Round Table: Terrorists Try Texas


dogs_poker_round_table_2Sunday in Garland, Texas, two terrorists opened fire on security guards outside an event featuring a contest for the best pictorial depiction of the Muslim’s central historical figure Mohammed. The injured an unarmed guard, but were gunned down quickly by another guard armed only with a pistol.

What’s your take on it? What’s the important story? The Left-Media’s disdain for free speech and kneejerk impulse to blame everyone except the ones committing violence? Cool Texans with guns? Terrorism now encroaching on the homeland? Incompetent wanna-be jihadists? Open borders? Obama’s failure to meaningfully address this event (or anything, really)?

JadedByPolitics 2015-05-06 5:33am

I see they now say they have 77 fighters in 15 states and VA is one of them.  We of the Virginia band of brothers and sisters like to think and would be happy to prove that our gun shooters can take down the mentally challenged terrorists too!  Bring it!  on a side note God Bless Texas!

VassarBushmills 2015-05-06 5:37am

Anyone seeing a connection between the American public school system for upper middle class kids and terror recruitment in the US?

Lady Penguin 2015-05-06 5:49am

I don’t know about terror recruitment, but it’s pretty apparent that the public school system is breeding and supplying brainwashed future lefties – communists and fascists.

EastBayLarry 2015-05-06 7:33am

I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when I first heard this 🙂 Go Texas!

But there are a few things that don’t add up. 77 ‘fighters’ in 15 states? This doesn’t smell right. With our ‘open borders’ and some millions of Muslims in all 50 states that’s all they can come up with? Is that supposed to scare us or lull us?

As for the “Draw Mohammed” contest I have mixed feelings. Sure 1st Amendment no problem but this WAS an act of ‘free speech’ that would have a predictable result. That the results ended as well as it did was NOT predictable. Peoples lives were put at risk without their being asked.
On the other hand, what better way too draw these nut jobs out? Perhaps we can have a monthly contest. Just never in a ‘Gun Free” zone.

JadedByPolitics 2015-05-06 8:49am

It might have been this event that brought them out of the bush but make no mistake they had Aks they had bullet proof vests and they had the religious zealotry to use them. It is only because of the contest that they didn’t shoot up a mall or a walmart and multiple victims would have been sitting ducks. We are just lucky that they are so inbred they don’t think very well.

Pilgrim 2015-05-06 9:06am

Texas is most definitely not a soft target for nut job jihadists. Even someone like me who is not a native Texan can appreciate the spirit of Texans for independence. This spirit for nearly 180 years runs strong here even after attempts from outsiders to change it.


The flag at the first battle of the Texas revolution in Gonzalez expresses that sentiment. The words of General Sam Houston before the battle of San Jacinto does as well.

”We view ourselves on the eve of battle. We are nerved for the contest, and must conquer or perish. It is vain to look for present aid: none is at hand. We must now act or abandon all hope! Rally to the standard, and be no longer the scoff of mercenary tongues! Be men, be free men, that your children may bless their father’s name.”
— General Sam Houston
Addressing his troops before
the Battle of San Jacinto

streetwise 2015-05-06 9:18am

Texans upheld the supremacy of the constitutional rights of all citizens. Good.

Queen Hotchibobo 2015-05-06 9:23am

Better phrasing: Terrorists tried by TX. Found guilty. Executed quickly. Very quickly.

beaglescout 2015-05-06 9:25am

Jamaat ul-Fuqra is an Islamist para-military training organization with over 35 training camps in 17 US states. It isn’t an identified “terrorist” organization, but it’s an Islamist paramilitary organization funded by Pakistani Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani. Is this a distinction without a difference? Add it up yourself.

So are these ISIS camps, terrorist training camps, or are they simply Islamist paramilitary camps for the purpose of training Islamists to kidnap and murder Americans?

If they are the latter, somehow I am not reassured of their harmlessness. Certainly there is little difference between one group of Islamist fanatics bent on jihad terror and another. A high quality knife cuts just as well whether it says Sabatier or Henckel. It’s the same thing with various jihadist groups. They’re all into jihad, sharia, and universal conquest by Islam. Any of them would have murdered Daniel Pearl the same way. Any of them would have gladly participated in 9/11. Any of them would gladly have beheaded Egyptian Coptic Christians on the shores of Libya, or Catholics in Iraq, or Armenian Orthodox Christians in Turkey and Anatolia.

So, do we have specifically ISIS trainees here?

It doesn’t matter.

