Round Table: Carly Fiona, Ben Carson Declare For President

Posted by on May 6, 2015 12:26 am
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cats_playing_poker_3The staff here at Unified Patriots thought it would be enjoyable — certainly for us, perhaps for you — to discuss and debate a topic of current interest to conservatives and the conservative movement. Please read, enjoy, comment, take sides.  We certainly do.

Today’s topic, introduced by E Pluribus UnumOn Monday, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson both declared themselves Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential election.  They were both expected to join what is becoming a crowded field. Should either be running? Does either have a chance of winning? How do they affect the overall race? What does each contribute? What are their strengths and weaknesses?  What do you think of them? 

JadedByPolitics 2015-05-05 6:06am

My opinion Ben Carson lovely, intelligent man, not a speaker in 30sec soundbytes and while everyone hates that is what we have become, it is what we have become.  Fiorina, wonderful pitbull to go after the dry vagina that is Hillary (is there anything else about her one can point to?) she takes from the Rubio/Bush field of donors.

VassarBushmills 2015-05-05 7:03am

What Carly brings to the campaign is her knowledge of busting bureaucracies. She needs to add the need for that insight to the mix for all the candidates to draw on. Dr Carson brings the deep reserve of wisdom and strength of character, a la Lincoln, for the Left will not go quietly into the night if a man he, or a few others, win. I pick only a few of the field that can carry the weight they may have to carry.

streetwise 2015-05-05 8:38am

Both individuals are talented patriots whose hearts are in a better place than any likely Democratic candidate. Not to mention the current occupant of the White House. However, it is doubtful that either one has the electoral pizzazz to make a successful run. We again face the risk of too many talented but unviable candidates sucking the oxygen out of the room, especially when it comes to the debates and campaign funding.

beaglescout 2015-05-05 8:46am

I want to see Carly as a veep candidate. She’ll be the Republican version of Harry Truman, only better qualified.

But that says we need someone who can be as popular as FDR, that SOB, to run at the head of the ticket. Who can possibly fit that bill?

E Pluribus Unum 2015-05-05 8:55am

Why some people get into the race when they have no realistic shot at winning – usually I think vanity gets the best of them. But sometimes they’re getting their name out there now, when 4 years from now is their real target. Or sometimes (and it may be the case with Carly) maybe they’re actually running for VP.

EastBayLarry 2015-05-05 9:08am

Both of these I would welcome IF there were not so many candidates already.
How diluted can the primaries get before a big money establishment candidate walks away with the nomination?

3/4 of the current roster of candidates should drop before the first debate, if they really want what’s best for the Country.

Queen Hotchibobo 2015-05-05 9:18am

No way would I want Carly as Veep. You know how Rs are. We choose the next in line and she’s nowhere near my top 2. Our Veep needs to be someone we want as our nominee for the #1 spot next, because you know that’s what’s going to happen.

beaglescout 2015-05-05 9:20am

courage obstaclesFirst, let us not operate from fear. Let’s fix our eyes, hearts, souls on the goal and see through every obstacle. Render by the force of our will every obstacle transparent, its strength revealed to our vision, its weakness doubly so. Republicans are in a target rich environment. We are surrounded by wickedness in every facet of life: The courts, the liar media, entertainment, most large companies, every bureaucracy filled with petty minded harridans and martinets, The government has become so non-functional it cannot do even the most basic things it is required to do, but it can still do plenty of perverse things it should not.

Carly Fiorina is a strong woman, an experienced leader, a brave advocate of fiscal sanity. She was unable to make headway in California. Honestly, I don’t think anyone other than a socialist of whatever flavor can win statewide office in California at this point. It’s probably a good sign that she couldn’t win, because she certainly had the resources and experience to be able to win, and in a past version of California she would have. But California is too far gone to single party ville. Can she make progress on the national scene? Let’s hope so. She is the antidote to the “Hillary’s got female parts” vote, and she’s not such a big stinking liar as Hillary.

So I’ll happily support her in whatever she wants to do. It doesn’t mean she’s at the top of my list, but my list isn’t settled at this point anyway. She’s a serious candidate just like Cruz, Rubio, Walker, Paul, and Carson. JEB, Christie, and Huckabee aren’t.


beaglescout 2015-05-05 9:24am

Ben Carson is a very interesting figure. His story is immensely appealing. Like Fiorina, he is not a seasoned politician. He speaks in complete sentences. He finishes his thoughts. He is still developing opinions and guidelines about questions that have been basics for those candidates who swim in the river of politics every day, and we get to see him occasionally blunder and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. But the sheer bravery of the man, refuting the programs of a popular (though divisive) standing president at the president’s own National Prayer Breakfast, testifies to his ability and will to cut to the quick of things. He also is immensely appealing to black and hispanic audiences, two groups that have not exactly been Republican strongholds for at least as long as I’ve been alive and probably another 30 years past that. Does anyone alive remember when Republicans got buckets and buckets of votes from blacks?

