“Nearly two-thirds of Iowa Republican insiders believe Cruz can win the caucuses”


That should have been the headline at Politico part of the state run media. Newsbusters Politico Completely Contradicts Itself was able to bag them on the missed story.

So when that “bipartisan” group is narrowed down to just Republicans (why consult Democrats on Republican primaries?), the real facts completely undermines the subtitle (and theme) of the article: “Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire don’t think the polarizing Texan can win.” Oh man, Hohmann, didn’t you even read your own article? It turns out that far from being unelectable in the early primary states, this is absolutely terrific news for Cruz. Before we get to the standout quote in this entire article, let us first sample some of the Politico standard fare Cruz bashing:

Yeah, a “bipartisan group” which means it also includes Democrats. No bias on their part? Perhaps not in a subsidized state in Politico’s opinion. Okay, we return now to the Cruz bashing which will be completely contradicted deep, deep into the story

The communist state run media will try to dissuade you in every possible way to ignore Cruz, don’t let them get away with it. I have not witnessed one Republican who has fought the political elite in the GOP, and taken on the leftist Democrats. He said he would, and he has kept his word. If we are to get America back on track as a good and decent country, then a man’s word must be his bond, and we must have a president we trust. The presidency of Barack Obama has shown us what happens when we don’t have a man with integrity and character in the White House…I don’t believe we will have the same problems if Senator Ted Cruz becomes president.

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy
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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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Lady Penguin
March 27, 2015 5:05 pm

I’m looking forward to Cruz taking the Lefties’ (and Establishment GOP’s) stupid arguments and remarks and beating them about the head with them. It will be some of the best entertainment watching the #MSM go crazy when they can’t get him on “gotcha questions.”

I believe he is an honorable man, a statesman first…politician is just a side part for him.

March 30, 2015 8:28 pm

Some on our side who like Ted are conscience-stricken because he was born in Canada. As you know, the grief people received who dared to bring up the subject of Obama’s birth ought to have squelched that conversation, but it’s out there.

Melody Warbington
April 1, 2015 2:15 am

Whatever else happens, having Cruz in the debates will force the other candidates to better their game. That alone will make them worth watching, and maybe people will learn a thing or two in the process.