One year since first elected to Congress


One year ago the Republicans won a landslide election sending 12 new members to the U.S. Senate and sending 44 new members to the U.S. House. The 12 new senators put the Republicans in the majority in the U.S. Senate, and the 44 new Representatives gave the Republicans their largest majority in the U.S. House since the 1920’s.

It’s bittersweet to look at things presently and see that the Republican establishment in DC completely ignored the promises made in the campaigns. Their cowardly instincts were to surrender first to Obama and the Democrats, and then play fight to fool all those rube voters who elected them to think they were still fighting for them.

One good thing that happened is enough of these new members joined with many current members to get John Boehner to vacate as Speaker and his lieutenant, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to not run for Speaker. The establishment and media tried to paint a narrative of them as reckless rabble rousers bent on dethroning the speaker, a genial deal-maker willing to work across the aisle. This is a false narrative. This was actually a revolt of backbenchers who called for restoration of regular order instead of dictates from the Speaker’s office. This is nothing new. Over the years, there have been similar insurrections by junior members who simply want to be players.

The tables below are the Conservative Review Liberty Scores for these new Senators and Representatives. There are 25 who scored an F, and 31 who scored a passing grade. The score for the senators is based on 8 key votes, and the score for representatives is based on 9 key votes.

The 12 Senators Liberty Scores

State Member CR Grade
NE Ben Sasse 88%
AR Tom Cotton 75%
OK James Lankford 75%
GA David Perdue 75%
MT Steve Daines 62%
LA Bill Cassidy 62%
AK Dan Sullivan 62%
IA Joni Ernst 62%
CO Cory Gardner 38%
NC Thom Tillis 38%
SD Mike Rounds 25%
WV Shelley Capito 25%

The 44 Representatives Liberty Scores

State/Dist. Member CR Grade
AL-6 Rep. Gary Palmer 100%
VA-7 Rep. David Brat 100%
CO-4 Rep. Ken Buck 89%
IA-1 Rep. Rod Blum 89%
TX-4 Rep. John Ratcliffe 78%
GA-11 Rep. Barry Loudermilk 78%
WV-2 Rep. Alex Mooney 78%
NH-1 Rep. Frank Guinta 69%
GA-10 Rep. Jody Hice 67%
UT-4 Rep. Mia Love 67%
NC-6 Rep. Mark Walker 67%
GA-1 Rep. Buddy Carter 67%
WI-6 Rep. Glenn Grothman 67%
TX-36 Rep. Brian Babin 67%
GA-12 Rep. Rick Allen 67%
NC-7 Rep. David Rouzer 67%
AR-4 Rep. Bruce Westerman 67%
LA-6 Rep. Garret Graves 67%
AR-2 Rep. French Hill 67%
OK-5 Rep. Steve Russell 67%
LA-5 Rep. Ralph Abraham 67%
WV-3 Rep. Evan Jenkins 67%
NY-1 Rep. Lee Zeldin 67%
MN-6 Rep. Tom Emmer 56%
IA-3 Rep. David Young 56%
MI-4 Rep. John Moolenaar 56%
MI-8 Rep. Mike Bishop 44%
TX-23 Rep. Will Hurd 44%
CA-25 Rep. Steve Knight 44%
NV-4 Rep. Cresent Hardy 44%
MT-at large Rep. Ryan Zinke 44%
MI-11 Rep. Dave Trott 44%
NJ-3 Rep. Tom MacArthur 44%
WA-4 Rep. Dan Newhouse 38%
CA-45 Rep. Mimi Walters 33%
AZ-2 Rep. Martha McSally 33%
VA-10 Rep. Barbara Comstock 33%
ME-2 Rep. Bruce Poliquin 33%
IL-12 Rep. Mike Bost 33%
PA-6 Rep. Ryan Costello 33%
NY-24 Rep. John Katko 33%
NY-21 Rep. Elise Stefanik 33%
FL-26 Rep. Carlos Curbelo 33%
IL-10 Rep. Bob Dold 33%
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I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.
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I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.

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Mike gamecock DeVine
November 4, 2015 5:50 pm

Great info guy