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UP Poll: GOP 40% Clinton 60%

Today I pulled one of my all time favorite assignments for I got to visit my favorite watering hole in SoCal. It’s where my political blogging career all started. I was backstage when I hear a familiar voice coming from the bathroom. “I’m pleading with you,” Boy was I surprised when I opened the door! It was none other than Slick Willie Clinton and Monica Lewinski! Luckily he was just practicing his lies..I mean ‘lines’

“I’m pleading with you,” Clinton said during his speech in which he argued that recent gains in women’s-rights could be wiped out by an apathetic electorate. That’s right HE. Bill Cinton talking about ‘women’s rights’? How could that be? It ‘be’ because it turns out Bill Clinton’s approval ratings are through the roof.

Clinton (Bill Clinton) was at Orange County’s infamous Shark Club to help out struggling California democrats and visit his main squeeze. “It’s your life, your reputation and your future and you can’t let someone come along and ruin it all, so you have to go out and vote!!” an animated Clinton exhorted the crowd of scantily-clad twenty-somethings which whooped and hollered in response.

clinton stump

Clinton (Bill Clinton) was joined on the stage by Monica Lewinski and 10 American flags as a backdrop in front of a deep-blue dress…I mean, curtain.

College student Kevin Espiritu, 21, said the rally provided his first opportunity to see a U.S. president in the flesh.

“I’m pretty stoked,” he said during an intermission in the rally before Clinton (Bill Clinton) spoke. “I’m sure Monica has seen him in the flesh plenty and it’s a big thing for her, but it’s really big for me,” he said, adding he is planning to vote for Clinton in 2016…which Clinton he didn’t say.

Clinton (Bill Clinton) is increasingly popular in the years since he left the White House and has been crisscrossing America’s, as well as Monica’s, bountiful landscape trying to inspire his libido and Democrats to cast ballots in the midterm elections.

It also looks like he’s getting a head-start on the 2016 presidential campaign and we all know who he’s endorsing, himself! I believe that if the election were held today, Clinton (Bill Clinton) would win it in a landslide.

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