Queen Hotchibobo 2015-05-06 9:28am

I don’t think people’s lives were put at risk without their knowledge. Everyone there knew that they would be a target for jihadis. They were just unwilling to be intimidated. I’ll bet 90% of the participants were packing, so if the shooters had walked into the building without being killed by cops, they would have been shot by the cartoonists. We’re not French.

JadedByPolitics 2015-05-06 9:59am

Agreed Queenie, they say VA is on their list like a good NFL game we would like to show ourselves as stand up as Texans did 🙂

eburke 2015-05-06 10:01am

If we are forced to endure the effrontery of the burning of an American Flag, the crass and vulgar “artistry” of art exhibits such as “Piss Christ,” and the hateful, obnoxious rantings of the KKK and the Westboro Baptist Church, all under the guise of the “freedom to offend,” then there should be zero restrictions, legal or otherwise, in expressing oneself through actions which will cause offense to Islamic jihadists. The fact that those offended by the former are civilized enough to express their displeasure without decapitating those with whom they disagree, and the latter are too steeped in barbarism to engage in civilized dialogue, should have zero bearing on this discussion.

beaglescout 2015-05-06 10:20am

BTW, there appears to be some questions about ISIS claims that these two low-lives were in fact ISIS brand cockroaches.

Twitter says “yes.”

Queen Hotchibobo 2015-05-06 10:42am

There is a satirical group of queers in San Francisco who cross dress as nuns and each Easter for the last 30something years, they sponsor a Hunky Jesus Contest, where fags dress in loin cloths and compete for the title. No one has any right to say that drawing a cartoon of Muhammed is offensive as long as every single one of those “men” walk away from the contest with their heads still attached to their bodies.

Leftists who condemn Geller and other “provocative” acts are trying to establish a new set of rights based on whether or not offending you is dangerous. They are on the wrong side of the gun control debate to take that position. If they are required not to offend me lest I am too tempted to off them, we are going to have a whole new set of rules in Queensland.

Lady Penguin 2015-05-06 11:14am

Exactly, and while radical Islam terrorists (singular or multiple) are a threat – we readily can shoot back at them. It’s the leftist, fascist media who appear more of an enemy – and they’re not even using real bullets.

It’s the way they control the messaging and the constant drumbeat of encouraging discrimination against those of us who actually have a moral compass and seek to preserve some kind of a moral, civilized society. The mealy-mouthed and not so veiled disdain dripping from the sanctimonious MSM prigs really is far more upsetting than defending the homeland from terrorist threats.

The lefties are practicing a different kind of terrorism, but I’m sure #Memories Pizza and #Sweet Cakes might agree.

E Pluribus Unum 2015-05-06 11:27am

Right on, Brother eburke. The LeftMedia(tm) can’t cover this story without: one, making sure you know the meeting was provocative. It certainly was, but the MediaTards will never cop to gay couples seeking out Christian bakeries as ‘provocative’. and two, referring to Mohammed as the ‘Prophet’ Mohammed. You’ll notice in today’s topic how I referred to that guy. That’s as much as I’ll give him. But there’s absolutely NO justifiable reason our media should pee all over themselves cowtowing to a bunch of murderous savages.

ColdWarrior 2015-05-06 12:15pm

Brad Thor has started a Twitter hashtag #CartoonsAreNotTheProblem. Attaches a pic of the results of the Religion of Peace’s jihad.

E Pluribus Unum 2015-05-06 12:33pm

I’m intrigued by the calculations that go (and those that perhaps *should* go) into ISIS claiming “credit” for the comically failed terrorist act.

Their publicity / media arm is so often praised as very slick, very dialed in to what advances their cause. It’s credited with a surge in foreign recruits who want to be on the winning side.

I assume their intent, in jumping in for credit, is to convey a message to America that we’re not safe inside our own homeland. We should be very afraid, and shaking with fear in our beds at night.

Our media has (of course) obliged with breathless coverage.

But I think they (the savages) totally miss the Texas thing. They have no idea what that means culturally. Their two smelly wanna-be foot soldiers were just target practice for a single elderly local cowboy cop.

Yes, we should be alarmed that these savages can reach us at home. But they are stupid if they view this episode as having advanced their cause in the least. Their first try at Texas, they got stepped on like cockroaches. any potential recruits who live in the USA did not see ‘inevitable’ as a subtext of this incident. They saw ‘oh crap’.

