Oh? So All Of A Sudden “Health” Is Not The Purview Of The Feds?


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Public health is the purview of the states
USA Today

Mirabile dictu! The Gannett News Empire double-checked the Constitution just in the nick of time to find Obama and those who propped him up guiltless! No federal responsibility for Health! “We are shocked! Shocked!” they say “to hear that people assumed the federal government had any role to play in matters of Health! Why, it’s just anti-constitutional!”

Let’s see, we have the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, gerrymandered through Congress with absolutely zero understanding by it’s members, or the public, or the legislatures of the several states, or the collective health and health insurance industries or medical professionals, administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, and enforced by the Internal Revenue Service. We have the United States Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with the Department of Education, dictating what local school districts will feed students for breakfast, lunch and after school (as well as teaming up with their crony capitalist allies like Bill Gates, Al Gore and George Soros to dictate the content of those students’ education in addition to the content of their stomachs. Will Gannett weigh in on the constitutionality question and blame assignment when that enterprise ends in chaos, confusion and misery as well?)

If public health is not the purview of the FEDS, then we want our money back. We have the Centers for Disease Control, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, the National Institute of Health. The budget for the Department of Health and Human Services alone is 900 BILLION DOLLARS. The Centers for Disease Control alone employs 15,000 people.. And their mission? From their very own website:

CDC Fast Facts

Founded in 1946, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, more than 15,000 employees in nearly 170 occupations Field staff, assigned to all 50 states, and more than 50 countries.
CDC is our nation’s health protection agency, and our scientists and disease detectives work around
the world to track diseases, research outbreaks, and respond to emergencies of all kinds. CDC works with partners around the country and world to:

Prepare the US to respond to emergency health threats Investigate deadly disease outbreaks around the world Stop disease outbreaks before they spread Detect harmful germs rapidly in the US food supply Strengthen the quality, response and effectiveness of America’s laboratories Provide critical data that saves lives and protects people Put proven prevention strategies to work Provide life-saving vaccines

But because the incompetent President of the United States and his feckless, corrupt administration either cannot or will not protect the American public from a foreign threat – Ebola – we are now to be informed that:

Public health is the purview of the states, and as the nation anticipates more Ebola cases, some experts say the way the United States handles public health is not up to the challenge.

“One of the things we have to understand is the federal, state and local public health relationships,” says Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. “Public health is inherently a state issue. The state really is in charge of public health at the state and local level. It’s a constitutional issue. The CDC can’t just walk in on these cases. They have to be invited in.”

So hahahahaha! you, individual John Q. Citizen, can’t keep your doctor like they said you could and hahahahaha! you, the public at large, must suck it up because the CDC can’t just walk in and stop an epidemic? Isn’t life just a dream here on the Animal Farm these days?

B-b-b-but what happened to the “Welfare Clause”, “Supremacy “, “Interstate Commerce Clause”, “Law of the Land”, “Commander-in-chief”, “Leader of the Free World” “Sworn duty to protect the American people” and all the other pithy platitudes the Progressives trot out to ‘constitutionally’ justify their every statist desire? Now, because they’ve staffed the United States Government with a bunch of incompetent, self-obsessed, developmentally-arrested nincompoops, they’re trying to pawn the blame off on the States for any mishandling of the Ebola crisis.

Oh, the States deserve blame all right. Not from the Progressives, but they deserve it from their own residents who have lost life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness as their State Governments have become so beholden to the Feds in all matters, large and small, commerce and custom, life and death, health, education and welfare, rights both alienable and unalienable, that they really are almost as incompetent as the Feds now. They depended on the Feds not only for revenue streams but to tell them how they should act in all the aforementioned matters. Sovereign states? Oh, they’re Sovereign, all right. They’re about as sovereign as the United States itself, which cannot even control what comes through it’s borders – animal, vegetable, mineral or deadly disease.

The world is owed another “apology tour.” Only this time not from the Dishonorable Barack Hussein Obama, but from the (hopefully) next President of the United States of America who will take his or her oath seriously and will promise the world, friend and foe, democracy and dictatorship alike, that he or she will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the United States America and do everything in his or her power to keep it a powerful, sovereign state, capable not only of serving it’s citizens but of helping other sovereign states help their own people.

And it would also be quite appropriate in the immediate future to hear something in the way of apologies from a sizable number of governors and legislatures and state and national committees of a certain Political Party for allowing the evil ones to siphon trillions and trillions of dollars away from the public and public commerce of said Sovereign States, resulting in their own impoverishment and getting in return the result that the United States of America cannot even protect it’s own people or defend it’s own borders. And for not holding those to account who have so miserably failed and betrayed their countrymen.

Don’t even let’s get started on a certain Majority-controlled House of Representatives.

Boehner drunk

If the media want to start a dialogue on The Constitution, they can do so and they certainly could do it
without so blatantly trying to cover for their paramour in the White House. Frankly, we think their new found regard for the Sacred Document is convenient and utterly disingenuous, given their track record of blatant disregard of “enumerated powers” in their reportage and commentary the last half-century.

But for those who seriously claim to understand the Federal System and the State of the Nation: Any patriots with ambition and courage among you? Speak up and Carpe freaking Diem!

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October 14, 2014 7:56 am

Actually, the feds had conveyed to the public a jurisdiction they never really had, with the willing help of the media. It was a meme most Americans assumed anyway. But all CDC can do is suggest protocols and procedures, but with no legal authority to insist on it. Once they started to stumble and were being blamed for mistakes that actually were Dallas mistakes (Democrat local officials, btw) , they have retreated to a similar position Bush and Brownie found themselves in during Katrina, with no legal/constitutional authority to insist that Ray Nagin or Kathleen Blanco accept their recommendations or… Read more »