Obama Now So “Flexible” He Can’t Be Stopped

Posted by on August 3, 2014 12:01 am
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Another day, another outrage. The inarguable, inherent, non-negotiable science-is-settled worth of “diversity.” So shut up and take it. You can’t make this stuff up folks.  Stranger than fiction doesn’t even begin to describe it.

A German Army brigadier general who served with NATO forces in Afghanistan has been named to be the chief of staff of US Army Europe, the first non-American officer to hold the position with the Army’s oldest overseas command.

Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, formerly the commander of Germany’s 12th Panzer Brigade in Amberg, and chief of staff of Regional Command North with the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, will report to duty at USAREUR headquarters as early as Monday, according to Army Times.

You see, unlike our military, due to budget cuts and social engineering gambits and stealth purges of hundreds of top military commanders, Barack Obama is able to fight on multiple fronts…….with his pen. He is able to at once wreck one -sixth of the US economy with his “Obamacare” plan, wreck another sixth of it by diverting Congressionally-appropriated funds from legitimate (albeit ineffectual, counterproductive) programs to special interest political and left-wing activist entities and causes, erode the strength of and demoralize the US Military and eradicate the sovereign boundaries of the United states, and with them the entire meaning of America and American citizenship.

Now some of you may be questioning whether, all the bloviating about ‘international cooperation’ and “NATO treaties”, etc. aside, should this German General, for whatever reason, use his position to in some way harm or threaten to harm the interests of the United States, can he be tried for dereliction of duty, and/or treason? ? Is he subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice? (Come to think of it, is Taliban sympathizer Bowe Bergdahl subject to it?)The simple answer is that the General is not a citizen of the United States, nor has he sworn an oath of allegiance to the US Constitution. In other words he, like Barack Obama, is entirely unaccountable. He doesn’t have a care in the world. He is the epitome of flexibility.

If you think Vladimir Putin’s people are salivating at the prospect of developing some kind, any kind, of relationship or contact with this German officer, you are most probably correct.

Does anything shock the sensibilities anymore? Did we mention that the “flexible” Barack Obama is poised as we speak to, on his own authority, use that mighty pen of his to declare 5 million illegal aliens hereafter exempt from deportation and defacto citizens of this country, enjoying government benefits by the truckload solely because they are……here?

So perhaps, no, it’s not all that remarkable that a German national, owing no allegiance whatsoever to the United States of America, should be given a position of command and authority within our military

Boehner crying

Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner gave his assurances to President Obama last week that he would not be impeached. There is nothing that Barack Obama has done or could do, whether it rises to the level of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ or not, that would cause Boehner to move to impeach him. Because he doesn’t have to. There is no mandate for Boehner to enforce the Constitution, only to uphold it. (“Sob! Oh, yes! I support the , sniffle, sob, Constitution! Next question?”) And in that regard, he has the same flexibility as Obama. He, like Obama, is not bound by anything, least of all principle.

By not holding Obama to account for all his past misdeeds, Boehner and Co. are allowing the “criticizing me is racist” meme to remain viable for Barack Obama, and greasing the skids for whatever he takes a fancy to foist on the country in the future. He has now reached the ultimate in flexibility. He can do whatever he damned well pleases.

Obama winking

h/t: Sara Noble at Independent Sentinel

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