entity that will generate more tax revenue for the government that he considers that “a good thing.” That strikes me as something Bernie Sanders would say…and his failure not only to walk that back, but to reaffirm it post-announcement, greatly increases my belief, IMO, that he is, indeed, a fraud or mountebank with little or no regard for the constraints of the Constitution he will pledge to uphold.

        3) It was also not my intent to imply that I was speaking for all the millions who believe that Donald Trump would be the best choice for President. I have but one vote, my own, and I was merely attempting to explain why I can’t reach the same conclusion as you, and many others have. I fear we only have one more shot at stopping our slide into the abyss and if Trump does, indeed, turn out to be a fraud or montebank, we will have squandered that last shot. So for me, as long as there are other options available which I believe have demonstrated through their actions that they are committed to the Constitutional yardstick the founders left to us, I feel compelled to follow where my conscience leads.

        Thanks, again, for your thoughtful piece and your thoughtful reply.

  5. E Pluribus Unum December 11th, 2015 at 2:35 am

    Vassey, you’re very close to selling me on this.

    But then I already knew we had something special in Trump when he rolled a grenade into nethers of the thoroughly odious Megyn Kelly. I kid you not. This was a turning point in the candidacy of Donald Trump. We already had a taste of the populist, and we already knew he was a builder. We didn’t know he was so very thoroughly entertained by the “Oh Lawdy, I have the vapors” liberal media. (yes, I said that about Megyn Kelly. Deal with it, readers)

    That’s when I, and many other movement conservatives, knew I could envision a scenario where I could back him and be glad when he became President.

    • vassarbushmills December 11th, 2015 at 6:30 am

      The kicker-of-ass of my enemies is my friend, EPU. I hope the historical model I’m using of this man isn’t the same one climate scientists are using to justify global warming. Cruz is the better man, truly.

  6. LadyImpactOhio December 11th, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    The Trump haters are really losing it. The head of ACLU in Colorado posted on Facebook “all Trump supporters should be shot.” Not killed, SHOT. And I’m sure she’ll get away with it.

    The video finally surfaced of Carter banning Iranians.


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  8. CommonCents December 21st, 2015 at 9:46 am

    I agree on the big picture VB. The biggest value of Trump, even though there is great risk, is the tearing down of the propaganda media. I believe the hack media is the biggest threat to America. Without their cover, the left would collapse under their own weight of lies and lunacy. Look at the DEM debates, they are designed and scheduled so few as possible see them, to prevent damage to the DEM party. The weak cuckholded stockholm syndrome Republicans would be somewhat liberated from the propaganda media.

    Secondly, I believe he’d expose the corrupt DC class culture in a populist way.

    The fear is of the unknown and real “change”. Establishment Republicans in DC would rather put up with the abuse as its a known factor rather than upset the apple cart. “Be quiet Trump or you’ll get us another beating by the media!”

    He’d be in the bully pulpit daily. Trump is the only one who can end around, or “trump” the major onslaught by the left, by its propaganda media, AND by establishment Republicans.

    Cruz is the man, but I don’t think he could pull it off. In a nut shell, Cruz knows WHAT to do, Trump knows HOW to do it. Quite a combination.

    • vassarbushmills December 21st, 2015 at 4:19 pm

      Agree whole-heartedly, C-C. It’s a crap shoot as to what sort of president Trump would actually be, but nothing compared to what sort of Speaker Boehner or Ryan turned out to be. Because he does know how to do t, with the right people, though, as you said, all things are possible. Besides, as a people, we don’t deserve sure things.
      Have a nice Christmas.

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