It’s been forever, politically speaking.

What am I saying? They’re both great candidates. I’d be happy with either. I know both will make mistakes, but hope they can play some part in whatever synthesizes out of the process, and look forward to what they can offer our nation in the future.

One more nice quote about courage. Let’s be the wolf for a change. Democrats can be the sheep.
Virgil – “It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be.”virgil wolf

Queen Hotchibobo 2015-05-05 9:26am

And neither one of them have any business even asking for our vote. The presidency is not a starting position. It’s no different than if I was a highly successful and intelligent professor of business and decided that I should be running a real business, but I don’t want to start small. I’m not going to run my local WalMart, I want to run GE. So I apply to be their CEO. No way would I get the job. And Carly should have run for Gov. of CA (or moved out of the land of fruits and nuts and run for office where an R has a chance) and Carson should have run for Gov. of Where Ever He’s From.

Show us what you can do before you ask for the #1 spot.

Pilgrim 2015-05-05 10:32am

History is definitely not on the side of either Carly or Ben. The last time a President was sworn in who was not a politician was 1953. Ike was not a politician but he was Supreme Allied Commander in Europe for WWII, and both political parties had courted him to run.

I can’t tell you that I know why they are running, but it does not upset me. As non-politicians they each have strengths that can help to sharpen the viable candidates ability to articulate a winning message. Carly is one of the best at speaking to reporters and on panels of political pundits without making gaffes. Ben has been the best at refuting the narrative that Republicans are going to put a hurt on all of the poor people, and he does it without pandering. These are my takeaways from their entries into the presidential field.

Queen Hotchibobo 2015-05-05 10:57am

I agree with that, Pilgrim. And I would really like to see them in elected office. I just hate losing good candidates in a race they can’t and shouldn’t win.

BobMontgomery 2015-05-05 3:06pm

I think this field of candidates, similar to the field in 2012, is talented enough to produce an excellent VP and a solid Cabinet of the traditional conservative bent that we need to actually go to work to give their replacements down the line less and less to do, if you get my drift. But I agree with the keen-nosed Beagle out there sniffing the wind for The Charismatic One who can bring it all together and seal the deal.

beaglescout 2015-05-05 4:02pm

Unfortunately for some of the most earnest Republicans out there, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul might be the most charismatic guys we have. Neither one is perfect. But either is a galaxy better than any Democrat or big government Republican.

JadedByPolitics 2015-05-05 4:08pm

She has a book out and we know how Newt ran to sell his, there is money in them there Presidential running hills!

BobMontgomery 2015-05-05 4:41pm

For me, charisma is going to the WW2 Memorial during the government “shutdown” and throwing aside the barricades that Obama’s park Service people put up and escorting 85-and-90-year-old vets in to accept the nation’s gratitude.

E Pluribus Unum 2015-05-05 4:47pm

I’m sure I should know, Bob, but which person did that (went to the barricades )?

BobMontgomery 2015-05-05 6:26pm

That would be Ted.

E Pluribus Unum 2015-05-05 7:50pm

Ted! EPU loves him some Ted!

Lady Penguin 2015-05-05 8:13pm

I’m going to go with the idea that there isn’t a perfect candidate, but a composite of the bunch would be good. The one thing I do believe about Ted Cruz is that nothing he does is without purpose or understanding, so I don’t believe he’d be a “sellout” as I definitely believe about several of the other candidates.

One response to Round Table: Carly Fiona, Ben Carson Declare For President

  1. Melody Warbington May 8th, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    I agree that Dr. Carson is an accomplished, nice man, Fiorina is a successful businesswoman, and both appear to be conservative. However, I’m with Queen H on this one. I simply don’t understand how conservatives who bemoan the fact that Obama lacked experience, specifically governing experience (though I understand that Carson & Fiorina actually have “work” experience), don’t seem to be all that concerned that Carson & Fiorina are in the same boat, especially Carson.

    In 2016 more than ever, we need someone who understands how government works, what can and can’t be done, how to get done the things that can and how to get around the things that can’t, all in a constitutional way of course. Maybe even know where a couple of bodies are buried or have a couple of photos in their files. I’m not sure I see Carson doing what needs to be done to turn things around.

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