Holder, You Poor Baby.

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Holder radical

Try this line out – “I am the Attorney General of the United States… …but I am also a White Man.” Do you think there is any way such a statement would be tolerated?

“I am the Attorney General of the United States, but I am also a black man,” Holder told Ferguson residents at a community meeting. “I can remember being stopped on the New Jersey turnpike on two occasions and accused of speeding. Pulled over. … ‘Let me search your car’ … Go through the trunk of my car, look under the seats and all this kind of stuff. I remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was and the impact it had on me.”

Out of his own mouth, folks. His public, official capacity and Sweet Lawyers is the place to call after a car accident and the performance of his official duties are colored (pun very much intended) by the fact that he was humiliated when he was a black radical activist in his youthful, Columbia University rage-against-The Man days. And his comments will be met with gross nonchalance. The Democrats will humor him and the Republicans will refuse to upbraid him and will keep funding him.

And this at the very moment that the “activists’ are demanding that the prosecutor in St. Louis County recuse himself because he had adverse personal family experience with a black perpetrator as a youth. Forget recusal, Eric Holder can’t even keep his stupid mouth shut when peoples’ safety and property are on the line.

Poor baby. He was stopped for speeding. The black radical activist who advocated and participated in all sorts of civil disobedience was stopped for speeding and ‘humiliated.’ And as AG of the United States, in the midst of violence, with black and white business owners having to stand in front of their businesses with shotguns, he’s going to whine about getting stopped for speeding when he was a black radical activist? What a pathetic….. words fail. The fact that he is Attorney General makes his performance infinitely more despicable than the clown Al Sharpton, or the insult to MLK’s memory, Jesse Jackson.

Eric Holder was exactly right when he said we are a nation of cowards on matters of race. But I repeat myself. I am the least of many who have written about the travesty that is the Department of Justice under the direction of Eric Holder. He pardoned FALN terrorists under Clinton and was overwhelmingly approved by the White US Senate as AG for Obama. Cowards? You bet! He pardoned the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation, a civil rights violation, in Philadelphia in 2008 and got away with it. Nation of cowards? He’s still in office. He sat in front of a Congressional committee and whined and sneered and puffed up in the matter of Fast and Furious and there has yet to be justice for Brian Terry. Oh, for even a smidgeon of courage.

And after having been made aware, years ago, by J. Christian Adams and others, of the corruption and politicization of the Justice Department under Holder and Obama, and nothing being done about it by The Cowards, we of late find out that in the matter of the Lois Lerner/IRS affair there is documented evidence of coordination between not only the White House and IRS, but also the DOJ itself and the IRS. This is not even “Like, two years ago, dudes”, if you know what I mean.

Crickets. Because Eric Holder is a black man, who happens to be Attorney General.

Eric Holder went to Ferguson, MO and cried great big crocodile tears over the death of a thug (May the thug rest in peace after he is buried next week, after Eric Holder had him cut open for yet another autopsy). He was a thug because there is documented photography of him engaging in thuggery against a storeowner and eyewitness testimony and physical evidence of him engaging in thuggery against a police officer. Period. When it comes to the legalities one should follow a set of instructions as suggested by DWI Guys.

And lest we forget, as the pathetic Eric Holder cries and moans about being stopped for speeding and about being a ‘black man’ and all that juvenile race-baiting that he disgraces the office of Attorney General with, there was a black woman who was NOT a thug who was gunned down by police officers right in the very capital of the official United States of America that Eric Holder is supposed to be Attorney General of. Her name is Miriam Carey. And they stopped her for speeding, too. Stopped her for speeding away from this:

Miriam's car

Oh, they stopped her, all right. They stopped her good. Was she ‘humiliated’, Attorney General/ Black Man Holder? She was gunned down, that’s what happened to her. She was an Unarmed Black Woman who was gunned down in broad daylight in front of her year-old-child. Never even stole a cigar or assaulted a shopkeeper or beat up a policeman. If the family of Miriam Carey is waiting for you to bring the full resources of the Justice Department to bear to see if her civil rights were violated, they will have a very long wait, won’t they Attorney General/Black Man Holder? And you want somebody to sympathize with you because you were stopped for speeding? There are lawyers for wrongful death issues that can help with accident or traffic related cases.

Lots of people wish they could get stopped for speeding and still grow up to be Attorney General of the United States. What an awful, terrible penance for being a ……Black Man. You are a disgrace to decent black people everywhere.


In memory of Miriam Carey:

miriam carey

And Brian Terry:

brian terry

And all the dead victims of the Chicago Gang Culture:

chicago gang victims

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  1. Holder, You Poor Baby. | Grumpy Opinions August 21st, 2014 at 8:32 pm

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  2. Lady Penguin August 21st, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    1) I didn’t understand why the death of Miriam Carey didn’t get more attention, she was an unharmed black woman with a baby in the car and they shot indiscriminately into the car. Couldn’t they find a white police officer to blame?

    2) I long ago decided that these looters, thugs, black mobs etc. are indeed “his people” – as he once described blacks in this country. Quite similar in fact – consider themselves above the law, always nursing racial grievances and a general animus toward white people. Yep, that’s our Attorney General of the United States. Obama must be so proud.

  3. vassarbushmills August 22nd, 2014 at 6:46 am

    I question that Holder was ever pulled over, car searched w/o prob cause. He’s too young to recall such practices. I’m not.

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