First Christopher Hitchens, Now Bill Maher – What Is It With These Atheists?



Maher and Dawkins

You probably remember the late Christopher Hitchens. He was an atheist and political commentator, an intellectual type who wrote books and magazine articles, appeared on talk shows and lectured on this and that topic. He was generally seen as a kindred spirit by the Statists because he held little regard for the religious right. So it was to the surprise of many when Hitchens came out in support of the Iraq War as pursued by George W. Bush.

Hitchens’ major argument for the US and it’s allies unseating the Bathist regime in Iraq was that it was a brutal dictatorship and a threat to the world. As some on the right noted at the time…’Uh, well yeah, Chris! Anything else you feel like agreeing with us on?’ As it turns out, on the possible worth of this or that religion, not much. Still, it was refreshing to see a liberal atheist seem to be chanting “USA! USA!”

Hitchens developed cancer and passed away four years ago, ironically just as Barack Obama was withdrawing US forces from Iraq and leaving it to the fate of being under the hegemony of whatever branch of Islamic zealotry could take control of the situation. As it turns out, ISIS is determined to make Saddam Hussein’s brutality pale in comparison.


Comes now the atheist comedian and narcissist Bill Maher all of a sudden going all gung-ho on us. Just can’t bring himself to countenance the evil antics of the Islamofascists, as he is reported to have characterized them.

“Maher is an arch atheist who regards all religions as awful. However, he thinks that Islam’s inherently violent nature makes it particularly so. And he agrees with American Enterprise Institute’s Aayan Hirsi Ali that liberals ought to stop pretending that a moderate form of Islam is even possible right now.”


Another prominent atheist, Richard Dawkins, apparently joins in the …..crusade 🙂 …. against Islamofascist jihad as reported by Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller:

“Two of the most famous atheists in the world, HBO host Bill Maher and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, slammed liberals who they say are giving Islam a “free pass,” despite the human rights abuses being committed in Muslim countries and by Islamic extremist groups around the world today. – See more at:”

While we don’t want to fall into the trap of heaping undue praise on these atheists for recognizing what ought to be common sense realities, as many pundits do whenever a liberal comes out to criticize a tyrannical statist escapade gone too far, we need to take note of it in the looming battle for the soul (sorry, atheist friends 🙂 )of America. Just as we do, for example when those few liberal university professors willing to exhibit a modicum of integrity come out against the lunacy of political correctness infecting colleges across the country. Or the very, very few media types willing to risk their careers by not spouting Democrat National Committee/Center for American Progress talking points.

With just a little over a year to go until Barack Obama’s second term comes to an end, and no end in sight to the Leftist push for the extinguishing of basic constitutional and natural rights in every area of American life, the coming year and the coming Presidential campaign will be a crucible for formulating strategies to resist both Islamic Jihad and Totalitarian Tyranny. Unlikely, sometimes even unholy, alliances may have to be formed to preserve the Union.

We can only hope there emerges a consensus that a return to certain fundamental precepts of both our constitutional order and the fundamental freedoms enshrined therein must be upheld or we are all doomed. Do those on the right see an opening in light of public utterances by those atheists we mentioned and are there any remaining on the liberal side willing to cease and desist with the demonization of American patriots long enough to save the republic, if not the world?

What do you think?

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November 23, 2015 5:02 pm

FYI I just checked ACLU twit feed to see what they’ve been yapping about. Denigrating everyone who doesn’t want Syrian refugees here. I saw a vid posted by PBS of all libs, on Isis teaching jihad and killing of Infidels to 5 & 6 year old boys AND girls. This is why I believe we have to suspend the refugee takeover until these people can be properly vetted, which we know can’t ever happen because they have no papers, history, etc.

November 24, 2015 11:52 am

You knew it would happen. ACLU sues Gov. Pence over refugees. Let’s see if he caves like he did with the Memories Pizza debacle.

I don’t see how these people have any standing.