Onward, Patriot Soldiers. A Nod to the “Me” Generation – by bobmontgomery


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We are at a crossroads in American history. The strife and turmoil, the raze and ruin in the body politic have left the American people demanding their government turn over a new leaf and let the people be free to once more chart their own destinies.
To be sure there are still those who think government has a significant role to play in our lives. But more and more, the people who see it that way want that government to be one closer to where they live, so that they and not a well-connected set of lobbying cliques will wield the power to influence it.
The historic Congressional elections of the past four years make the statement as emphatically as it could be made, opinion polls on any one individual issue or set of issues to the contrary notwithstanding, as manipulable and engineered as they many times are. So, too, the direction of State and Local governments. America longs to return to its free enterprise, liberty-loving roots.

And it will. The reason it will is that the “Me” generation is coming of age. It is pretty much grown up and this post-baby boom generation is at the helm and they are starting to take their responsibilities seriously. They are starting to reject a lot of the socialist pap they have been barraged with all through their formation because they now know, having lived some, that it is not “healthy for children and other living things” – if you know what I mean.
And thanks to the urging of a gaggle of American patriots to “drill, baby, drill!” the Me Generation has seen what a “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” attitude can engender – $2.00/gallon gas and the attendant benefits. And they needed that sign very badly.

Those of us Twilighters need to keep up the pressure, though. The kids are going to still need encouragement, for they still have the lingering, treehugging, Gaia-worshipping, ‘diversity uber alles’ thoughts in the back of their heads that the Globalists have been putting in there their whole lives.
And although it may be a tough sell, one of the…no, THE most important issue now to keep in front of them is national (and, yes,’global’) security. They have to be thoroughly disabused of the notion that the monstrous movement known as Islamic jihad, or “holy war” is meant to secure merely a caliphate consisting of a few thousand square miles of Middle East desert. No, kids, they want to conquer you. And they have “friends” living in your own country.
ISIS flag

This is why the 2016 federal election campaign is so important. That America has weathered and survived perhaps the most deleterious presidential administration in history, a derelict, corrupt and traitorous regime openly and explicitly dedicated to cutting this country “down to size” should cement, in many more hearts and minds than just we on the “over there on the right” side of things, our country’s incredible spirit and inherent goodness and worthy purpose. And that administration is the same one that would have us accept, even in the face of our “9/11” history and the spreading of Islamic terror activity, including the recent horrors in France and at the hands of the bloodsucking vermin known as al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS and the others, that it’s pretty much a relative thing, since all religions are guilty of atrocities from time to time.

“And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

That is a lie, that is a damned lie, and Barack Obama is a vile liar. This is the year 2015. Whatever may or may not have transpired a millennium ago, Western Civilization in the year 2015 is…civilized. There is no moral equivalency to what is going on, especially in the newly-formed “caliphate” controlled by ISIS’, and in the African regions cursed with the murdering scum known as Boko Haram.
If he, and what constitutes his adherents, are not repudiated, renounced and kicked to the curb, ever greater horrors and atrocities await the civilized world. It is up to you, the grandchildren of the Greatest Generation, to once again pick up the banner of freedom, democracy and decency that we, the derelict Baby Boomer generation have let fall by the wayside. You have grand alliances to forge to make the world safe for, not just democracy, but Christianity and all the other TRUE peaceful religions of the world.
Onward, Me Generation. You now know that it’s not just all about you. It’s about you and yours. It’s about us. Onward, newly minted patriots! Onward! And you have our permission to get on your “high horse.”

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.
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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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Lady Penguin
February 7, 2015 11:38 am

Great post, Bob. My husband and I felt our blood curdle when Obama made the statements he did at the National Prayer Breakfast. I don’t know why the people didn’t just get up and walk out in disgust. The Crusades were in response to the brutal taking of 2/3 of the then known Christian world by Islam. Jim Crow laws were never sourced from Jesus Christ in this country, in fact, the earliest abolitionists were Christians. P.S. Mr. Obama, America wasn’t even a “country” when the Crusades took place, so telling us to get off our “high horses” is an… Read more »


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Melody Warbington
February 9, 2015 1:49 am

Bob, did you catch Darrell Waltrip’s speech at the prayer breakfast? It’s worth 28 minutes to watch, but especially take note at the 17 -19 minute mark. Like penguin, I wondered why people didn’t just leave, but I’m glad they stayed to hear Mr. Waltrip. He turned Obama’s insulting phrase on its ear by humbly admonishing us all to do what Christians should and so clearly demonstrated why there is no comparison beween Christianity and Islam.

“I got down off my high horse. I got down on my knees.”