The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn


dark before dawn

This is an open letter to all of our Democrat and Liberal friends out there who have been having a bad dream of late. Their very real nightmare is that the titular head of their party, whom they had to sustain, succor and plaudit lo these many months as he sought to “transform America” has, by the deficiencies they are now awakening to, led them down a primrose path and at the end of that path lies economic and social chaos, horror, death and destruction and a loss of liberty they could not and would not admit was the province of their party and their variously-defined ideologies the last fifty years.

We write today to encourage you to hang in there, be tough and know that the conservative forces you have hoped would come riding to your rescue are at this very moment girding their loins for battle – in the upcoming elections, in the courts and in the courts of public opinion. For they knew, as you slept soundly in your beds, that there would come a time when they would have to be rough and ready, to protect you and yours as well as theirs. You don’t have to admit it publicly, but, yes, in your heart-of-hearts you have longed for some discipline, some truth, some competence to bring some ordered calm to your increasingly chaotic and fearful existence. And you have known from whence it would come.

You will recall that there was a time forty-odd years ago when there was a great malaise about the land. The economy was in a shambles, a brutal totalitarian regime to the East of Europe had the nations there cowed and cowering. Terrorists romped throughout the Middle East, the spectre of an Islamic terrorist state known as Iran plagued not only the Middle East but Americans serving abroad and other civilized peoples. A deadly disease known as AIDS was beginning it’s scourge, and the rampant use and abuse of drugs in the US was a quandry for most of officialdom here. The “peace and compassion” memes had morphed into lawlessness and selfishness.

reagan cowboy hat

And then it happened. Morning in America. The rebirth of the Shining City on a Hill and, well, you know the rest. Those who had stood ready in the night rode forth and the long, slow march to Socialist Hell, Damnable Tyranny and Internal Rot was arrested and sent packing. (For a brief and glorious time, at least).


We know that you long for relief and rescue, as hinted by your media and political cohorts who now grudgingly concede that America is on a perilous course. Near teetering, in fact. And we know that you know that your rescue and your safety and your peace of mind rest not with the ones that “brung ya” to this awful dance, but to those who have prepared, and been prepared, to lead in moments like these. And morning will come, and with it new champions of liberty, true justice, security and the benefits of decent, honorable and wholesome …..civilization. Recognize them, support them and vote for them. Do so selfishly, for your future and that of your progeny. And remember that to recognize them you must first recognize that they are not Democrats and they are not “liberals’ and they are not “progressives.”

So much for those who were alarmed at what Leon Panetta (for whatever reason) had to say on the Fox News Channel about the characteristics, makeup, proclivity and competency of the man who visits the Oval Office to look for his putter from time to time. We now trot back across the aisle to our side and those who succumbed to the plea of Rodney King (remember him?) and became paragons of leniency so we could “all just get along.” To those we say “Are you as scared as the Democrats? Are you as scared as the classic, traditional liberals still loitering in the background who know things aren’t good? Or are you just giddy at the prospect of “winning the election”? Because here’s the thing – George H.W. Bush could have won the general election back in 1980, but he was not the man for the job. And the job, as we said above, is very similar to the task at hand today.

There are those who are up to the job. There are those who know how to lead, have led, can not only run a meeting but make decisions and who (extra added bonus) love their country. The ones we are talking about have not found it necessary to want to be included in the increasingly “progressive” Progressive movement which seeks to re-order American priorities and values, but rather are willing to use not only their God-given talents but the advances of the modern world to preserve, protect and defend the American Way.

Whether it is for the Congress, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, the Defense Department, or the Town Council President, there are people willing to serve you and your fellow Americans, and who have a clue. Support them.

We end with an anecdote about bending over backward , sticking one’s head in the sand and letting things slide, said anecdote being what inspired our little rant here today. Some five- and-a- half years ago we were treated to a pleasant little article by a once and former conservative pundit/writer invited to an Air Force One trip with the First Family, in the company of some of the more liberal commentators/reporters on the scene. Roundly criticized for her fawning, starry-eyed narrative and the gushy portrayal of the Obamas, it was nevertheless instructive as to the accommodation factor so many we once thought were our allies were willing to use to overlook and gloss over the faults of the opposition. It can be found here. But this is the takeaway part of the article missed by many, including us, which could have been a warning signal had we, and our fellow patriots, indeed government watchers across the landscape, been as keenly tuned in as we are now:

“How are we going to run this thing?”

Eh? The president was asking us how we wanted to proceed. For the record, this is very un-Bush. At several meetings with the former president, including a one-on-one interview aboard Air Force One, there was never any question about how we would proceed. Bush ran all shows. Either Obama hasn’t figured out yet that he’s the boss or, quite possibly, he doesn’t care.

Unknowingly, Kathleen Parker had stumbled onto a prophetic bit of insight into the nature and capability of the new President, the supposed leader of the Free World – he was a community organizer who couldn’t organize a small discussion group. And we sit here today with the Department of Health and Human Services unable to implement his “signature” achievement, Obamacare, the Department of Defense rudderless in the war against radical Islamic jihadist terrorism and the Centers for Disease Control flailing aimlessly and uttering nonsensical, chin-up, nothing-to-fear statements about a killer disease, this time Ebola, for which there is no cure and for which there is a 90% mortality rate.

Kathleen Parker wrote another article about Obama a couple of days ago. It is entitled “President Obama’s Remarkable Dispassion”. Here are some choice selections from her piece:

Yet reasonable people are also justified in wondering whether the president is really present in his job. Forget the optics. The relevant question is, where is his mind? Is he engaged? Does he care?

It is unfair to ascribe nefarious motives to the president, as many on the far right have done. Still, effective leadership requires that one not only speak the truth but speak it with conviction and authentic passions natural to events. Obama’s remarkable dispassion, punctuated occasionally by a brilliant smile that seems attached to a timer, has the effect of no effect whatsoever.

What is really going on?

The president’s demeanor conveys a lack of involvement that is disconcerting and potentially dangerous. For whatever reasons, he is resistant to decision-making (destroy, not manage, that JV team the Islamic State), slow on the uptake when conditions are dire (Ebola), dismissive of his own lack of follow-through (the “red line” for Bashar al-Assad), and quick to blame others for his failings (he knew nothing about fill-in-the-blank until he read it in the papers).

While he brandishes incompetence, America’s friends and foes stroke their chins. Is this guy for real?

We will leave it to the readers’ discretion as to whether, as Ms. Parker asserts, it would be unfair to attribute anything in Obama’s demeanor and activities to be “nefarious.” But as we point out today, the consensus from a growing plurality of political blocs across the spectrum these days is that Obama is not, if he ever was, up to the job. And we return to our plaintive cry from above – whether you come from the Left, the Center or the Center Right (to your way of thinking), disabuse yourselves of the notion that we who have railed against Obama from the beginning are right-wing-nut jobs. Nefariousness aside, we have long known that Obama was unfit and the percentile in the nation that has benefitted from his tenure in any way, shape or form, indeed who are not either impoverished, powerless or threatened, is dismally small. The fringe groups, the scofflaws, a few crony capitalists. If you are American, you must join us.

kids pledge

For indeed it is dark. The hour is late. Prepare to rise and greet the new day. It will come. It must come. We must not abandon hope for….change. And how ironic is that little catchphrase?

hope and change

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.
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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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