Coming Soon: “Obamaschool!”


CCC poster

Free! Free!
Quality affordable community college! Wait. Where have we heard ‘quality,affordable’ before? Well, now he didn’t actually say ‘quality’, but keep the tape in your archives anyway, because he did say ‘free’.

WASHINGTON — President Obama will propose two years of free community college for American workers Friday, part of what the White House says is an effort to make community college as universal as high school is today.

For those of you who thought Obama was a lame duck, think again. And for those of you who think Obama’s “proposal” will be DOA in our newly elected Republican Congress, think again, AND THEN THINK AGAIN.

The merits of universal community college will be described in glowing terms, and the Gruberites (see Jonathan Gruber of Affordable Care Act fame) will be trotted out to push the plan (read “lie to the American people”, the ‘stupid’ American people.) And for those of you who think Obama just dreamed up this scheme on his recent golfing vacation to Hawaii, ummm…NO! Just like Universal health care, this thing has been in the works in the bowels of the Progressive think tanks and underground laboratories for some time. And the ultimate goal of it, just like the goal of the ACA was not to insure the uninsured or deliver “quality” health care but to make the American people grovel before their government for their health care needs, this little ‘educate the uneducated American worker’ scheme is not about education.

“Put simply, what I’d like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for anybody who’s willing to work for it,” he said aboard Air Force One amid a three-state tour to preview his State of the Union Address. “It’s something we can accomplish, and it’s something that will train our workforce so that we can compete with anyone in the world.”

Ummm, what kind of work would the government of the United States want people to do in order to get two free years at a community college? Part time? Full time? Volunteer work? (As in volunteering for the Obama For America foundation?)


Train our workforce. No, that’s not the first time we have heard that phrase and it doesn’t come from just one side of the aisle, it comes from both sides. Which is why it WILL get traction in the new Congress. For some reason, “the American dream” has been corrupted by the political establishment, and not just the much abused liberal wing of the establishment, into some kind of nightmare of being a part of somebody’s “workforce.” Whose workforce? Well, apparently Obama’s, and the Chamber of Commerce’s and the Democrat and Republican parties’ “workforce”.

Anyway, sit back and digest all this and think about it, and while you’re thinking, think about the….Fundamental Transformation. You know what we’re talking about. And heed these words from one of Obama’s Gruberites pushing for this thing. Only she’s not lying when she says she expects the ‘conversation’ to start tomorrow, so expect McConnell and Boehner to get right on it:

But Cecilia Munoz, Obama’s domestic policy adviser, said Obama’s pre-K proposal spurred state and local governments to increase the number and quality of preschool offerings, and hopes the college proposal will do the same. “We don’t expect the country to be transformed overnight, but we do expect the conversation to begin tomorrow,” she said.

If you think there is anything ‘lame’ about this administration, think again. What is ‘lame’ is the opposition to this administration. Watch the conversation over the next several months. Boehner and McConnell have already said they’ll work with the administration where they can …….and they can….and they will. Why, who could be against community colleges to educate the uneducated???!!!

See, health care was reformed, as the Republicans agreed it had to be. Immigration is about to be reformed, as the Republicans agree it has to be. And education is in the process of being reformed, as the Republicans agree it has to be (See “No Child Left Behind” and “Common Core”). The only thing left to be reformed is who the American people “work for”. And Obama and his useful idiots are on that like dogs on a bone.

Probably all that is left to be finalized is the name for the new program. As we suggest in the title, it could be called “Obamaschool”. Or it could resurrect a blast from the past and be called the CCC (from the Roosevelt years) for the “Community College Corps”. Probably some old posters in the National Archives could be dragged out and pressed into service. Or the name and promotional campaign could be some play on the good old WPA. See, this is what ‘Progress’ looks like.
WPA poster

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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