In Which Ben Domenech Asks If We Will Stop Beating Our Wives


This is a disgusting article.

Please read it. And for an excellent summation of the phenomenon exemplified by this article, see this post at UP.  It seems that our betters these days are on a Kraken-like crusade to, if not silence the malcontents, at least publicly brand them with every vile character trait they can borrow from the Media Matters/JournOlisters Catalog of Slander Labels.

“Ultimately, Trump presents a choice for the Republican Party about which path to follow: a path toward a coalition that is broad, classically liberal, and consistent with the party’s history, or a path toward a coalition that is reduced to the narrow interests of identity politics for white people.”

This is 2015. And we have supposedly not-a-Democrat writing a hysterical tract about a coalition of identity politics for white people taking over the Republican Party? Where is the disclaimer that this Domenech person is not a member in good standing of the Southern Poverty Law Center?

You don’t write that you’re not really calling people racist, just too white, and claim some intellectual footing, intone some pseudo- philosophical, dystopian, liberal-conserva-tarian gobbledygook of history and then proceed to use words like xenophobic, etc., without giving yourself away as a finger-pointing snob. The Left does that, though it is not cowardly about using the r-word, so this “white identity” thing is too cute by half.

This charge that the people are the ones destroying destroying the republic is getting a little old, and this distracting projection of a melodramatic, grandiose view of European-American history onto the current meat-and-potatoes discussion about National security/sovereignty is disingenuous and a diversion. The cake that the people are being fed is getting old, stale and quite less than satisfying. There is a case for liberalism, classical liberalism, in any serious discussion of the American/European political evolution. But today, we are at war and Domenech knows we are at war, because he has declared which side he’s on, and it ain’t the Country Class.

The inexcusable thing about what Domenech and the other defenders of The Crown are doing is their assumption that the entire “Go Trump!” chorus is comprised of LIV’s, or Low Information Voters. You don’t stand there and accuse people of being too white, too nativist, and yes, by God, too damned Patriotic to understand that Trump is a bombast and at the same time conjure up images of some Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, without putting yourself on the side of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her soulmate Jebby Bush, or name your favorite member of the Congressional Black Caucus. And that’s what side Domenech is on. Because if the people had their way, Hillary’s head would be off. But after that, and this is where he fails, along with Salon, Huffington Post and Mother Jones – America would still be standing. We are Americans, not Frenchmen.

The American people are fully capable of responding to a rallying cry of “Make America Great Again” without resorting to a return to Jim Crow, segregation and the Ku Klux Klan. Does Ronald Reagan even remotely resonate with you, Ben Domenech? And don’t say that’s not what he was saying. He didn’t have to use the “white identity” meme. He chose it deliberately. What is the degree of separation between “white identity” and the “white privilege” meme we are constantly bombarded with from the Leftstream Activist/Media/Academia cabal currently directing operations at several United States Government cabinet-level agencies?

It is not only insulting but infuriating to have someone supposedly on the right side of the equation claim that the “Trump movement’, if you can call it that, is at once uber protectionist, nativist, whitist and otherwise neanderthal. That’s Obama’s job. (Of course, as one famous Kraken-head once exclaimed, while raving about “birthers” – “Obama is my president, and yours, too. Deal with it.”) Domenech continues with this little tirade:

“The populists are not being irrational in perceiving that these guys are “all the same.” But their brand of conservatism is frequently xenophobic, anti-capitalist, vaguely militarist, pro-state, and consistently anti-Semitic.”

Ben Domenech doesn’t know who the populists are, let alone what their ‘brand of conservatism’ is. What does “vaguely militarist” even mean? Did he get that from Jane Fonda, or where? And he wants to sit there and talk French politics? Yeah, he really has his finger on the pulse, doesn’t he?

Here are a couple of Domenech’s “xenophobic,anti-capitalist, vaguely militarist, pro-state , consistently anti-semitic” populists:

Yep, that’s Ben’s “white identity politics”, right there. Are Lynette and Rochelle “for freedom” or do you suppose maybe “white identity politics?” Maybe they just generally favor wifebeating and gassing the Jews, or all of the above traits Domenech ascribes to We The People.

Somewhere, on a golf course out there somewhere,Barack H. Obama is having a laughing fit.

Obama golf laughing

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August 22, 2015 6:05 am

That last vestige of the bourgeois is the racist card, which means we are winning

August 22, 2015 6:31 am

He’s 34, fergodsakes. Mission Control, we have a problem.

August 22, 2015 11:02 am

On deeper reading, Bob, I find it interesting that a young writer who claims the mantle of James Madison has so little care about what beats in the hearts of common men and women, about whom, Madison (and all those other guys) had an enormous amount of respect, and even formed a government…with them at its helm, in mind. His article seemed to be targeting a 400-level Political Science class at say, Rutgers.


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[…] coming Ben Domenech (he’s been on Gutfeld, as has Charlie Cooke, and Fox News Sunday lately) here. To these types, extremism in the defense of liberty is a […]