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What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make …Senator Grassley?

Huma Abedin

Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State ended two years ago. Why did it take the prospect of her running for President for a cognizant (oxymoron?) Senator to get on a slightly higher horse than previously about the running of the State Department and the conduct and accountability of its employees during the time she played at being the nation’s Chief Diplomat?

The damage done to US interests in various theaters around the globe during Clinton’s stint at State is nigh incalculable. Between her and the Dear Leader, Barack the First, Next and One After That, our country’s stature, credibility and reliability as perceived by friend and foe alike, has been rent asunder. Clinton was no more qualified to be Secretary of State than the current boob who visits Foggy Bottom once in a while. But her modus operandi and her suspect affiliations and cohorts, especially one Huma Abedin, given the Islamic Jihadist threat around the globe, given the Abedin family’s documented as well as suspect history in re The Muslim Brotherhood, are what really damned her in the eyes of the observant American Patriot clan out here. Culminating, of course, in the Benghazi debacle.

While we understand and wholly support any effort to destroy Hillary and relegate her to the ash heap of history, and thus close out whatever remote possibility there remains of her assuming the presidency, we can’t help but wonder why Huma Abedin is suddenly piqueing their curiosity. Did they feel so sorry for her during the infamous Weinergate affair (Huma is Anthony Weiner’s wife) that they didn’t want to impose on her or her bosswoman Hillary? Were they as afraid of being labelled Islamophobes as they are being labelled racists and thus reluctant to perform their oversight roles and protect the nation’s vital interests and uphold the Constitution and the rule of law…. until the perps are safely out of office?

anthony weiner

It was bad enough that the EPA, the IRS and the Justice Department were allowed to run roughshod over the American landscape because the people we sent to Washington to represent us instead chose to represent non-confrontational appeasement. Now we are finding out about such things as “Special Government Employees” and the special accommodations they are afforded. And we thought it was just Hillary who was ….special.

Furthermore, Ms. Abedin and other State Department employees appear to have been improperly categorized as SGEs. The Department’s response dated November 14, 2014 states, “An individual may receive an SGE designation if he or she is joining the Department from the private sector or is coming from another government position.” However, in Ms. Abedin’s case, she neither came from the private sector nor came from another government position. She converted from a full-time employee to become an SGE, with seemingly little difference in her job description or responsibilities.

The Mainstream Media has of course been missing in action during all of this, instead regaling the public with the 21st Century version of the Kennedys’ ‘Camelot’ farce in the persons of Barack and Michelle and their band of Merry Prankster Fundamental Transformationist associates, in and out of government. It’s been a real Left Wing Dream. Lawless, yes. But Oh, So Historic! Instead of ferreting out the truth of what goes on behind closed State Department doors, and Chappequa Estate doors, they left it to the unconventional media to do the best they could with their limited budgets and resources.

Much was known, much was surmised, and most of it was summarily rejected by not only the establishment media and opinion leaders but also the Establishment Republican leadership. Recall how Louie Gohmert, Michelle Bachman and three other colleagues were kicked to the curb for daring to broach the subject of undue outside influence in sensitive US policymaking operations and institutions? Just no evidence of anything like that anywhere, we were told. Well, no wonder. All the evidence was hidden in Hilary’s bedroom in upstate New York. By the way, is this Cheryl Mills character we’re hearing more and more about lately, the Hillary confidante, is she the same one that got rid of the Whitewater records lo these two decades gone by now?

But again, does it really matter? Does it really matter Who’s On First in this devilish comedy the loyal opposition can’t seem to wrap its head around? As the WH spokesman so cheekily reminded us about some of these affairs in answer to a legitimate press question, “Dude! That was, like, two years ago or something!” Oh, yes. We’ve been dutifully getting over Clinton scandals for nearly a quarter century.

hillary what difference

So what does it really matter, Senator Grassley? You and your colleagues haven’t done anything about the Clinton scandals before. They are unscathed and famously NOT dead broke as Hillary claimed they were up until a few years ago. And likewise, the Obama machine keeps rolling along and the bodies keep piling up, from Brian Terry to Benghazi to Northern Iraq to Tunisia and all points in between. So in your never-ending quest to “get to the bottom of things’, you never do get to the bottom because, Mirabile Dictu! another election cycle comes along and you have to pause and remind your constituents you are fighting like hell to……get to the bottom of things.

What difference, at this point, does any of what you or your colleagues do or say make to the sorry state of the scheme of things? For in the end, it’s all just talk. So Jeb Bush gets to be President. Well isn’t that …..Progress. Maybe instead of just giving Hillary a paltry Liberty Medal like he did last year in Philadelphia, he’ll give her the actual Presidential Medal of Freedom. The families of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods will be thrilled.

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