Lady Penguin 2015-05-06 2:11pm

From the way the leftist MSM are going crazy trying to cover for the would-be Jihadists and blame Pamela Gellar, they seem like they’re almost disappointed that Americans didn’t end up dead. Far-fetched? No, because if innocent people had died then they would have been able to push their agenda of banning “hate” speech – which is code for dissent. That’s what Canada has…the PC leftists destroyed free speech in that country.

In the meantime, they’re distraught because they can’t pull it off. BTW, take a look on twitter @ChrisCuomo. I gave him:

.@justturnright @kaltkrieger Congratulations to @ChrisCuomo – You won the “Sanctimonious Prig” & Ignorance awards for the day. .

I’m going to start using #sanctimoniousprig hashtag when referring to anyone lefty in the media.

beaglescout 2015-05-06 2:34pm

not #SanctimoniousPig?

E Pluribus Unum 2015-05-06 2:37pm


Lady Penguin 2015-05-06 2:41pm

Well “pig” describes them too, but its their incredible superiority complex driven sneering voices, dripping with disdain towards us that really grates on me.

BobMontgomery 2015-05-06 3:46pm

it’s one thing to never underestimate your enemy, but on the other hand, if overestimation results in timidity which begets enemy action which stimulates further overestimation, then the self-fulfilling prophecy continues.
Pamela Gellar is not doing what she does merely to pass the time. And just as she has vowed to hold more ‘cartoon contests’, there should arise from the innards of our culture concerted, determined responses to these ISIS threats, whether serious or blather, in the vein of “We will kill you. All of you. “

Queen Hotchibobo 2015-05-06 3:56pm

I think TX has bought itself a reprieve here. These guys are deranged, but even deranged people have the capacity for a certain amount of risk analysis. Their first shot into TX (other than Ft. Hood, which was known to be disarmed – speaking of deranged) resulted in two dead Jihadi Johns and one minor wound on a security guard. Much less impressive than 9-11, wouldn’t you say?

Their thirst for revenge will be offset by their desire to send some other SOB to die for their prophet, and fewer SOBs willing to do so if there is a lower likelihood of vengeance.

If I were Geller, I’d stay in TX. The nuts may have recognized that the people there are dangerous. Sure more so than in Boston.

ColdWarrior 2015-05-06 4:12pm

A few years ago it was the burning of the Koran. Now it’s drawing a stick figure and writing “Mohammad” below it.

I have a burning desire to kill our enemies who want to kill us for burning their evil book. And I will not apologize for it. I am getting fed up with the lack of clarity on the “burning of the Koran” “controversy.”

If an individual decides to burn a copy of the Koran, he’s probably doing it for the same reason I might: because the Koran says that “good” Muslims are to KILL those who might burn the Koran. In that case, we’re going to have to fight these monsters some time. I say, let’s do it sooner rather than later. Look at Europe. England. France. Denmark. Austria. Do a little research. Muslims there are now demanding that those countries’ governments kowtow to their demands to have sharia “law” imposed. Go to hell.

I’m an American. If I want to burn a copy of the Declaration of Independence, no one will care. If I want to burn a copy of the Constitution, people will yawn. If I want to burn a copy of the Bible, no one will care. But, I’m told, by the “mainstream media,” by Gen. David Petraeus (an alumnus of mine), and by our pathetic man-child president, Teleprompter-Boy, that somehow I’m going to wreak havoc on the world if I burn a copy of the Koran.

Oh, and that, by doing so, I’m like a Nazi, too. Go. To. Hell.

TNJimK 2015-05-06 4:52pm

Like Larry I had mixed feelings on this subject when the story first broke Sunday night… for about 1 minute 30 seconds. Then I started remembering caricatures of political and religious figures that offended me, like “Piss Christ”, like the group in SF Queenie mentioned, like Westboro. I particularly remember critics of the crucifix in a jar of urine being told “It’s just art. Don’t attend if you’re offended”. If I recall correctly Christians were even being urged to consider its significance, whatever the creator and the museum thought that was.

I remembered the universities that were to show American Sniper only to decide against it when Muslim students protested saying it was offensive to them. One relented, another did not. Indeed when it was in theaters I remember Muslims demanding theaters not show it because it was offensive to them and they claimed it showed them in a bad light. In all of this I don’t recall a movie, art exhibit, rally by some self proclaimed political group, whatever being cancelled or shut down because it was offensive to Christians or showed them in a bad light.

