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Hey, kids, what’s up? So now that Boehner and the Repubucrats aren’t going to repeal Obamacare, indeed are going to fully fund it, what’s next on the horizon in the increasingly quick march to socialist utopia?

Well, since the Dear Leader told us that the path to single-payer health insurance would take some time, probably about fifteen years, and that was about 2007, you might think we wouldn’t have to worry about that for a couple of more election cycles, but……..PAY ATTENTION.

Nearly 20 percent of U.S. consumers with credit records – 42.9 million people – have unpaid medical debts, according to a new report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

That’ right. Almost 43 million have unpaid medical bills, (Wait a minute. Where have we heard that 40-some million figure before? That’s right. That’s the number that were supposedly uninsured before Obamacare came along and saved them.) And why are unpaid medical bills a problem? Bad credit reports! Can’t buy a house, can’t get a loan, can’t go to college, can’t _____ (fill in the blank) if you have a bad credit report. OH, the social injustice of it all!

And why do so many have unpaid medical bills? Because THERE’S JUST TOO DARNED MANY PAYERS. THAT’S WHY!

The report by the federal regulator indicates that much of this trouble could be avoided. About half of consumers who only carry medical debt have no other signs of being under financial distress. But complaints to the CFPB indicate that consumers are routinely baffled by medical bills. Unwieldy insurance and hospital statements leave them uncertain as to how much money they owe, the deadline for payment, and which organization should be paid.

Lordy, lordy! Isn’t this just a mess? Why it’s a ball of confusion and so unfair. So unfair. What to do? What ever can we do? How to keep the consumer from being so hopelessly, haplessly and perpetually confused and thus unable to buy a house? Well, a clue to the solution can be found in the handy re-statement of the horrors – ” routinely baffled by medical bills. Unwieldy insurance and hospital statements leave them uncertain as to how much money they owe, the deadline for payment, and which organization should be paid.”
Which organization should be paid? Hey, kids, how about not paying anybody? How about just letting the government pay? Wouldn’t that solve each and every one of the “problems” presented above? Why, this is such a no-brainer that the Repubucrats, who got over their fear of Obamacare real fast, will accept this latest premise with lightning speed. In fact look for them to cite the CFPB report (gosh wasn’t it so providential that this agency was created to be there for us at critical moments like this?) as a prime factor in their solemn duty to reach across the aisle and save 43 million Americans from the confusion and shame of a bad credit report, enabling them to pursue the American dream of having a mortgage and a new car and a $200,000 college loan debt and just let dear old Uncle Sam pay for all medical care in the good old USofA.

Single payer. All they have to come up with now is a catchy name like they did for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and pass it so we can find out what’s in it. Or maybe ‘single payer’ will suffice. Because the article linked to above wasn’t just a one-off. It’s all over the business pages of newspapers all over the country and web sites hither and yon what a severe problem this is, and how it’s got to be simplified or we’re all gonna die unfairly with bad credit reports on our tombstones, or something. Google ‘unpaid medical bills’ or ’43 million Americans’ or any other related handy search term.

It’s on like Donkey Kong, as the kids like to say. Single Payer. By any other name it’s what’s for breakfast and the kids will lap it up. The Repubucrats will be hooked by the ‘unfairness of people being saddled with bad credit reports because they don’t pay their medical bills through no fault of their own’ angle just like they were with the ‘pre-existing conditions’ angle in the unserious ‘Health Care Reform’ debate. And Barack’s “I have a dream” that in fifteen years we’ll get to the promised land of National Health Care will be realized, oh, about five years ahead of schedule.

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