These “Stand Down” Orders Will Be The Death Of Us


Mayor baltimore

Citizens of the United States, at home or stationed abroad, are increasingly at risk of loss of life, property, freedom and mobility due to the actions of the Progressive Socialist Democrats those same citizens have elected to positions of leadership in recent years. At all levels- national, state and local, those agencies and organizations charged with protecting us have been hamstrung and handicapped by executive orders prohibiting them from not only doing their day-to-day jobs but from responding with effectiveness to threats and emergencies.

The President of the United States has ordered the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agencies to stand down from not only rigorous but ordinary, day-to-day enforcement of our immigration laws. Members of those agencies have complained publicly about the dangers inherent in this. And of course the willful, purposeful insertion of thousands of illegal weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels not only resulted in the famous case of the murder of BP agent Brian Terry, but hundreds of other cross-border and inside-the-US acts of violence and mayhem. Yes, as well as o-mission, there is also co-mission.

untitledbrian terry

In the Benghazi, Libya attack on our consulate in which four US patriot heroes died, though some have quarreled with the usage of the words “Stand Down”, ample testimony from those on the ground at the time has made it clear that at several levels, agencies were ordered not to go to the rescue. No specific person in the administration has been identified as having originated the decision to leave those at the consulate to their fate, and enough time has passed now that passions have cooled in many quarters over the issue, but us patriots have not forgotten, nor will we.

benghazi four

In the “race-related” disturbances arising from the Ferguson, MO incident and then taken advantage of by the anarchist element in New York and Baltimore, we saw first the Missouri officials hesitate and hedge and then the Mayors of both New York and Baltimore outright criticize the police and order them to restrain themselves from enforcing law and order, emboldening the outlaws and resulting in the deaths of NYPD officers and pillage and destruction and wanton assaults on the cops in Baltimore.


Is Ohio a ‘blue’ state? Lest we think the Socialists have a monopoly on the ‘stand down’ craze, here is a bit of PC nonsense from John Kasich, Republican governor of the Buckeye State:

“When there are large numbers of people who do not think the system works for them and in some ways works against them we have to respond to it,” he said.

“And so in Cleveland and across the state of Ohio, we’ve been very aggressive in terms of saying, ‘We hear you; we understand it. There are going to be a series of additional recommendations that’s going to respond to the fact that community understands the police, and police needs to understand community,’ ” he added.

Translated: The cops in Cleveland need to stand down. And the Department of Justice in Washington has plans to accommodate that sentiment.

This example of CA governor Jerry Brown defying the enforcement of federal immigration laws by his state’s agents is but one of many in the blue states where governors or state legislatures enamored with the call to Fundamentally Transform America have chosen to relegate civil order, sovereignty and the rule of law to the dustbin of history for gross political expediency.

untitledMS 13

One of the most detestable instances of “standing down” has been where rules of engagement on the battlefield in places like Iraq and Afghanistan have hamstrung our forces there to the point where their mission capability is severely curtailed. Much loss of life has occurred not only on the battlefield, but also in so-called “secure” areas where our soldiers have been ordered not to carry weapons on base or in buildings or compounds shared with foreign nationals, only to have foreign nationals turn on them and slaughter them and our allies.

More broadly, the decisions made to withdraw from the fray in the Global War On Terror, in terms of dedicated traditional military combat operations, has led to a resurgence of the persistent terror organizations and movements like Al Quaeda and the increasing strength and advance of new ones, like Isis in the Middle East and Boko Haram in Africa. When the enemy is handed a base of operations, gratis, he doesn’t stop to say” Thank you!”, he merely proceeds to use it to expand his conquests. He will get to you in due course.


Our protectors are standing down.
Shifting now from the actions and policies of the Princes who would lead us, we look to those who we had once trusted would represent us. When we talk about “standing down”, our Congress and our individual state legislatures, even our city councils have done their fair share of not holding leadership accountable and demanding that the fundamental freedoms and free enterprise and individual aspiration, which are the bedrocks of American society, be paramount. Partly out of fear of being called names and partly out of not being adequately informed as to what makes this country work, because of the corruption and perversion of the education regime, even those who seek our vote claiming to be patriots and conservatives have been guilty of “standing down” and letting the “politically correct” memes hold sway.

Boehner and McConnell

Our representatives are standing down.
And then of course we have the traditional institutions of America who also seem to have lost all reason for being in recent times. Many have been hounded and bullied into altering their charters and mission statements; others have just withered and folded as the older generations pass from the scene. From academia, to the Press, to the Church, to the professions, to the charitable, and fraternal and social organizations, many have scrapped their principles, their codes, even their conditions of membership in order to conform to “21st century realities and values”, whatever those might be. Dedication, devotion, tradition and purpose can be altered seemingly overnight if the zeitgeist insists, if the pop culture demands, if the talking heads decree, if the Facebook focuses or the Twitter trends. It can be quite disconcerting to stand back and survey the landscape of ruins our culture has in large part been reduced to.

boy scout surrender

Our institutions, the edifices of our culture and existence in many of life’s most enduring and fulfilling and meaningful pursuits, have apparently stood down.

Our last line of defense, then, is simply… Individually, in small groups, in budding “movements”. If our safety, as well as our liberty, are to be preserved, if what we once enjoyed as the strongest, most free and prosperous and generous nation on Earth is to survive, we must make it a point to first be true to ourselves and our traditional values and concepts and second to do whatever is within our power to do to preserve first the concept and then re-establish the reality of a constitutional sovereign republic, ordained and established by us and for us, in alignment with those values.


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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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May 31, 2015 7:30 am

Conjures up some interesting mental images, doesn’t it Bob? I can see me and my neighbor, barricaded in our house, with 1000 rounds rifle ammo, defending a marauding host of 200 angry rioters, hell bent on burning our house down. After we take town four or five and it is apparent that we are better marksmen then they are, they begin to tear up the neighborhood, cars, etc, and at that time the police have to rush in and accidentally kill another 10-20 rioters, and clearing the street…just so they can arrest me for violating those people’s civil right.