Teacher “Robert” is now teacher “Rebecca”


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Janney Elementary School in Washington D.C. has a teacher who had a little “work done”, to put it mildly.

No this isn’t Joan Rivers having another face lift or Lisa Rinna having her lips enlarged, again. How would you like to tell your 4 yr. old kid that “Mr.Reuter” is now “Ms. Reuter.” Can a 4 yr. old even comprehend that “Mr. Reuter” is no longer a man, but a woman??

The most obvious question is why cause all this confusion in elementary kids’ minds, which are sure to exist otherwise why would the principal of this august school send out a “teaching packet” to parents instead of having the teacher transferred to another school.

The next question is who paid for the surgery. And yes, this is not a cross dresser but a transgender. Which means certain anatomical parts are now missing and others have taken their place.

Oh, but we are in the politically correct, LBGT community where bakers are sued for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple and kids in the Common Core era are taught how to masturbate.

The school which is in an upscale area of DC has been rated top notch in “cultural and student diversity” with only 4% of students on free or reduced-price lunches. Angel-faced principal Norah Lycknell looks like the poster child for the girl next door and says it’s “all good” sending out this email at the end of last school year:

As over 150 parents gathered for our final evening Community Meeting and morning Principal’s Coffee at the conclusion of the 2013/14 school year, we were privileged to engage in a powerful and personal story. Robert Reuter, an intermediate grade writing inclusion teacher, bravely stood in front of this community to share that he is transgender and would be transitioning from male to female at the conclusion of the school year. The fact that this story was told and welcomed says much about this esteemed individual and our community as a whole – that our values around equity and inclusion are strong and that we will embrace all opportunities to live those values, growing and learning as people living in an increasingly diverse and honest world. Even when we are so willing, new situations like this one carry wise wonderings about how to move forward with thought, compassion and caring. This letter strives to outline the path that we will follow, highlighting our most important assets: our children.

I would go on but can’t, but you can read her advice on how to prepare “your child” for their teacher now using the ladies’ room instead of the mens’ room.

For those interested here is the school’s contact info:

Janney Elementary School
4130 Albemarle Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016
phone: 202.282.0110
fax: 202.282.0112

Principal Lycknell’s email address, from their website is norah.lycknell@dc.gov

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August 8, 2014 7:07 am

Isn’t this procedure called an addatittomy? I get it confused with addadictomy, so have to pause to be sure who’s doing what to whose what.