Keeping Score On Race For GOP Nominee For President


Summer is over and it’s time to start keeping score on the race to become the GOP nominee for President. It is helpful to look at just the latest polls instead of an average score of several polls over time. One can see that some candidates have surged and other candidates have failed to get any traction. The two candidates who have surged the most are Donald Trump and Ben Carson. They are the only two candidates with double digits in the four early primaries and the national poll. They are the only two with double digits in Iowa, and there is a 5-way race for third place in Iowa.

The table below has the latest polling for only 7 of the 15 current candidates, and that is because they are the only ones that are in a position to win, place, or show in the early states. The other candidates simply are not in contention at this time, and time is running out.

Candidate Iowa New Hampshire South Carolina Florida National
Donald Trump 24 21 29 28 27
Ben Carson 19 10 16 16 17
Marco Rubio 6 10 14 13
Jeb Bush 7 11 12 10
Carly Fiorina 8 16 11
Ted Cruz 6
Bobby Jindal 6
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October 9, 2015 3:10 pm

I ran into a blog yesterday that insisted Jim Jordan would become Speaker and Kasich POTUS because well, Boehner was from Ohio and so are these other two. And that would be Boehner’s “legacy.” 😀

October 9, 2015 4:52 pm

Jordan could be Speaker in my book, if he wants to Speak, that is. Kasich has as much chance of winning the presidency as I do of getting panties thrown at me at my next concert.