Greenies’ on life support: EPA declares fracking safe

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Tap water able to be set on fire. Earthquakes on natural fault lines. Contaminated drinking water.

These are things Josh Fox, Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, the Sierra Club, Matt Damon and a chorus of others too long to mention, say result from hydraulic fracking. You know, that innovative way to access natural gas way below the surface.

Films have been made about the “dangers” of fracking. One was up for a Sundance Film award but alas, lost.

Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson told us there is no proof hydraulic fracking harms the environment of is a danger to citizens.

However the greenies plodded on. They protested and chained themselves to fracking equipment. Many were arrested, but that’s what they wanted any how.

Now their visions for a “fossil free earth”  have been dashed and let’s hope their donations dry up. Several days ago the EPA released a report that has been five years coming on hydraulic fracturing. And the report tells us what Obama knew all along: fracking is not a threat to drinking water. For those who are ambitious you can read EPA’s full report here.

House Committee on Natural Resources Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) made this statement:

After five years of study, the EPA learned exactly what the states, industry and even some of the more competent bureaucrats in the Obama Administration have known for some time – hydraulic fracturing is not a threat to drinking water.  This report is damaging for the Administration and contradicts a predominant claim the White House has used to justify a federal fracturing rule.”

Ok greenies, you can hang up your protest signs and equipment and move on to another “cause.”

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