We’ve all seen lately that Obama refuses to call a “spade a spade.” I’m referring to ISIS and their individual, mass and obviously targeted killings in the last weeks and months.

Obama has called ISIS “insurgents with guns.” He refused to call the shooting in the Jewish deli in Paris anything but a “random attack.”

He claimed he felt sorry for James Foley, the first journalist killed by ISIS last year, and his family left behind, but he couldn’t wait to get out on the golf course.

Now the latest infuriating non-comment by Obama: he refers to the 21 Copts brutally beheaded by ISIS as “Egyptian citizens” instead of “Christians.”

Even Face the Nations’ Bob Schieffer has apparently had enough. He questioned White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on this issue and says to McDonough:

Americans are killed by ISIS and the perception is we don’t care.

Of course McDonough claims otherwise.

Why Obama and his administration are taking this attitude is met with a thousand opinions. But it doesn’t matter why, it just matters that he is.

What came to mind after hearing and seeing Obama’s comments and reactions is a scene from The Third Man. One of Hollywood’s greatest films starring Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles.

Placed in post WWII Vienna, Orson Welles is a broker for diluted penicillin he sells on the black market, and fakes his own death to avoid the police. Joseph Cotten plays a friend of his, who discovers Welles is still alive and he confronts him in the famous ferris wheel scene:

Welles opens the door of their cage when they are at high point of the wheel and tells Cotten to “look down there. ” In referring to the people below who are just small dots, Welles continues and asks “would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stops moving? Forever?”

Indifference, uncaring, malignantly narcissistic.

Mr. President, it’s pretty clear you also consider ISIS’ victims merely as “dots that have stopped moving, forever.”

It’s way past time for Obama to emulate Egypt and Jordan and start bombing the hell out of ISIS.

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