Open Letter: Donald Trump, Jorge Ramos-Activist, and Liberal Media’s Agenda


My local newspaper, The Virginian-Pilot, had this article on page 2, August 30, 2015:

“Jorge Ramos had it right: Media need to hold Trump’s feet to the fire”

The brief bio at the end of the article notes Ms. Schultz “is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and an essayist for Parade magazine.” The direct link to her article provides a little more information. Fancy that, it reveals that Connie Schultz is married to Democrat Sherrod Brown, the Left-wing Senior U.S. Senator from Ohio.

Below is my response to Ms. Schultz (Mrs. Sherrod Brown)

Dear Ms. Schultz,

Once again, I wasn’t surprised to see a column of your type in our local newspaper, “The Virginian-Pilot” – since they promote everything Leftist, or to be softer, Democrat.

Your negative article about Donald Trump, colored by your worldview, will bring you plenty of ‘pats on the back’ from the Leftist media, Democrats, and the Establishment Republicans – because, after all, you’re all on the same page regarding Mr. Trump.

In order to keep my criticism simple – and condensing is difficult when discussing issues from totally different worldviews, but there is right and wrong, and you don’t seem to be willing to see the mote in your sides’ eye while you’re busy standing up for Mr. Ramos and aiding in the push of the Leftist agenda.

1) The other side of the coin, which makes up more than half of America, will begin to take the media seriously when you delve in and report the truth about Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and this administration. Yes, Hillary, who has some serious issues all being swept under the rug by the so-called journalists in this country.

2) Ramos wasn’t trying to get Trump to explain anything. Ramos was there to deliver a monologue of hate and discontent and since his entire behavior was out of line, Trump did the right thing in removing him. He also was certainly more courteous than the Lefties, who don’t let anyone in with a different opinion than their own. Reminder here, Mr. Trump let him back in to discuss his ‘concerns’ with him.

3) Ramos’ behavior wasn’t journalistic, no more than Megyn Kelly’s and her fellow moderators’ were in the FOX News debate. They editorialized every question with their own opinion before getting around to throwing the ‘gotcha dart’ at the candidates, not just at Trump. That’s why the moderators had over 30% of the total debate time in their column. BTW, 24 million people didn’t see that as a win…

4) As a woman, speaking for myself and others who are defenders of Trump (btw, not necessarily supporters of him in our 1st tier of candidates) I don’t think people understand exactly what “misogynist” means. To Leftist feminists, it means one thing and to women who actually don’t have self-hatred and value their own femininity, it means something entirely different. Liberals like to use the word as if it was mud – so much easier to throw around.

5) Touting the Leftists’ “war on women” and the “racist” memes are all the Democrats have left in their propaganda closet. It worked previously, but it’s stale propaganda.

Thank you for your time. Just thought I’d share another view. It’s bothersome that the media (which has an agenda) doesn’t give a fair perspective of people or events in this country.

Once again, let me draw the reader back to the incestuous relationship between Ms. Schultz, national syndicated columnist/Mrs. Sherrod Brown, married to the United States Senior Senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown, and the mainstream media. They’re of one fabric, just different threads. This is how the media does the Democrats’ dirty work.

The Lefties pushed the narrative that Jorge Ramos was mistreated as a journalist, when, in fact, he was rude, spoke out of turn, and immediately launched into a diatribe on the treatment of illegal aliens. Ramos would have everyone believing that breaking the laws of a sovereign nation is acceptable. The Left and the Democrats (they are the same) push the same meme, and the Establishment Republicans aren’t far behind in making lawbreaking just another part of our everyday lives.

Donald Trump is simply pointing out how disastrous this is for a nation and its citizens.

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Melody Warbington
August 31, 2015 10:50 am

Go get ’em, Lady P. I can hear the screeching if the wife of any GOP senator were a nationally syndicated columnist.

August 31, 2015 11:25 am

“Jorge Ramos had it right: Media need to hold Trump’s feet to the fire”. ???? Pulitzer Prize-winning just doesn’t carry the same cachet that it used to. Kinda like Nobel Prize-winning. Mr. Trump does not hold office. So what does “holding his feet to the fire even mean? What it means, in Leftwingjournalismspeak, is that the media should debate Donald Trump. What it confirms is these journalists, including the Ramos’s of the world, perception of themselves is some kind of “Saving the world, superhero, crusaderlike “role instead of accurate reporting and educated commentary. But of course, your holding Ms. or… Read more »

August 31, 2015 4:49 pm

Seems Tweets aren’t showing up on this post. Has Twitter forgotten Lady Penquin’s name?