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Obama’s war on Alaska oil endangers an engineering marvel—by LadyImpactOhio

On January 27, 2015, Obama signed another one of his land-grab orders: putting more areas of Alaska off limits to oil and natural gas drilling. But the scarier part is he also revoked areas which have already been approved for drilling where several oil companies, including Shell and Conoco-Phillips, have already set up shop for drilling. Order excerpted below:

Under the authority granted to me in section 12(a) of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, 43 U.S.C. 1341(a), I hereby withdraw from disposition by leasing for a time period without specific expiration (1) the areas of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) currently designated by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management as leasing deferral areas within the Chukchi Sea Planning Area and the Beaufort Sea Planning Area in the 5-year oil and gas leasing program for 2012-2017; and (2) the Hanna Shoal region of the Chukchi Sea Planning Area lying within the contours of the 40-meter isobath.

The map below shows the areas of Alaska’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Obama has now revoked or newly placed off limits. According to him, permanently.

Alaska areas no drilling

This does not include the land areas he has also put off limits. According to his order, the earliest year a company could apply for a lease in these Alaska areas is 2020, (click to enlarge) in the Beaufort Sea, where Shell has already set up shop but of course has been plagued by unending regulations that delay their drilling. This information can all be found on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (BOEM) website.

OCS 2017-2022 lease schedule

With a good part of Alaska’s drilling area now off limits, this has the potential of starving one of our great engineering marvels, the Alaska pipeline. The greenies not only hate oil and gas, but the pipeline as well, claiming it endangers land and kills animals. Not true. I visited Alaska in 2005 and the pictures below are mine, taken with my own camera, of the pipeline and it’s safeguards.

Alaska pipeline visitors
Alaska pipeline visitors, by Carol Greenberg, Sept, 2005


Also one can see the warning signs clearly displayed:

Alaska pipeline no tresspassing
Alaska pipeline safeguards, by Carol Greenberg, Sept, 2005


As one can clearly see, and I’m sure very few of the Greenies have ever seen the pipeline and just jumped on the anti-oil bandwagon, it was built high enough to allow even the tallest animals, including moose, to be able to safely walk under it. The areas of the pipeline which go underground are surrounded by fences.

But dumping Alaskan oil isn’t the only goal of the Greenies. You see, law states that if a pipeline ceases to carry oil, etc. any more; it must be dismantled. So here we have the ultimate wet-dream of the Greenies. Tearing down an engineering marvel which took years to build because they claim the pipeline itself “endangers” the environment.

House Committee on Natural Resources Chairman Rob Bishop (UT-01) issued the following statement in response to the Obama Administration’s Draft Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Leasing Program 2017-2022:

“The Obama Administration has dashed America’s offshore energy hopes once again by locking up vast swaths of taxpayer-owned resources for exploration. Instead of exploring America’s energy potential, the Administration would rather leave these assets untapped, cutting off investment and limiting possibilities for job creation.”

U.S. Representative Don Young (AK-at large) commented:

“With today’s announcement, the Obama Administration’s assault on Alaska moves from blocking development opportunities on our lands to those off our shores. In defiance of Alaska’s statewide elected officials and our legislature, the President has once again thumbed his nose at the Alaskan people as he opens another front in his ongoing war against our state. It’s becoming undeniably clear that this Administration does not view Alaska as a sovereign state, but rather an eco-theme park for the most extreme environmentalist allies of the President and his party.”

For those of you who watched the State of the Union address last week, Obama himself, naturally, took credit for our reduced gasoline prices. In reality it’s the falling price of OPEC oil and the increase of drilling on U.S. private lands which has helped the consumer.

Sooner or later OPEC will stop fighting with each other, and the price of a barrel of foreign oil will increase because more of our public lands are off limits to drilling.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Just another example of why the U.S. can’t enjoy the economic freedom it once had. This assault on property and the corruption from the DOJ being more politicized than ever will simply keep the U.S. down.

  1. Thank you for posting this. Just another example of why the U.S. can’t enjoy the economic freedom it once had. This assault on property and the corruption from the DOJ being more politicized than ever will simply keep the U.S. down.

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