I know what Pam Gellar’s public reasoning for holding the exhibit in Garland is. If there is some unspoken reason for it, to be provocative, incendiary, whatever I don’t know that nor does Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Gretchen Carlson, or anyone else who has accused Pam, either point blank or subtly, of that. At this point I don’t care. I’m not buying their attempts to label it as being the same thing as yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater. If Christians are supposed to endure blasphemy in the form of art, marches, caricatures, or exhibits under the guise of the first amendment without resorting to gunfire, then Muslims in this country need to learn to do the same. Hold a counter exhibit if you must, stage a protest outside the venue, the First allows that.

Just as it allows the exhibit in the first place. You’re free to protest it, write an op-ed, start your blog. You’re not free to shut it down by force, certainly not by killing those in attendance. The First is a two-way street. It’s certainly not meant to allow only one or two points of view while shutting down all others.

BTW, the Second is a means of enforcing the First, in just the manner we saw in Garland.

streetwise 2015-05-06 5:01pm

Let’s be clear, because the MSM is trying to have it both ways. The US is a SECULAR republic. Therefore, there is no place for laws that sanction blasphemy, heresy or any other offense against doctrines or beliefs upheld by a religious authority, any religious authority. That was the point behind the First Amendment, which was designed to break the sanctioning power of the established churches. It applies to mosques, synagogues, temples and the Church of Global Warming as well.

The state has a legitimate interest in minimizing the potential for confessional disputes involving communities. Before the PC age, this was done by statutes that sanctioned disturbing the peace. An event where controversial art or writings are on display for those who attend voluntarily does not fall into this category.

Public opinion, not the state, is the avenue for judging events that might be obnoxious but are legal. Pamela Geller may be an irresponsible publicity hound. (I tend to think so.) People are free to criticize her behavior, not attend her events and refuse to give her money. Fine. As long as she stays within the law, the laws protect her.

ColdWarrior 2015-05-06 5:21pm

I emailed Pamela Geller back in 2010 and she instantly “got” the potential power of The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy:

I have tried to get her and others who have sounding the alarm about the Moslem threat to recognize that lobbying the current crop of those-without-spines in the Congress to do more about the threat is a losing proposition and that the only way to “change” them is to change them out in the next primary. Ergo, get all of their members to become PCs to change the Republican Party from within and thereby eventually elect better, those-with-spines people into the Party officer slots and into the winners’ circle in the primary and then general elections.

Alert the populace about the threat, of course. Simultaneously, work to transform the Republican Party, the best first step in getting fighters elected.

Nessa 2015-05-06 10:38pm

Artists have fought and suffered for their freedom of speech throughout history. I hope these shows continue, hopefully I can enter and attend. Nobody died except the two Islamic idiots, security worked. Still, the two Islamic idiots were home-grown. I’ve said before, Osama bin Laden was irrelevant after 9-11. He had succeeded in passing on his dream of a califate, the idea had taken root in the minds of greedy, barbaric, power-hungry people across the Islamic world. There are multiple Somalis that our government brought here, fed with taxpayer funded food stamps, paid with taxpayer funded welfare, educated in taxpayer funded schools who repayed the taxpayers by flying off to fight with ISIS. I guess I should be happy they left to fight there rather than plotting to attack us here. Hell, why shouldn’t they want to fight on a winning side? Our corrupt, bloated government is afraid to even say the words “Islamic Terrorist.” ISIS follows a religion unchanged since the 7th century, they dispense judgement and punishment with 7th century methods, they rape and pillage with 7th century abandon. The only negotiations they’ll understand are unchanged from the 7th century as well. Kill them. Everywhere they are, kill them. If a black flag is flying bomb it, if someone shouts allahu akbar, shoot them. When a Somali comes back from Syria charge them with treason, give them a fair trial, then hang them. Fundamentalist Islam is a threat to western civilization and must be treated as such.

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Lady Penguin
May 7, 2015 4:44 am

Street, you nailed it with this:

“Let’s be clear, because the MSM is trying to have it both ways. The US is a SECULAR republic. Therefore, there is no place for laws that sanction blasphemy, heresy or any other offense against doctrines or beliefs upheld by a religious authority, any religious authority. That was the point behind the First Amendment, which was designed to break the sanctioning power of the established churches. It applies to mosques, synagogues, temples and the Church of Global Warming as well.”

May 15, 2015 10:07 pm

I think we should have these “draw muhammad” events in every state. Why not draw out and exterminate the extremists in a controlled setting? Those radicals would’ve prob struck an unprotected public place at some point.

I’m thinkin maybe a bucket challenge, dump a bucket of bacon grease on a muhammad photo or statue.