The Democrats Lost – Why?

The face of the Democrat Party
Debbie Wasserman Schultz – The Public Face of the Democrat Party

Yeah, I know, the photo above is a cheap shot at the Titular Head of the DNC (because it looks just like her).  In my defense, I was looking for an image of Debbie Wasserman Schultz that would visualize the range of emotions she was feeling the day after last week’s election results were released.  Was it a bad day for the Nation?  No.  But it was a very bad day for the Democrat Party.  

Not only did they lose, but they lost – BIG  


You may be asking the question which I did last Wednesday morning, “So how big did the Democrats lose on Tuesday?”  Don’t ask this question aloud as it’s akin to asking an obviously pregnant woman, “Hey, how pregnant are you?”  

Two likely answers can be provided at this point from the woman (and yes, I’ve heard both so I learned NOT to ask the question any longer), “Buddy if you are pregnant, you ARE pregnant, regardless of ‘how pregnant’ you are.  There’s no such thing as being ‘almost pregnant’.”

Or, the even worse response follows,  “Honey, I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat.”   (I heard this response about 14 years ago when my four-year old son asked the lady behind us at the check-out line, “When are you going to have your baby?”.  Luckily the woman was laughing after she told him that she was ‘just fat’.  Then we shuffled our son out of the cashier line of the local Publix super market and signed him up for ‘Education Camp’ for the summer.)  


Well, I found the map which follows on the National Journal website under the title of “This Is What A Republican Takeover Looks Like”.  

It is a map of the United States with RED indicating House Seats held, or won, by Republicans for the 114th House of Representatives.  The BLUE areas, of course, are those held, or won, by Democrats which will make up next year’s House of Representatives.   




Okay, a couple of housekeeping items from the above:

  1. Keep in mind that I wrote about the seats “Democrats lost”, and that,
  2. I never said that Republicans won the ‘lost’ seats

There is a huge distinction to be made here between voting FOR someone, and AGAINST someone.  Fox News conducted an Exit Poll on the day of the election and asked a series of questions, one of which was this, “Do you feel the country is on the right or wrong track?”  

The answer, in percentages, to this question follow…


65% of all respondents said that the country is on the ‘Wrong Track’.  

Folks, if you told people that the airliner they were about to board has a 65% of crashing with a large amounts of fire, screaming, and large piles of twisted and broken metal prior to getting to its ultimate destination, there’s an EXCELLENT chance that ‘quite a few’ people would be heading back to the terminal with their bags to wait for another (i.e.:  less doomed) flight.  

However, given the same scenario outlined above, apparently slightly less than a third of the seats on the ‘Greater-than-50%-of-Aircraft-crashing-travelers’ WOULD have people sitting in them sipping on their free Coca Cola and reading the latest ‘Air Mall’ Catalog.  Upon reflection, illustrates very nicely the mindset of the 30+% of the population which is your traditional Progressive Democrat Voter…   


They don’t care what’s happening to THEM as long as they feel other people are being punished for something – Nana nana boo boo, so there…

The lesson which needs to be learned is that while the Republican Party had their ‘wave election’ (mostly as a result of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid’s ‘undertow’ on Democrats), the American People didn’t so much vote for Republicans, they, in most cases, they voted against the “Party In Power” in an attempt to decrease the chances of our USA airliner slamming head-first into the Earth at 622 MPH.  Voters voted to slow our Nation’s rate of descent and now it’s up to the Republican Party to figure out where the air brakes are.  

But here’s the thing…

I didn’t vote merely for a slowing of our descent, I voted for a NEW flight plan, and God help us (and the GOP in 2016) if the Republicans don’t have one stashed away in their back pocket just like President Obama had his Health Care Plan (all 20+ Thousand Pages of it)  within a year after his election.


In short, the 2014 Election Campaign for the Republican Party was like the Seinfeld episode pitching George and Jerry’s TV show about ‘Nothing’.  Republicans, for the most part, kept their mouths shut and let the Democrats flail about with the War on Women, Birth Control, and How Great the Economy Is.  Yeah, good luck with those winning strategies, Dems…  


Boehnor and McConnell had better come up with some pro-active strategies other than merely opposing Obama.  Yes, we need a firewall to slow the decline of American greatness, but we also need new ideas in Washington to once and for all end the Great Recession of 2007/2008.  We need leadership we can believe in.


We’ll see if we have it soon enough.  



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