Our Children’s Keeper

To the stars!

I have been reading Mark Levin’s new work, Plunder and Deceit (for Kindle). This reaction is a cri du coeur, a cry from the heart, from a soul plunged almost into despair and teetering at the edge.

You know what grownups do? They take care of children. Biologically speaking, that is the most important role of grown people: To care for children.

The DNA demands it. It can only live so long. The cell can only divide so many times before it’s done. Each new fertilized zygote, each new life, each birth is a reset. Each new life is a new hope for the future. Each new life is a possible Picasso, Willie Mays, Einstein, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Ella Fitzgerald, Saint Francis, or Saint Francis Xavier.

The sum total of human knowledge demands grownups to teach children. Each known fact about the world, the universe, and the roles of people within it and in relation to each other, these facts and laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, language, harmonious human relationships together make up the sum total of all human knowledge. It can be learned from books. But books don’t read themselves any more than they write themselves, and people learn better from people than filtered through the medium of books.  Grownups must teach the young. They must learn too. Learning never stops until death. If it stops early, death follows.

God demands grownups to raise up children in righteousness. Even the godless have the same imperative based on the selfish gene theory. Go forth and multiply! Fill the earth with you and your descendants to the glory of God (or the gene). Grownups teach children to love God and their fellow humans. Teach them to husband the resources of the Earth: Animals, plants, oceans, forests, fields, mountains, glaciers, and the glories of space, an abundance of resources that when husbanded, conserved, taken care of, will last the lifetime of the human species. Teach them how to teach the children who follow them in turn, for hundreds, thousands, millions of years to come.

However we turn out down that road, the human imperative to care for children remains. Whether we stay one homogeneous species of multiple intensities of brown or fracture ourselves into genetically engineered races specialized for a million worlds and the zero-g environment of interstellar space, the children who follow us many generations from now will still be humans, people. They will still be subject to the same universal laws of gravity and human harmony.

That is what hope looks like.

Its alternative is fear.

What do we call a grownup who preys on children instead of caring for them?

What do we call one who kills children and uses their parts to perform experiments? Elizabeth Bathory? Gilles de Rais? Mengele?

What do we call Planned Parenthood?

What do we call one who spends everything he has in a drunken stupor, building up more debts than he and his children and their children can pay back in a hundred years?

A drunk, a debtor, a wastrel, spendthrift, bankrupt, loser?

What do we call a federal government that has accumulated $20T of on-the-books debt, and another $210T of off-the-books unfunded mandates that fall due within the next forty-five years? That will be $766,667 for every man, woman, and child now living, assuming our population doesn’t change. Of course that number will change but the magnitude won’t change much. What’s a few hundred thousand once you’re in the neighborhood of $800,000?

Per. Person. Owed by everybody. Even womens’ studies majors, third grade dropouts, banjo players, and prisoners.

What do we call a government that routinely lies to the voters so government insiders can score some kind of deal that makes them and their relatives rich? Who pays? You do. I do. We all do, if we aren’t part of the corrupt center of the action.

It’s a mafia. It’s a criminal gang. It preys on people, including those who fight back by trying to get into the action. It preys on corporations who fight back by trying to get into the action. When the mafia talks about action, they mean an action to which you do not want to be subject: Theft, a scam, drugs dealt, cops turned crooked, murder. Something along those lines.

albert nock the states criminality

What do we call a culture that abandons ten thousand years of cultural and social learning about how families work best, the roles that make men and women happiest within society without either becoming crushed by the pressure of conformity or killed in violence? That is ten thousand years of knowing how two people can be as free as possible without stepping on each other. Extend that to fifty people, a hundred, a thousand, a million, 300 million people in the US, all of whom can live lives of maximum freedom, without stepping on each others’ toes, if only they follow the simple, universal laws that allow it. These are the simple laws of harmonious human life known well to Americans before the progressive experiment was instituted to destroy American society from the family on up and replace it with a Marxian future perfect. Read the Communist Manifesto for details.

What do we call this project? Marxism, technically, but that is only technical. It isn’t a word we Americans feel in our gut like a kick from a steel toed boot. Russians, Czechs, Serbs feel that word. They get it. We don’t. We need a word we can understand.

What do we call those experimenters who used our traditions, our families, our bodies, minds, and souls for their insane and impossible schemes?

Unless things change quickly, we will call them “master.” And they will call us “slaves.” They will not only be the masters of the US, but of the whole world. Every nation will be enslaved. And freedom will die, except for the masters and their children, who are not as our children.

Our children will be slaves too. And the future will be a steel toed boot stepping on a human face, for a thousand years.

daniel webster 6000

Then sometime in hundreds of years, or thousands, the people will revolt and overthrow the slave masters. It is incredibly rare for these revolts to end in peace. In almost all cases they end in paroxysms of murder and destruction then the collapse of society to a dark age. It would be a dark age like Jacobin France, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, medieval Cumbria, or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Most likely murder and destruction will be their inheritance. Maybe in another five thousand years another civilization arises like America, built on freedom, using America as its model. May they be truer to it, at least for long enough so that mankind can jump off this little Earth and swarm out into the solar system and thence the stars.

That would be the next stage in the story of humanity, instead of yet another collapse, another ice age, another interregnum, another retrenchment. To fly off this planet to a vast gulf of nothingness where the challenges are infinite and the opportunities for humans to be better, truer to our better natures, are equally infinite and more compelling than any challenges we face today, which are primarily the evil of those who would rule all humanity.

We the people must win. We will win. That is the only choice worth choosing and the only result worth creating.

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August 14, 2015 2:46 pm

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

August 15, 2015 4:06 pm

Blessed be the truthspeakers.