A Winner For The GOP On An Agency All Americans Hate – IRS by JadedbyPolitics


There isn’t a legal American today that doesn’t have a special dislike for the enforcement arm of the Federal Government. The IRS is hated for their arrogance, nastiness and their unequal application of the laws that are written for all Americans. They stop conservative organizations from getting tax exemptions while letting leftists sail through. I personally don’t believe in tax exemptions for any organizations, not even religious or charitable. I believe that Americans will give to those they feel speak to their generosity without looking at the tax deduction they may get. I know I do. Be that as it may, the ability to put some in jail for not paying taxes while allowing Al Sharpton to abscond freely owing 4.5M dollars is the most egregious example of unequal application of the laws. Now comes the whining from the IRS because the Republican Congress has taken away 320+M dollars away from them. They are even refusing calls from the elderly as part of their intimidation of Americans as they move to prove they deserve their 320+M back to help do their jobs.

The IRS does not answer the phone at local offices and has even removed the option it once provided for taxpayers, including the elderly and disabled, to leave a message,” according to the report.

“If you are disabled or elderly and require special accommodations for service, please email us at…,” the Taxpayer Advocate had to state.

“Demographic research data show only 57 percent of adults over age 65 use the Internet compared with 87 percent of all adults. According to 2010 Census data, only 41 percent of those with a non-severe disability use the Internet and only 22 percent of those with a severe disability age 65 and older use the Internet. For those without Internet access, the only viable ways to reach the IRS are by phone, or in person,” the report stated.

Federal Workers owe 1.3B dollars in past due taxes – let the IRS collect from the monies from them to cover the shortfall. Which brings me to the best idea the Republican Party will ever hit upon to make all tax-paying Americans, and that now includes you Obamacare enrollees, happy. Make the IRS’s budget accrue from all collected revenues. That should work out to 1.25% of one trillion dollars. The IRS budget is 12.5B dollars for 2015.

If the IRS were made to work, I mean treat everyone equally in order to ensure their budget was funded, we wouldn’t have Al Sharpton running around. We wouldn’t have ILLEGALS getting 3B+ back in EIC (Earned Income Credits) of which they aren’t entitled and steal from your families pockets. If the IRS were actually made to work for their supper then perhaps, just maybe, they might be a little more attentive to those who don’t pay their taxes.

Personally, I would like a FairTax or a FlatTax instituted and eradicate all but a small office of the IRS. It believe would set America on a better course for the new century. I also know that Washington DC does nothing quickly so I will be dead before either of those occur. If you are campaigning to bring Americans back to the political table, the idea of massively overhauling the tax codes (and the IRS) is a good place to start.

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January 16, 2015 7:21 pm

But Jaded, the IRS is doing the establishment GOP a public service with it’s anti-conservative, illegal and unconstitutional campaign. The Boehner people probably feel real bad about the collateral damage being done to the citizenry that you describe here, but the rightwing extremists must be put in their place, according to the Boehner people. In ordinary times, all possible leads to the White House might have been investigated, but these are not ordinary times. The tea partiers and patriots were just getting too big for their britches, and the IRS doing their slowdowns is just a small price to pay… Read more »