Obama Wags The Dog


Bombing (with our fantasy coalition-in-name-only, who are NOT flying sorties nor dropping any bombs, even though Obama says they are) the empty buildings of Assad’s enemies (which are in fact the Syrian rebels we’re supposedly funding, even though Obama says they aren’t) …at night…after the congress (who Obama says he wants to get authorization from, but he doesn’t) and the terrorists have vacated the premises…all while coordinating with Assad (even though Obama says he isn’t) and Generals by the tank-load are saying this will be a prolonged years-long struggle (even though Obama says he won’t put ‘boots on the ground’ even though there is already)…is NOT going to cut it. He is a community agitator and a colossal liar, he doesn’t have what it takes to do this job…oh, that and the fact that every decision he makes is based on how it will affect him politically (spit)

And…why don’t we bring the old John F’n Kerry back, so he can protest himself..

kerry protest himself

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'Reply to this' was my friend

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September 25, 2014 1:50 pm

This just in:


They are not shocked and they are not awed.