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Making Molehills Out of This Mountain of Malaise

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–“

{There are many today who say the ‘right’ to throw off the Government of the United States of America was laid to rest in April of 1865. So that notions of receding and seceding are no longer trending. With that in mind, we ponder today how to bring our sizeable pile of grievances down to some manageable proportions.}

Well. What to think. Putin is on the move at various points on the globe. Obama is in the final stages of fundamentally transforming America. Islamic fanatics are frantically trying to establish not only a central but regional caliphates in the Middle East and Africa. The European ‘Union’ isn’t exactly all that ‘united’. The Pope is on a grand tour of the iconic US historic political and cultural venues, chastising us for not doing enough for the huddled masses (Why do we never, ever, from any quarter, get the credit we deserve in that regard?). Playing the Trump Card has taken on a whole new meaning (If for nothing else, thank you for that, Donald). And a career politician in Washington has resigned for something other than a sex scandal. Boo hoo, Boehner. Boo hoo.

Did we mention that a majority of Associate Justices on the US Supreme Court have deigned not only to write law, but also to write new and binding definitions of human physio-cultural and civilization-propagating arrangements (marriage, birth, death, life, sexuality, love, hate and respect) – life schemes that go back to the beginning of …..humans? Or that malfeasance, treason, traitorous conduct and violation of oaths of office in Official Washington are routinely now overlooked, disregarded, relegated to the farthest recesses of enforcement consideration by ALL cognizant authorities? ALL of them??

Or that it is now Standard Operating Procedure not only for federal executive branch agencies to assume and accrue unto themselves authority and control over every aspect of public, and increasingly private, life in these United But Individually Sovereign States – our schools, our health care arrangements, our businesses, our public works enterprises, to the complete and utter disregard for the delegated and reserved powers strictures in what is supposed to be our charter of government? And not only that, for the oppressors to be given by our Congress carte blanche and unlimited funding to pursue tyranny over our lives , our fortunes and what little honor we retain.  That Congress which is supposed to represent ‘We the People’, who authored said charter? Talk about not getting any respect.  The three branches of government that we created are now all telling us we don’t know what law, justice, liberty, inalienable rights, sovereignty and of, by and for mean, because we didn’t get a JD degree from Yale.

Did we say “respect”? We can’t even get any respect from “conservative” pundits anymore. Have you read National Review lately? The regard for which the rabble are held in that iconic publication is at perhaps an historic all-time low. We are called every name in the book, from extremists, to ‘nationalists’ (yes, patriots this means you), to ‘white’ this or that, to even – get this – ‘cultists’, because our betters over there seem to think a sizeable number of us worship Donald Trump. They don’t have a clue.

And that’s just from people who get a paycheck for slinging words around, and slinging the arrows of outrageous fortune, or however that saying goes.(Hey WFB, what was that quip about wanting to be governed by the first 400 names in the phone book? Your successors are having none of it.) Further, our elected representatives have taken to calling great, huge blocs of Traditional American citizens “crazies”.

Dante's inferno

So this is a fine mess we have got ourselves into, isn’t it? Sure, the Dark Side are the ones putting the hurt on us, with ample assistance from the Dumb Side. But to a great degree, it is our own sloth and inattention that has allowed the situation to deteriorate.
It had to get so bad that many of our finest, most cherished, indeed sacred, institutions had to begin to decay and crumble under the weight of the Statist /Globalist/Communo-Fascist onslaught before we began to arouse. Our political offices corrupted, our free market system compromised, our military, our churches, our clubs and social and fraternal and cultural organizations – all Politically Corrected, sanitized and neutered. Our state-and-local policing, education and pubic works and public assistance functions co-opted by the “Feds”.

The Donald’s slogan in this presidential campaign season is “Make America Great Again”. Yes. Needs to be done, but can’t until WE take it back. So job one is taking it back from those who stole it. How to do that? Well, elect “our” guys and gals to office, is the conventional wisdom. Parallel to that is the sage advice from a true patriot and pragmatist, the one known as Cold Warrior. His advice is to take back America where you live, i.e. in your local precincts. Grass grows from the roots, as they say.

Speaking of plant life, another of our compatriots, the Galloping Gourmet of moral suasion and practical dissuasion, Vassar Bushmills, would have random acts of unkindness practiced upon your foes’ prized petunias in the dead of night to instill a measure of circumspection for a change, as well as supporting your local sheriff in running rascals out of town or making them walk any spare planks that can be found after your House is complete. (I think his creed asks that you forgive them after you flagellate them, though.)

“But, as you already know, I do believe in blighting their paths, making their way more stressful and uneasy, and more costly. I believe in giving fear a chance to control part of their lives. I like the idea of them going out every day, looking over their shoulder, then crying to a God none of them believe in that they have a “right” not to be afraid, or to call a human being “tissue”. I believe in washing dirty mouths out with soap.”

What else? Vote, of course. Don’t be afraid to call spades spades. Assert your ultimate authority and ownership over your property and your progeny whenever challenged. Practice your faith according to your free will and the dictates of whatever sect you belong to, if any, giving yourself a foundation upon which to base your citizenship goals.

Oh, and one more thing. Or a couple more things. All of you have computers and access to the Internet, the most liberating invention since the printing press. Use it to find the texts of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and read them, beginning to end, as many times as necessary to be comfortable enough to quit taking other peoples’ word for what’s in there.  Oh, and your own State constitution, while you’re at it. We often speak fondly about the 10th Amendment and States rights, and fail to educate ourselves on what the specifics are of our individual state charters, which are supposed to address our relationship to our states and what they are chartered to do for us (and often fail miserably at, as they cower before the monolithic National Government.) Full disclosure: WE had not bothered to read our own state constitution in it’s entirety until we started writing this piece.  It was astounding to see how many references there were in our state constitution to…..wait for it …..Almighty God.

And speaking of that wonderful, liberating printing press, how liberating and empowering is it that many of you who have computers also have a printer hooked up to it? So that you can actually call up the texts of our founding documents on your computers and print them out. And then pass them out. They are each only a few printed pages in length, so your cost is literally pennies per copy, even with the ink. You can give copies to your friends, families, co-workers, business associates, social contacts. You can walk down the street and hand them out to complete strangers.

printing press

Education, education, education. Educate yourselves and educate others. We can all do our part to combat the dumbing down of America, which, along with resting on other peoples’ laurels, is how we got into this mountain of a mess to begin with, and in so doing begin to take it back, and proceed then to ‘make it great again’.

Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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