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Death Becomes Her; Or How Planned Parenthood Sells Babies for #LifeElixir

The Planned Parenthood video that broke today could not have been more of a horror movie than “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” The Planned Parenthood video is authentic. It is almost too much for the mind to comprehend that human beings could be so callous. We, of course, know that babies are aborted and we should be ashamed of supporting a culture of death rather than life. The final indignity to that profoundly evil act is to remove organs and tissue and treat that baby as inhuman. It is this ability of man to think the impossible to do to other men that has continued under communism, socialism, progressivism. These Leftists, and that’s what they are, believe they’re enlightened, but that is an illusion. The horror of selling body parts from an aborted baby, who once had life and then deliberately killed…crosses the ethical and moral lines of any decent-minded individual. Eventually, we all die, and we can even make a choice about donating our own organs, but making sure we abort babies to keep a supply line going for fetal tissue and organs – that’s Dr. Joseph Mengele and Nazi Germany.

You may be given a slight reprieve but at what cost? Your humanity. There is no elixir of life, there is no fountain of youth, there is only the life you are living. I do not fear death, but so many are so terrified they would eat a baby if it promised them another day, and for all intents and purposes that is exactly what StemExpress is promising. If you will just buy their goods for your research you can save a life on the backs of aborted babies. Dr Mengele would be so excited by this advancement in his trials.

StemExpress is a five-year old privately held for-profit business located in Placerville, California that describes itself as “a multi-million dollar company that supplies human blood, tissue products, primary cells and other clinical specimens to biomedical researchers.” The company says it “offers the largest variety of raw material in the industry, as well as fresh, fixed and cryopreserved human primary cells.”

StemExpress calls itself as “…the only company of its kind to both procure tissues and isolate cells for researchers’ individual needs in its own labs. Our human tissue products range from fetal to adult and healthy to diseased, and we also collect bone marrow and leukapheresis for isolation.” StemExpress promises that by partnering with them “you’ll get the high quality samples you need so that you can focus on the research.”

I used the title Death Becomes Her because Goldie Hawn did a movie whereby she was dead but if she kept taking the elixir of life she was always young and beautiful and “alive.” It is this sickness of the soul that fears the inevitable which enables a society to kill babies. I do believe that is called irony killing in order to live. I can only hope that this time Planned Parenthood has gone too far; their greed knows no limits, and maybe, just maybe, the chips will be called in. A society that willfully commits genocide is an amoral one – when will Americans see the light?

Remember that euthanasia is the next step the Leftists are going for. It is not inconceivable to recognize the direction it will go – encouragement to kill grandma in order to harvest organs and tissues. The profoundly disabled fall into this snare as well. Think about it.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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