Public School – It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore


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And so it begins. Or rather continues, only in a more brutally honest fashion, dropping all pretense that the future of child-rearing is with their parents. The proposal coming out of Buffalo, NY will not be the only one, and it will not die on the vine.

Buffalo’s chronically struggling school system is considering an idea gaining momentum in other cities: public boarding schools that put round-the-clock attention on students and away from such daunting problems as poverty, troubled homes and truancy.

The Statists who want your children started long ago serving them breakfast when they got to school because they claimed the children weren’t getting fed at home. Then they began to offer reduced price and free lunches.
Wasn’t long before they offered before-school and after-school child-care, supposedly for working parents to get around their busy schedules. And then we began to hear how the schools were stuffing the kids’ backpacks with food to take home for the weekend, and even opening up school cafeterias in the summer so kids could come in and eat.
Do you remember when we were in first grade and the teacher said we could wear our pajamas to school on special days and bring a blanket and a stuffed animal? We don’t remember that either, but it’s commonplace these days. As well as “Kids’ Night Out” at the local education joint where they can get their jammies on and watch movies and eat popcorn. et cetera. School is just such a …homelike place, dontchaknow? The conditioning process to get societal norms to the point where the public waves a fond farewell to their little ones has been long and multi-faceted. But it never stops

The curricula at public schools across the nation have, shall we say, “evolved” over the last forty-odd years to include propaganda lessons and assignments on everything from social justice, to environmentalism to, yes, ‘weather politics’. You know what we’re talking about.

And so the bright spot for parents is the kids won’t be coming home from school telling their parents how they’re racist, bigot, homophobes who are ‘hurting the Earth’ anymore. Because….the kids won’t be coming home from school. They will be staying at school. All night. Every night. Family time? You won’t see that promoted on the boob tube anymore, because families are sooooo yesterday. If the parents sign waivers promising to be good and not cause trouble, they might be invited to visit the kids as they put on a government-approved skit or something. But the children WILL be bunking down in the dorms and they WILL be prepped for whatever life it is the government envisions for them.

Did we mention that this grand vision is not for the spread of private boarding schools but public boarding schools? As the article linked to above points out, yes, you citizens will be footing the bill for all this. And the promoters in Buffalo make no bones about the fact that it isn’t going to be cheap. But here’s the thing – you just know this will be a rousing, roaring success. Because it will take kids out of poor, dysfunctional homes and away from the bad influences of judgementally-retarded parents (you know who you are, and before you know it you will be joined by the rest of the parent population whose kids have been placed in the Government Boarding School! Because, like, fair.) What could go wrong???

“We have teachers and union leaders telling us, ‘The problem is with the homes; these kids are in dysfunctional homes,'” said Buffalo school board member Carl Paladino.

Imagine that! Teachers in government schools which are failing are parroting their union bosses’ talking points that it’s not their fault that kids aren’t learning, it’s the parents’ fault!!!
Well, the solution is as obvious as the nose on your face, isn’t it?

He envisions a charter boarding school in Buffalo where students as young as first or second grade would be assured proper meals, uniforms, after-school tutoring and activities.

yucky lunch

That’s right – put government-issued uniforms on the little buggers, give them Meals, Ready to Eat and Throw Up, give them the same union-backed tutors that aren’t getting the job done now, or worse, and give them government- approved “activities” to keep them from trying to escape.

And when they finish elementary school? Secondary education is going to be all about education, and more.

“We are not hitting various measures set by the state or ourselves,” said Tanika Shedrick, a former charter school dean who is trying to open the state’s first public boarding high school in Buffalo. “Our students are leaving school not prepared for college.”

Her charter Buffalo Institute of Growth would supplement a college-style academic schedule with life skills and social activities that would keep students on campus seven days a week, with the goal of sending 100 percent of graduates to college or a vocational program.

Keep them on campus seven days a week. Their lives will be, shall we say, structured.

This will be a bi-partisan effort, as the push for Common Core was in setting curricula and standards for the nation’s schools. It will be touted as ‘voluntary’ or ‘state and locally-led initiatives’, but it will become the next big thing. Because it’s for the children, see?

While SEED’s Adler acknowledged the annual per-pupil cost is high in the short term, he said it pays off with successful, taxpaying citizens down the line.

But in the final analysis if, as per school board member Paladino cited above, the one who is so enthralled with what ‘union leaders’ tell him, if the problem is really with dysfunctional homes, wouldn’t it perhaps be worth taking a look at fixing the home, fixing the family? Because if enough kids get sent to the government camps instead of growing up at home, with their families, then we’re going to end up taking the words ‘home’ and ‘family’ out of the lexicon. Is that what we want? Is that what the future holds? Do we really want to abide The State taking the place of The Family? Think on it.

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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